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My Freeware Lists

FreewareIf you’re looking for suggestions for software to use on your computer, your Android Phone or your Windows Phone.  I have maintained a list of free software I use on all my devices for years now.  It’s a great way to keep your costs low.

I check the lists frequently and change things if something no longer works or I find something new.  Also on the occasion when something goes sideways.  An example of this, is when I let my Kingsoft Office update to their new WPS Office structure.  However, after their 30 day trial, they disabled my ability to edit and save files I had been using for years.  They wanted to railroad me into either a monthly or yearly payment plan to restore my abilities.  Thankfully places like Filehippo and Majorgeeks keep older versions so I could go back to my good version 😉

Just look around my website.  As you can see, I do amazing things with free software.  From web design, to graphics, entertainment, tech support and loads more!

Freeware Short URL:

Android Short URL:

Windows Phone Short URL:

I realize not all my phone apps are free.  Can’t have it all I suppose.  I try hard to steer clear of “in-app purchases”.  That’s about the same thing as Free2Play video games.  Or micropayments as they are sometimes called.  It’s a quick way for those who are competitive to get screwed fast financially.  I absolutely refuse to play those on my computer.  So my phone games are generally free with ads that don’t drive you crazy, or paid in full with no in-app purchase nonsense.  I think Earth and Legend and The Bard’s Tale are the only exceptions to that rule so far.  Even then, you don’t have to buy anything in game to play them.  You can get everything with a little effort.

Someday I hope to get another Mac.  Then I’ll make another list for that as well.  Though, right now I’m in no rush.  I really only use them as an overpriced reference tool anyway.  I was going to go for a Mac Mini, but after reading how they neutered them to death to the point of merely being fat tablet with no screen and runs OS X…  Maybe I’ll go for another Macbook Pro.  Though I’m still pissed they removed the DVD drive.  Doesn’t really matter.  I’m perfectly happy with my setup.  Still, would be nice to have.

My Thoughts on Windows 10

Windows 10Well I was going to do a whole write up, but a great bloke over at TechTeamGB did this nice video overview of the new Windows 10 and said just about everything I would say.  It’s a nice OS and will be a worthy upgrade when it’s finished I believe.

However, my only differentiating opinion is the new Start Menu.  While it will detect if you have a touchscreen tablet or a full desktop and give you either the new hybrid start menu or the full on touch friendly Metro start.  If you use the new hybrid start menu, you can’t really customize or organize your applications and programs.  Well you can the live tiles, but your normal programs you can’t right click and add folder or explore which would take you to the file manager to customize it that way.  I like a nice clean start menu organized by categories such as Internet, Graphics, Multimedia and such and I only put the program shortcuts in these folders.  Which is why I’m still preferring Classic Shell.  This way my start menu is neatly organized and anyone can find exactly what they need.  Otherwise if you have a lot of programs and apps, or if the pre-built Dell you just bought is overloaded with things you’ll never use.  You end up scrolling endlessly to find what you want.  Ugh.

The new Windows 10 Start Menu

Me using Classic Shell (see how clean it is)

Honestly I’m a desktop fan anyway.  So live tiles I could care less about.  On my Windows Phone yeah it’s brilliant.  Desktop, not so much.

I wish software developers would also organize the start menu on their own in some sort of global collaboration, but you know that will likely never happen.  As they say, Many Minds, One Goal.  However it’s generally Many Minds, One Goal and every one has their own way to getting there.  Which we all know how that would turn out.  Just look at the hundreds of flavors of Linux.  I like Linux, but because everyone has different takes on how it should be done, sometimes you run into problems with your favorite programs not working on the different platforms.  Which is why I’m a Windows man still.  I’d love a Mac again, but it still wouldn’t be my main choice and honestly I can buy the parts to build 3 powerful Windows computers for the cost of a single comparable Mac.  Maybe someday I’ll get a Mac Mini.

Other than that, the video below says it all 🙂


Farewell Windows XP

Windows XP Tombstone I’ve kind of put it out of my mind.  But the time is coming that Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft.  As for me, I gave up on it months ago.  When a customer calls for my regular job I encourage them to get away from it and soon.  It’s time to go to Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Windows 8 Metro may be a pain in the ass, but with some Classic Shell it becomes a fairly good operating system.

Only reason I remembered the end of XP is coming, is because someone handed me an XP computer to fix yesterday.  No media to speak of with it and I threw out my XP CD’s months ago before I moved back to Michigan.  I handed it back, and concluded I no longer support Windows XP for the repairs I do around here.  Hell I still cringe if someone talks to me about Windows Vista.  Unfortunately, it has a hang-time of April 11, 2017.

Whatever, it’s beyond time to pull the plug.  It’s brain dead.  Life support is getting too expensive.  Make your own metaphor.  I don’t care.  But for God’s sake let it go!

Carmageddon II Returns!

Eagle 3...ishIt’s 2001.  Got 4 copies of Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now.  One for each computer in the house.  With a bit of networking magic, the house lights up in roaring laughter and sounds of agony in the death slaughter mayhem that ensued.  Some of the fondest memories I have.  Between that and good old Unreal Tournament, was two of the best games ever.  We didn’t play them on the internet, we just played against each other in the house.  The kids, the ex and myself.  Oh the times we had.  Just listening to the four children go at it was hilarious in itself.  I truly do miss those days.

Can’t have those days back, but I can once again enjoy the game.  Carmageddon II has just been updated and re-released for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) via Carmageddon &!

The world’s first high-speed internal organ liberation simulator is back in full 3D! The slaughter is bloodier, the body parts fly further, and the destruction is heavier. Crash and burn through the 3D rendered crowds with the pedal to the metal. Destroy your opponents every which way possible, the more creative the destruction, the better the rewards. No rules, no compromise, NO MERCY!

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now is the sequel to the sensational “Game of the Year” smash and trash blockbuster from 1997. The creators of the original Carmageddon come back with more action, fun, and mayhem, Play chicken with an airplane. Fry pedestrians with the Electro Bastard Ray. Shop till you drop while on the move, no more waiting until the next race to add that special touch to your personal assaultmobile. All of the fun and none of the responsibility of motorized murder and mayhem in one huge package. What are you waiting for? Gear up and ride out!

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: MATURE with Animated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence, Mild Language.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), 1 GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.

And you can’t beat the price of $9.99!  (Cheapest way to kill your kids repeatedly and not get in trouble for it 😉 )

Buy Now from!

App Madness Continues!

App MadnessSeems that the need for apps on different platforms is just going out of control from where I sit.  I talked about this before.  Apps being on all different flavors of smartphones from Android, to iPhone, to Crackberry.  With tablet versions of each for the respective mobile OS.  Then the need to support old and new versions of each OS as they update every few months unlike a computer OS.  Although, that seems to be changing as well with Windows and OS X doing more frequent updates than they used too.

With all the different OS options a developer has to deal with, it’s amazing they have time to make improvements.  It seems they would end up spending all their time patching issues rather than developing new software.

If this type of thing hasn’t already proven itself a bad idea with the load of different Linux flavors out on the market today; with their different install methods and variations of how they present things to the end user… It’s a wonder they gain ground at all.  To the average Joe, that’s just confusing.

Granted, installing apps on a mobile device is just tap and done usually.  Thus the wide spread popularity.  It’s easy to use.  (knock, knock, knock Mr. Penguin)

And speaking of Linux, the boys and girls at Ubuntu have decided to throw their hat in the ring.  Making their own Mobile OS.  Also, the folks at the Mozilla camp are poising to release Firefox OS.  Both will of course have app stores.  So developers will have to learn the new OS’s if they want to grab a slice of that audience for their wares.

Oh and of course we can’t forget that great new Operating System all my customers hate… Windows 8…  Now you have desktop programs and Metro apps!!  Yippee!  You can have Internet Exploiter as an app, and Skype as an app.   I guess having the desktop programs wasn’t enough.  Now we have 2 of each installed on the same PC.  You know Ma and Pa kettle haven’t a clue they only need the one.  And it’s likely they won’t share info between two.  Did you know favorites in Internet Exploiter Desktop are not available in Internet Exploiter for Metro?  So I’m told anyways.  I don’t use it.  Still not a Metro fan.

Oh and let’s not forget your TV, Media device and Blu-Ray player has apps too!

Question that I see is…. When do app developers finally say enough of this nonsense!?!??  There are so many platforms they have to write the same software for over and over.  It’s freaking delusional that they have to put up with this so their fans can have their software.  How about a little cross platform love?  Or a few less damned platforms…  I’m glad I’m not an app developer.  As a Web Designer, it’s hard enough to make sure that my sites look good on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Exploiter, Opera and Safari web browsers.  Although I’ve considered developing for Android apps, but then my audience would only get the one platform.  I don’t have the time, patients or money to learn iPhone, Crackberry, Metro, Chrome, Ubuntu, Firefox OS and all the others…

It’s Nuckin’ Futs!!

Waiting, Weight, WoW and Windows 8

Waiting, Weight, WoW and Windows 8It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything.  While I am working on a project, it’s not ready for public view.  It’s a long view plan, so I may drop hints from time to time about it.  As for now, an update for those who still would like to know 😉

Waiting…  Yes, I’m basically just waiting.  I hate waiting.  Feels like I’ve been doing it all my life at times.  From waiting in the parking lot for my girlfriend to come out of school (way back in the day).  Waiting in line at boot camp.  Waiting for summer, waiting for special events.  The list goes on.  Right now I’m waiting to move.  May is the target month.  Still not sure of the exact date.  Some days it gets very hard to wait.  I made a promise to wait for someone else though.  Otherwise I would be in the car right now.  Still… Waiting sucks.

Weight…  Sadly I am still just over 300 pounds.  I did not make my goal by Christmas as I had hoped.  Just means I must keep trying.  I did stop doing my walk during the two weeks of shopping frenzy.  I know I could’ve just went elsewhere, but the idea is that I just couldn’t take the crowds.  Short of driving miles away from here just to get some peace, I just said phooey on the lot and took a couple of weeks off.  Probably was a good idea as the flu is running wild here.  Virginia is one of the highest outbreaks of flu this year.  I don’t relish having it along with all the other crap I deal with.  I’m back to walking, I will succeed.

WoW…  Yes, I’m back to playing World of Warcraft.  I just can’t find a game that “does it” for me like it does.  I’m sorry fellas (and ladies), it is what it is.  (I cringed typing that last part after the comma.)  The pandas aren’t all that bad, except for the Larry the Cable Guy references and a couple of others.  That and the whole Pandaria area is all about managing anger and feelings.  Over sensitive wankers are even taking over games now…  Annoyed I can’t fly there until I’m 90, but whatever.  Sadly, I can’t raid anymore.  Sitting for more than 2 hours is just out of the question for me anymore.  I can do dungeons, crafting, fly, do achievements, exploring, quests and loads of other stuff.  It’s basically what I was looking to do in a single player, except I still get the social interaction I want.  At least until I get back home to Michigan where I can visit friends face to face again and put together a garage band for fun.

Windows 8…  I’m still not a fan of Metro.  I don’t like it, I don’t use it and I think those responsible for it should be flogged naked in public.  Just so you know, I’m actually being nice about how I really feel about it.  Though I did actually upgrade both my desktop and my laptop with Windows 8.  As a tech I need to know it.  Like it or not.  Using Classic Shell, I can bypass Metro completely and it’s actually a rather nice OS outside of that.  If only Microsoft could see that.  I think they think they are setting a trend.  Although I think the sales records speak volumes of how the people think.  Then there are the calls I get from the poor unsuspecting bastards that just decided to buy a new PC unaware that there is a new version of Windows on the streets.  They call me and start with “What the hell is this shit?” as if it’s somehow my fault they see gigantic live squares of redundant bullshit.  I even had one guy ask when my company was going to fix the email problem (referring to the email app that only uses Windows Live mail accounts).  When I suggested downloading a free email client that would work, like Windows Live Mail, he got hostile.  (sigh)  People just don’t get it sometimes….  However, my official suggestion to friends and family is stick with Windows 7 or buy a Mac.  Don’t be a square 😉  (hehe Mac should use that as an advertising campaign)

30 Days with Windows 8

My enthusiasm isn’t nearly that of when I did this for Windows 7.  I still love Windows 7.  Can’t fathom that I’ll ever, ever, in my wildest nightmares, accept Metro as a suitable Start Menu/Desktop replacement.  I think they only thing I actually like (even though I had finally gotten used to it), was that they removed Aero, and now your desktop taskbar (and Classic Shell Menu) adapt to the color of whatever background picture you have up.  As exampled below 😈

Classic Shell is the ONLY reason I can find Windows 8 tolerable.  There are still a load of aggravating quirks that make me wish I could fire Microsoft employees for getting high and making this operating system in the first place.

As I said in a previous post, as well as countless others have said the same, it seems that Microsoft only makes a good operating system every other release.  Although, I have my doubts that this trend of Good / Bad will continue.  I fear from here it’s all down hill.  It’s like Microsoft needs a boob job because their shit is sagging badly.

I will give Windows 8 kudos for better virtualization.  However, only power users bother with it.  So, for the vast majority of PC users, big whoop-ti-do. Compatibility mode seems to be lacking as older programs that once ran fine using it, are now broken.  So that puts a few oldy but goldy games I love dearly in the hurt locker.  Well, that is until I managed to finagle with the video drivers enough to make them work, but even then, the average person will not know how, or want to do this.

I’m just not on board with my desktop becoming a tablet.  I think they should be separate.  Of course, I’m sure I’m overruled in this.  As people make love to their portable devices and all the years of my yelling at folks to keep their fingerprints off my damned screen, now it’s going to be a touch screen world.  Soon, you’ll have touchscreen TV’s which seems to defeat the whole thing of having a remote so you don’t have to jump up to deal with the TV.  Or there will be touchscreen remotes.  Seems distracting to have that in a darkened room watching a moving and suddenly the remote lights up to turn up the volume.  I’m all for progress and newer technology, but making every computer a tablet isn’t what I had in mind.  Although, I am all for an Android Desktop PC.  Just with a keyboard and mouse.  Although, I do like using my big screen TV as a monitor.  Makes gaming fun.  It’s my all in one, entertainment center.  I just don’t wish to reach over my desk to touch something when my mouse is right there.  Nor do I want to try to watch a 3D Blu-ray and see fingerprints…

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the feedback on Windows 8 will steer Microsoft back to a true desktop PC.  I just have a bad feeling it won’t.  As cliché as it sounds, only time will tell.

Windows 8 vs Mountain Lion vs Ubuntu 12.10

Mostly I’ve debated the world of computing between Microsoft Windows, which is what I use normally.  Against Apple’s Mac and their OS X operating system.  I’ve made references to Linux from time to time, but never made it part of my ideas in whole or in any large part.  Now that Mountain Lion is out, and Windows 8 has graced us with it’s presence like that annoying uncle who thinks he’s overly cool, but no one likes him…. Sorry got off track there…

The question is, “Is it time to reevaluate my beef with Mac?  Or should I consider moving toward an open source horizon?”.

Last year, I actually purchased a MacBook Pro with OS X Snow Leopard, and got a free upgrade to Lion.  While at first I was rather impressed, the more I used it, the more I got frustrated at having to buy replacement software for stuff I use for free on a Windows based computer.  Plus, the fact I paid over 3 times as much for it, when a simple $400 Windows laptop would’ve done just fine.  I sold the MacBook Pro, bought a big screen TV, a laptop and still had $200 I put into the bank and a big comfy smile on my face.

As a tech though, I must keep up with the latest versions of Windows, Mac and I dabble in Linux.  The more I saw of Windows 8, the less I liked it.  I even got really angry with it and it’s forcing Metro down my throat.  It was like removing me from my home and forcing me to live with others who don’t get along with.

So now I actually have Windows 8 installed on my laptop.  It’s OK.  It’s not nearly as sweet as Windows 7 is.  My opinion still is Windows 7 is by far the best OS ever made.  However, unlike Windows XP, it won’t last (or should I say be supported) forever.

If it weren’t for Classic Shell, my life with Windows 8 would be morbid.  Of the various utilities that have been created to alleviate the misery that is Metro and it’s damnation to the desktop, workstation and PC gamer communities, it’s free, open source and works like it should.  A huge thanks the developers who make it.  Is it perfect?  Pretty damned close.  Although, you do get a brief disheartening as you quickly see Metro flash up during boot.  Not a deal breaker by any means.

Then there’s Linux.  Still struggling for a decent share computing world via desktop, laptop, smart phones and all the other wonderful devices it is on.  Closest to world domination is that it is the core of Android phones, but not so much the desktop market.  Mostly because as I’ve mentioned before, they have no standardization.  As nice as Linux is, if you download software, you have to choose which Linux distro you are installing it on.  Or you have to compile it yourself if your distro of choice isn’t on the list.  Or possibly it won’t work at all on your beloved subdivision of Linux.  That makes Linux even more frustrating than Mac in many ways.  However, there are things that it can do that Mac cannot.  By far, the most popular and satisfying variant of Linux is Ubuntu.  It’s layout is unique, easy to use for the most part and has a decently large library of software for just about any need.  You hardly need to go outside of their store to get anything you desire.  Still, it’s not every Joe Computeruser’s cup of coffee.  But it’s getting closer than ever before.

I could drag this article out more by making long comparison lists of what is good and bad about each OS.  Not really feeling up to it.  So I’ll give the short and sweet of it.

Windows 8 vs Ubuntu

Here’s where I could simply take my PC that I built for roughly $1000; that plays all the top games available, it does 3D Blu-ray to my 32 inch TV that I use as a monitor and change it to Ubuntu for the grand total of $0.  Ubuntu is free!  However, there’s no 3D Blu-ray software yet.  I can play regular Blu-ray’s via VLC.  It’s clunky, but it works.  All my games… well those I can get to work via Wine would be alright, a bit buggy perhaps.  Others I would lose out on playing or I’d have to play the handful of visually stunning games that are made for Linux.  Most of them however, are shooters.  Only shooters I play are the old Unreal Tournament games.  Not an Army/Marine kind of guy.  Plus, again, I’d have to find replacements to all the software I use, although most work on Linux too, so that’s actually a half-assed plus.

Ubuntu vs Mac OS X Mountain Lion

As for moving to either of these, I’d have virtually the same exact issues as far as software goes.  Mac, I’ve already purchased some software replacements, and I made sure they all had lifetime upgrades free.  Software is covered really, I’d have to deal with the old frustrations I had before.  Plus, Mac finally got Blu-ray software, but I don’t think it does 3D yet.  You have to buy a USB Blu-ray player, because you can’t buy it when you buy the Mac as an internal drive.  Which is dumb as hell.  Plus, then I’d be paying well over twice as much for the Mac hardware.  Starting at $2499 for something I already have basically is financial suicide.  Sure I could go iMac, but that’s all integrated, and not very user upgradable.  Actually they frown on user upgrades.  If I wanted to have an integrated computer, I’d just keep my laptop.

Mac vs Windows

I’ve already compared Mac’s to PC’s.  Repeatedly.  The horse isn’t moving anymore.

My Conclusion

Though, as disheartened as I am over Windows 8.  I think I’ll wait to jump ship on the Windows based PC for now.  I’ll just hang on to my beloved Windows 7 as long as I can on my desktop and leave the Windows 8 and whatever future holds for Microsoft Windows in general to my poor laptop (or whatever I replace it with in the future).  Who knows, maybe Microsoft will redeem themselves.  However, this time I kind of doubt it.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe it’s time I let go of computers.  I just don’t want too.  They still hold a world of wonder, excitement and creativity to me.  I’m not ready to do that just yet.

I concur, Windows 8 Sucks!

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.  But Michael @ Michael’s Techbox said it as elegantly as it comes.  Windows 8 sucks more now in the Customer Preview even more than it did as the Developer Preview which I reviewed a few months ago.  (My Developer Preview Review)

Just to give you an idea, all the ranting and raving I did over Mac before I owned one, and even my final frustration with Mac is nothing at all compared to what Windows 8 has in store for the general populous of internet loving citizens the world over.  Having played with the Customer Preview myself the past few weeks…  In my opinion, it may very well be the final push needed for Mac to take over top dog in the desktop market with Linux still in 3rd place, but gaining ground quickly thereafter.  It’s enough to make a grown, seasoned tech cry for mercy and question his/her very existence.

Lets take a look at what both Michael and I agree on:

The biggest thing is Metro.  No one without a touch screen is going to bother to upgrade to Windows 8.  The few who might do it not thinking, will quickly revert or learn new curse words.  Or touch their screen a little too hard in frustration.  Metro in the Developer Preview was something you could bypass and regain your start menu and use Windows just fine.  It looked good and ran very well.  It seemed like Metro was just a program that was simply “hooked” into the OS just as a replacement to the start menu.  The Customer Preview, Metro is now heavily integrated into the OS and just shutting the PC down is a multi-step process in agony.

If Microsoft insists on everyone buying new hardware, this is hardly the time to mandate that.  The economy while not completely tanked, isn’t in a position to run and buy new gear.  That alone won’t work in their favor.

If they insist on making the Desktop a Tablet, they need to ease users into it the way Mac is doing.  Mac has a wonderful desktop, but you can get to your applications with a tablet movement on the mousepad or touchpad which can be attached to the computer.  Rather than making all their users run out and buy touchscreens at a much higher price point.  When they did that in Lion, it was a bit of a culture shock, but within a couple of weeks it was no problem.  Having Windows 8 CP the past few weeks.  I have even less love for it than ever.  It’s not a learning curve.  It’s forget all you know and learn again.  Knowing customers love of “upgrades” and learning new things, on average, this is going to be more unwelcome for them as it is for the folks like me who have to help them.

If Microsoft wants to make a tablet OS, then fine.  I’m all for it.  Use it on tablets and phones.  Just like Mac does.

I can see once my Windows 7 is finally ready to die, I may very well become a Mac weenie all over again.  At least their stuff talks to all other devices with Mac OSes of one sort or other.  Although I still think Mac has a ways to go, they may have one hell of a foot up on the desktop market very shortly.

Especially if Microsoft doesn’t give us a way to shut Metro off so that upgraders and power users can have a PC they can still enjoy.  While the rest of the world just gives up and goes to Android and Mac tablets.  MS loyalists can just suck it and live in their pretend world that Windows 8 will be a revolution.  I’ve never been that loyal to MS.  Just enough to say I am a PC.  Though… Looks like that might change.

My take on the New Windows 8

So I played around with the Developer Preview of Windows 8 for the past few days.  Honestly can’t say I’m all that excited about Windows 8 as of this post.  It’s not horrible, but it’s not dazzling to me by any means.  If I had to choose right now, I’d take Windows 7 over 8 without thinking twice.  Though it is not even a public beta, so there’s still time for Microsoft to change things for the better.

If Microsoft is banking on everyone running out and buying new computers with touchscreens or replacing already costly big LCD screens with touchscreens just so folks can use Windows 8…  Then I’m thinking Microsoft is going to be terribly disappointed.  Especially with the threat of gas prices rocketing upwards of $5 per gallon this year.  I know I’m not planning on many hardware upgrades in 2012.  Certainly not touch screens for my desktop and I don’t need a new laptop yet.

It seems that’s the only thing Microsoft is gearing Windows 8 for, is touchscreens.  So for those of us not planning any upgraded hardware this year, it’s going to be a very hard sell to us.  Not having a touchscreen makes using Windows 8 a royal pain the ass.

First you are greeted with what looks like a digital picture frame for a “lock” screen.

Click for Larger Image

This you have to swipe up to reveal the actual login screen behind it.  Without a touchscreen, you have to drag it up or use your mouse’s scrolling wheel.  It would appear that this year, green is the new blue.

Click for Larger Image

Finally you get introduced to Metro.  Over all, it’s a bunch of rectangles that you can use to launch programs or view weather or interact with your social networking life.  Again, I need not express how much I’m not into the social networking crap.  I’d rather use a phone or hang out in public in real life rather than…. never mind, don’t get me ranting.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

As you can see, it covers a lot of useless things that may appeal to others.  As well as any programs you install yourself end up as squares on the far right.  So if you have a lot of apps and programs installed, you could end up scrolling forever just trying to find what it is you want to run.  Again, without a touchscreen, you have to scroll your mouse wheel or click and drag a slider that appears on the bottom.

Click for Larger Images

Over all, Windows 8 seems like it’s just a slightly updated version of Windows 7 with this Metro thing slapped on top of it.  Metro merely appears to “hook” into certain programs to make it feel like it’s new when really it’s just an obscured view of what you already have.  You see, if you have a program that isn’t Metro ready (such as Firefox 9.0.1), you click on it and it throws you to the normal desktop where it opens the program to run there.  Making Windows 8 feel terribly clunky.

Click for Larger Image

Also you can see while in “windows” mode, you see that the explorer windows got an upgrade to the ever popular ribbons.

Click for Larger Image

Here’s what I mean by “hook”.  Metro acts like it’s just the first program to run.  It’s not actually part of Windows.  It overlays the screen or runs in full screen mode and launches apps specifically designed for it as well as “hooks” into programs that allow it to hook into.  My example is running Internet Explorer from the desktop looks like Internet Explorer as everyone knows and hates.. er loves it.

Click for Larger Image

But if you open IE from Metro, you get an even more horrifying version of the exact same program.  (makes me wonder how toolbars will get bastardized)

Click for Larger Image

Scary isn’t it?

Thankfully I was able to find a “hack” that makes Windows 8 play like every other version of Windows since 95 essentially.  It turns off Metro and gives you a slightly fancier version of Windows 7 which would be Windows 8 without the stupid shit.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

Although it has a side effect of killing the ribbon menus in Explorer.

Click for Larger Image

So, all in all it’s really like Microsoft is not only banking on touchscreens, but also that you’ll rush out and buy what you think is a new operating system when really its more like just a few tweaks and fixes and this new interface that merely runs on top to make it look completely different when really it isn’t different.

Although if Microsoft were to see it in their slightly bent hearts to add the ability to turn off Metro like that “hack” does, I’d actually be into buying it.  It’s sure to have more improvements over Windows 7 right?  Or will it be like every opposing version of Windows, and suck royally?  I’ll revisit this when they make a public beta available (if they do).

Millennium Edition = Sucked | XP = Rocked | Vista = Sucked | 7 = Rocked | 8 = ….. ???
Anyone else see a scary ass pattern forming here?

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