Sorcerer / Vampire

Daggerfall Covenant

Theona is Theodas' younger sister.  Though she's also adventurous, she doesn't seem to have purpose.  She is often apt to change direction and throws caution to the wind.

She's a fighter and will take on any battle and will fight dirty to win.  Since she's taken on the dark mothers blessing of vampirism, she's become insanely dark.  Any choice given to her does not bode well for others involved.  Her first victim was her own husband.  Not because she wanted him dead, she just was overwhelmed with newborn hunger.  She won't admit she misses him and never speaks of the matter. Though his skull rests atop her staff.

Though if she starts to become close to anyone, they usually end up dead.  Save for Theodas, she loves her brother enough to leave him alone.

Theona Helwood

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