Arranged from Newest to Oldest

Adam Sings “All of Me” by John Legend

Finally I have a video of my son, Adam and his glorious voice!  He sung this just before him and Laura were announced as Husband and Wife 🙂 I’m very proud of this man.

Bryan Eggers Trio (Scovie’s – 2 Mins)

A taste of they boys rockin’ the house at Scovie’s Gourmet in Charlevoix, MI. Bryan Eggers (Guitar/Vocals) Josh Mosley (Bass/Vocals) & Allen Fowler (Drums)

Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain – Power of the Horde [HD]

HD Version of the popular music performance in the Grim Guzzler of Blackrock Depths. (Wiki)

Allen on the Drums

Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support

This is/was the latest project I had going in 2007.  It was to be a real short film.  I have the script completed, all the voice acting is done but due to not having decent equipment to record this with and lack of funding for such equipment and 3 actors needed to finish it off, the project was shelved until a later time.  Should anyone volunteer equipment or acting skills… hint hint hint

Mini Trailer

Dr. HaXor II

A more exploratory version of my documentary where I actually hung out and asked questions of a hacker.  Though, I didn’t get very far, I think I DID get my answer.

Dr. HaXor

This is a super short documentary on hackers that ruin game experiences for others.

Internet Outage

I made this because it seems that people get ungodly irate over their internet issues.  It’s always near the point of madness. Working at an ISP, I take angry calls all the time over this.  And 99% of the time, if they just restarted their modems/routers…. They wouldn’t even need to call me.  To make this better, it just so happens to be about the time South Park did the same thing in an episode.

The next few I know the quality sucks.  I’m trying to find a better place to host the files as well as a better video converter if I can’t do the previous.  Being these are fan made music videos, YouTube has issues with them and they tend to mute the audio.  The high quality versions of these were simply too big, so I used a freebee video converter and are currently hosted on my Dropbox account.  If you have a better suggestion, please let me know.

2 Fast and 2 Furious

I’ll admit, I didn’t have to put much effort into this.  Simply a race I used Fraps on in FlatOut 2 and used another Ludacris song Act a Fool.  Just seemed to time out good.  Like driving through the smoke from the street on “Boof! Bitch be Gone!”.

Area Codes

This is the second and my favorite so far.  Another San Andreas made video, but paired with Area Codes by Ludacris and Nate Dogg, using the game’s more seedy features.  But it turned out so cool!

San Andreas (My Boring Saturday)

This was the first video I ever made.  It literally was a Saturday, it was raining and I was incredibly bored.  I saw Amber’s Batman Video and thought it would be fun to make one.  Granted, I don’t have such high end actors to work with like she does, but I being a gamer, used the games I play.  At the time, it was Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas.  Done to Damn Yankees “Pile Driver”.  I tried to place the actions with the song.

Nifty eh?