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Food Fears

Bread is BadThings come and go in weird phases.  With movies it seems there’s the year of the dinosaur, year of the aliens, year of the zombies and then half a decade of awful reboots.  Fashion seems to do the same things every few years only with small twists here and there.  I’ve seen 80’s style clothing come and go a few times in the past 15 years.   Pastels seem to make a round every 2 – 4 years.

Food on the other hand seems to have periods of fear.  They also don’t seem to repeat.  Looking back we’ve had the fear of fast food, fear of pink slime, fear of carbs, fear of everything non-organic (this one seems to have a good hang time) and many more of the past years.  This of course has spawned a million and one diet plans that sometimes you can’t escape from.  Thankfully Fatkins er Atkins is finally off all menus of restaurants I go too.  I was so fringing sick of it.

Although currently it seems the big thing is fear of gluten.  According to WebMD, gluten only seems to affect those allergic to it.  Which is 1% of the population.  Yet you can’t turn your head without seeing or hearing about gluten-free products.  It has of course spawned it’s own gluten-free diet plan.  Fine whatever.  Which is even more stupefying considering I don’t subscribe to a TV service of any kind and only watch shows on the internet.  Netflix thankfully remains ad-free, but YouTube and Crackle are ad filled.  Fine with me, YouTube and Crackle are free content, so being ad-supported I’m good with.  But it’s the same ads over and over and over.  So when it’s a gluten ad, it’s insane to watch it 10 times back to back.

Over time, the gluten craze will fade and some new thing will arise.  I think it’s going to be bread if the whispers in the wind are true.  Whatever.  We’re all going to die, may as well die happy.  I’m not giving up my bread.  Maybe someday I’ll start baking my own.  Perhaps buying store bought bread is to blame.  Who knows.  Sure due to my CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) I can’t eat fatty foods or sodium.  I don’t need special diets or menus or ads.  I can consciously cook and order my food just the way I need it and not have it everyone’s face day in and day out.  I think that’s what drives me the most crazy.  The in your face and make you feel guilty if you don’t jump on board campaigns.

Also makes me wonder when people became so allergic to every little thing.  If I had to guess, it would be pesticides and additives.  We keep thinking we can improve mother nature.  Yet many farmers from 50-80 years ago are still alive today and they don’t have these issues.  They are simply dying of old age.  Yet they drank milk from Bessy, made their own butter and many other things.  Honestly, the only advice I see fit to agree with is eating sensible non-fast food or easy to make crap and exercise regularly.  Seems to be working for me.  I’ve actually been given compliments on I’m looking thinner.  I wouldn’t know, I look the same in the mirror.

Still we’re all gonna die anyway.  Try not to let your last years be too boring.

If you really wanted to expand, you could also go with the fear of diseases.  Remember AIDS?  It was going to kill everyone.  So we thought in the 80’s.  Yet we’re breeding more than ever.  Fear of Bird Flu.  Fear of Ebola… Sigh…


My Thoughts on Windows 10

Windows 10Well I was going to do a whole write up, but a great bloke over at TechTeamGB did this nice video overview of the new Windows 10 and said just about everything I would say.  It’s a nice OS and will be a worthy upgrade when it’s finished I believe.

However, my only differentiating opinion is the new Start Menu.  While it will detect if you have a touchscreen tablet or a full desktop and give you either the new hybrid start menu or the full on touch friendly Metro start.  If you use the new hybrid start menu, you can’t really customize or organize your applications and programs.  Well you can the live tiles, but your normal programs you can’t right click and add folder or explore which would take you to the file manager to customize it that way.  I like a nice clean start menu organized by categories such as Internet, Graphics, Multimedia and such and I only put the program shortcuts in these folders.  Which is why I’m still preferring Classic Shell.  This way my start menu is neatly organized and anyone can find exactly what they need.  Otherwise if you have a lot of programs and apps, or if the pre-built Dell you just bought is overloaded with things you’ll never use.  You end up scrolling endlessly to find what you want.  Ugh.

The new Windows 10 Start Menu

Me using Classic Shell (see how clean it is)

Honestly I’m a desktop fan anyway.  So live tiles I could care less about.  On my Windows Phone yeah it’s brilliant.  Desktop, not so much.

I wish software developers would also organize the start menu on their own in some sort of global collaboration, but you know that will likely never happen.  As they say, Many Minds, One Goal.  However it’s generally Many Minds, One Goal and every one has their own way to getting there.  Which we all know how that would turn out.  Just look at the hundreds of flavors of Linux.  I like Linux, but because everyone has different takes on how it should be done, sometimes you run into problems with your favorite programs not working on the different platforms.  Which is why I’m a Windows man still.  I’d love a Mac again, but it still wouldn’t be my main choice and honestly I can buy the parts to build 3 powerful Windows computers for the cost of a single comparable Mac.  Maybe someday I’ll get a Mac Mini.

Other than that, the video below says it all 🙂



Peace Sells, Who’s Buying?

Peace SellsSort of another nostalgia trip.  This post is inspired by the lyrics in a song I used to once rock out too.  It has been stuck in my head since yesterday and I started thinking about the things said in the song.  While it’s the hard music I used to listen to as a teenager, I never really paid much attention to the message.  I was too young, wild and free to care.  Times certainly have changed for me.  I now listen to more upbeat rock like Boys Like Girls, Paramore and such.  Back in my younger years it was Poison, Megadeth, Judas Priest and Mötley Crüe.

The world itself has changed too, but when it comes to politics, not a lot has really changed.  Every president is the worst ever according to the masses.  The same general conflicts of there is always someone threatening us or one of our friends and we always seem to be on a mission of peace.  Even if that means killing others to keeps said peace.  And lets not forget the billions of dollars we spend on helping other countries in one form or another when we can’t even take care of our own problems.  There are too many problems to list, but health care, starvation and lunatic control are among them.  Notice I said lunatic control and not gun control.  Just so we’re clear where I stand on that.

Lets look at some of the lyrics of Megadeth’s – Peace Sells.

And, what do you mean, “I don’t pay my bills”?
Why do you think I’m broke? Huh?

There are far too many Americans who can’t find a job or support their families on the meager wages they make.  I for one, hate on the days I pick and choose who gets what and how much.  I’m sick to death of living out of a box as it is, and I still sometimes find it hard to keep paying medical and medicine bills.

What do you mean, “I ain’t kind”?
I’m just not your kind.

While I find most of this new found obsession with Bullying to be utter nonsense, and that there is an abundance of jerks and pansies for children these days.  My generation also had bullies.  We dealt with it either by using our brains or finding a way to knock the shit out of the offending pricks rather than crying about it or hurting ourselves over it.  However, kids today have no fear of reprisal.  So when someone is different, they are quick to point it out.  Whether in a polite or impolite manner.  Generally the latter.  Many kids today have no manners at all.   I was introduced to someone’s child a few days ago.  I said, “Very nice to meet you.”.  The child’s reply was, “Meh.” as they turned their head away in disgust.  The parent did nothing about it, nor said anything to the child about how rude that was.  Kind of makes me want to beat a parent.  It also makes me so proud that all my kids have excellent manners.

What do you mean, “I couldn’t be the president of the United States of America”?
Tell me something, it’s still “We the people”, right?

The song goes on to say anyone could be the President, but I honestly think that might not be true.  Though the chorus I believe in fully.  I think things need to change.  But for some reason, if you really look at history, not a whole lot has changed as far as politics go.  Sure technology has, but the same old arguments of money, health care, food, immigration, conflicts, terrorism are all still there and likely will continue to be.

If there’s a new way
I’ll be the first in line,
But, it better work this time.

If you can get past the nauseating camera work and quick scene changes, the words have a hell of a message.

Now if we could just get scientists to stop improving nature and food, perhaps we’d all be healthier.  Between food additives and crossbreeding or subduing animals…  Yeesh…


Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!

Yeah!  I could be down with this 😀


Beer Good! Napster Bad!

Not that I like beer.  To me it smells like old rotting pizza dough in the dumpster during a hot summer day.  Can’t stand the smell of it, certainly don’t want a liquified version of it in my mouth.  {turns head and vomits}  Though I do remember when the internet was awesome and fun.  Before the self absorbed twats taking selfies.  Before “planking” was cool…  How the hell did that get cool?  Must the what happens when you let mindless morons collaborate on social media sites.  Or perhaps it’s the sheep effect.  One moron does it, so the rest follow suit.  Oh wait, that would be the misconception of Lemmings.  (Which is an awesome old game you can play.)  Although proof of concept, humans tend to be more like Lemmings than Lemmings themselves by their nature to “follow what everyone else is doing”.  Hence the popularity of the aforementioned activities, as well as Facebook and Twat.. er Twitter.

However, before there was Twitter (July 2006).  Before the soul sucking Facebook (February 2004).  Even before MySpace (May 2000)… There were talented people all over the internet who ran their own websites and did wonderful things like flash animated cartoons.  Joe Cartoon, Camp Chaos and more!  Back in the days when Napster was an evil file sharing site and not the legit music site that merged with Rhapsody in 2011.

Here is one of my personal favorites from the Golden Age of Internet: Napster Bad!

It’s just fun running around growling Beer Good!  Napster Bad!  You can see more old Camp Chaos!


CastleRain TV

CastleRain TV Live StreamingI’ve built a brand new website and I wanted to share it with you all.  I want to get some feedback on how it looks and functions.  As well as any other comments you may want to provide.  The website itself is incredibly mobile friendly, though you need Flash installed on your device or PC to view the actual streams.  The chat function complains on small screen smartphones and there’s nothing I can do about that.  The new website is for Live Streaming.  At first it will be stuff from my PC but I have the ability to move it to actual live video when I’m ready.  It’s called CastleRain TV.  (imagine that lol)

Some things about this modern world I get into, some I do not. For example, I’m not big on social networking, but playing with the latest tech I’m very into. One of the latest things in Live Streaming. While my YouTube Channel doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for me to Live Stream… and I can do.

This is the very early stages of what is to come down the road. I have a nifty idea. But I don’t have everything in place. So for right now this site is me still playing with the technology and integrating it into what I already know and love, web design. Please come back often to see what I’m up too! I don’t have a schedule yet for what I will broadcast. That too will come soon.

I’ve considered buying a .tv domain for this site, but the little country that .tv was created for, The Islands of Tuvalu, wants $40 a year for it. You might have thought that it was not meant for online TV, that’s just what us Americans like to do with them. All my other domains run around $8 per year. So I’m not sure at this stage if I want to make that kind of investment. Though if you think I should and want to help, the donate links are to your right 🙂

CastleRain TV


Geek Culture (by Foamy)

It’s… It’s like he’s reading my mind… AGAIN! All hail our Lord and Master!

Amen.  (Because I was a Geek, waaaaay before it was “cool”.)


Internet Helpdesk

I had almost forgotten about this video.  It’s hilarious and yet some of the things ring true today.  I can’t count the times these kind of things happen day to day when we get call in.

by Wes Borg @

It’s also amazing that customers can’t tell me the name of their email program they’ve been using for years.  Or when you ask what the error message was, the reply you get is almost exactly “something about it not working”.  Yeah.. That’s helpful.  NOT

I think the only thing that is changing now, is that asking for the kid in the house no longer seems to work.  That generation must have grown up.


Elder Scrolls Online

All I can say is wow…. (wipes drool from chin)

The Elder Scrolls Online


Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain – Power of the Horde [HD]

I’ve played World of Warcraft for over 3 years now.  I started on the UK Servers and then moved to the US servers.  I’ve met hundreds of people in that time.  Sadly, not one of them told me about the Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain that play at 8pm server time every day.  The play an actual song called “Power of the Horde”.

It wasn’t until I started looking for pictures of drum kits to use on my blog that I stumbled upon this not so hidden but awesome tidbit in Warcarft.  As I remember seeing a drum kit for WoW while doing one of the many runs through Blackrock Depths.  It was in The Grim Guzzler bar.  Upon further reading I found this little piece of info:

Anyone who has Direbrew’s Remote from the Brewfest event can trigger a performance here at any time by talking to the roadie in charge, Ognip Blastbolt.

Source: WoWWiki

My Warlock Kyllia just happens to have one of those remotes.  So I took a trip on down to watch the show.

Contrary to belief of people I know, I’m not that big into WoW as they may think.  Turns out this is a real life band comprised of Blizzard Employees that play at all the Blizzcons and have a number of other Warcraft songs they play.  😛

When I went to add this post, all there are on YouTube are old versions of this video in crappy size.  So after 3 days of fighting with a way to convert Fraps (and clip together as it made 3 segments), I uploaded it today to YouTube in HD format 🙂

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