Nightblade / Werewolf / Healer

Aldmeri Dominion

The adopted sister to Theodas and Theona.  Thana is a Wood Elf.  Always looking up to her big brother, she does everything to impress.  Though honestly she never needed to.

Maybe it's because she's smaller than her adopted family that she always feels the need to prove herself.  But once she was on her own, she was only frighten by the thought of not living up to the people she loves.

Thana is unaware that her brother and sister are under the thrall of the Night Mother as Vampires.  Sadly, Thana is, or at least was...  Overly trusting of others.  Investigating an old shrine, a man came up to her and she queried about the shrine rather than wonder why another person was there.  In the dark and alone.  Before she knew it, she woke up a Werewolf.

It took her weeks to come to terms with her new life as a half Wood Elf and half Wolf.  But she has acclimated to her new abilities and is overwhelmed with the power it gives her.  If she could, she'd be in her wolf form all the time.

Thana Bloodthorn

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