Be careful for what you wish…

Evil GenieMamma always said…  No I’m not going to quote Forrest Gump.  But I have heard that you should be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it.  Meaning not in the way you want.  That’s pretty much what happened to me.  Working two jobs has lasted far longer than I’d ever like.  It seems like all I ever do is work.  I generally work much more than 40 hours a week, especially since I don’t get overtime.  Fine, whatever.  It’s making money.

There are times I would wish, hope and/or pray for time off.  Just when I finally had as much as I could take, and started making plans to just get out of town for a weekend by myself…  I injure my knee.  All because I was rushing to pick up for someone who needed the night off.  I got to work, grabbed the orders and SNAP, SNAP!  I fall to the ground in pain.  Stubborn as I can sometimes be, I still finished the night out.  That was the last night I worked over two weeks ago.  Well at the night job anyway.  Thankfully my day job is a desk job.

I certainly got the time off.  In a good amount of pain.  I can’t walk without crutches.  I was hoping to be back at work by now.  Instead, my knee hurts worse today than it did the past couple of days.  I’m still waiting for the MRI I was told I needed.  Someone else who had a similar injury said he needed surgery and 8 weeks of recovery.  That scares the hell out of me.  Of course, someone is dragging their feet on authorizing the MRI.  Not helping at all.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be out of working the night job.  All I wanted was a break from the relentless work hours and some free time.  I got it.  It’s more costly than a weekend getaway 😕


CampingCamping is just not for me.  Not anymore that is.  It’s been years since I went camping.  I used to love it as a kid.  Though roughly in my early 30’s when I started having back problems.  So sleeping on the ground was no longer fun.  Just painful.  Air mattresses would deflate over night.  Unless you bought a nice one.

It’s not like I can afford a camper that I’d make monthly payments on to use maybe twice a year at most.  I don’t get vacation time these days, so taking any time off hurts the income to bill ratio.  Though let’s not forget all the costs needed to camp in a tent.  The tent, cooler, sleeping bags, good air mattresses, bags for clothing and food.  Oh and items for cooking, possibly fishing if you’re into that and many other items that you inevitably have to lug about.  If I have to buy a bunch of stuff, just to make myself halfway comfortable, I may as well just use that money on a hotel/motel room instead.  Sure once you use it, you can store it and use it again in camping.  Well mostly.  More than once I pulled camping equipment from storage, just to find it molded or found holes in the tent.

Especially in campgrounds.  This became very evident this past Memorial Day Weekend when I took a delivery to the County Park.  It was packed with people.  Kids and adults walking and riding bikes and it could be compared to a mall on Black Friday.  I almost gave up trying to make the delivery and tell the customer to come get the food at the park office.  It was all I could do to not run over people.  Took me longer to travel the park, than to drive there and back to the store again.

Why would you travel just to ride bikes and walk in tight quarters?  You can do that in your own neighborhood.

I wouldn’t enjoy camping like that at all.  People all on top of each other.  Folks who will certainly be disrespectful of others who want quiet time to sleep at night.  Fighting to get a shower the next morning.  Sleeping in paper thin tents while having to hear every little thing going on around you.  Or hearing Uncle Buck taking a pee behind the tent because he couldn’t hold it to go to the rest rooms.

With my health these days, I wouldn’t want to camp in a secluded place in the woods like I used to do.  I’d be afraid of just never coming back.

I’m Craving Some Vacation Time

RVI’m going out of my mind lately.  Just when I thought I had my medicines straight, I end up feeling like my body is going to either explode or shutdown completely.  On top of it, working in the complaint department for every whiny a-hole that can’t get on Facebook or the email they sent 2 seconds ago hasn’t arrived in Paraguay yet.  So now their panties are bunched up over it.  Oh and let us not forget the endless waiting to finally go home.  It’s enough to make someone go postal.

Not to mention, although I have before….  A true, honest to goodness vacation is something I haven’t seen since 1988.  At least not one that I’ve actually gotten to go somewhere I’ve never been before, actually enjoy myself and truly relax.  Sure there was that trip to D.C.  However, it was a one day trip, no stay over and the rest of the time I was at home.  Outside of that, it’s been stay at home vacations or go visit family.  I love my family dearly.  I really do.  Though I really, really want to just get away from everything for a few days and just forget my life is as it is these days.  To quote Ben Affleck in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back:

When Lord? When the fuck can your servant ditch this foul-mouthed little chucklehead to whom I am a constant victim of his folly, so much so that it prevents him from ever getting to kiss a girl! Fuck! When, Lord when? WHENS GONNA BE MY TIME?”

OK so, not exactly the words I was looking for, but you get the point.  When? When is going to be my time?  I mean all I’m asking for is a bit of happiness in this world and some time to actually enjoy life for a change.

It would also be really nice if I could not constantly feel like I need to be with in a 5 mile range of a hospital…

I just want to get away.  Don’t have to be real far.  Doesn’t need to be exotic.  Certainly don’t need to be expensive.  Not even glamorous.  Just away.  Just me and someone special.  Alone for several days just doing whatever we feel like doing.  It’s not like I don’t have the vacation time.  Last time I used any of it, I was technically not working.  Though, I certainly wasn’t enjoying myself either.

Problem is, I don’t have the money.  Nor do I have anyone to cover me at work.  Thanks to only having 2 whole employees.  Hell, can’t even call in sick…

Just so damned frustrating….

The Smithsonian

So we took a day and visited the Smithsonian Museums.  Dummy me, forgot the camera.  Though honestly, you’ve seen it all before on TV.  Was kind of cool to see some things up close and personal, others … eh.

The Castle

You know we had to stop here.  I mean that’s just a given.  Though you first walk in, and there’s this huge pile of junk.  I mean it really is just simply junk.  I’m like WTF?  What a jip!  Then I see the small sign next to it.

Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian

Can’t say there was a whole lot here, but then we kind of skipped a lot without realizing it.

The National Archives

Yeah, not part of the Smithsonian, I know…  Well talk about your let downs.  Seeing old important and historic documents was a really cold experience.  Firstly, they re-routed all foot traffic to some smaller doors under the main building steps that lead to these really cool huge doors.  It looked so much cooler on National Treasure the movie.  Only reason I really wanted to go was to see the Declaration of Independence.  Turns out, not only did they have a very poor setup to see it, people just couldn’t keep themselves in line.  The paper is completely unreadable!  It’s so faded and worn.  It honestly can’t be enjoyed.  Truly a sad thing.  So much for so-called document experts.

Declaration of Independence

The Old Post Office

Also not the Smithsonian.  This is the historic building for our Postal System.  Now it’s little more than rented office space, a simplistic mall with a couple of souvenir shops and food joints.  The building itself is beautiful in architecture inside and out.  Too bad there isn’t a lot of information about this building’s history.  A quick tour of the top allowed us to see pretty much all of Washington D.C.  While I prefer beautiful landscapes and cottages with rivers and waterfalls….  Well it was simply a bunch of cement buildings to me…  My Italian Hoagie was OK, nothing to get excited about.

OK, let me say this right now…  PETA SUCKS ASS!!!  I’m on vacation people.  I do not want to hear about Vegetarians or see pictures of beaten seals!!  And stop embarrassing yourselves with how the president decides to kill flies on TV, or Ice Cream made of Human Breast Milk (ew), or annoying worn out pop bands about their names!

National Museum of Natural History

Wow, who comes up with these names?  This was mostly historical creatures, bones, fossils and the like.  Most of which you’ve probably already seen on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet.  The Dinosaur bones were pretty cool.  My wife was more into this than I was.  I would’ve rather watched it all narrated on my T.V. comfortably in my home.

National Air and Space Museum

This was more to my liking.  Got to see the Wright Brothers plane up close and personal.  History of all sorts of planes and some disturbing things about Women’s hair being used for replacing rubber and so fourth.  Check out a plane cockpit and control panels for space shuttles and checked out a rover.

It was a good day trip over all.  Spending time with the wife and kid 🙂

Summer Vacation

Finally a vacation.  We will be on vacation soon, for about a week or so.  A genuine hunk of time off.  And damn well deserved to be totally honest.  Sadly, it’s not the vacation I had dreamed for.   We haven’t had a real vacation in 10 years.  Outside of the 2-3 day trips to family, or a week in Michigan visiting with my ex-wife so I can spend time with my sons.   Not exactly quality vacation time.  More like chiropractic work-ups.  This year we had hoped to do the real thing.  Spend a couple of days visiting in Michigan cause I had missed my youngest son’s graduation and my oldest son’s wedding.  Then to New York for Niagara Falls and exploring and camping.

Can’t say I’m happy with how Obama has got things going.  Never been so poor in our lives.  So… Not gonna happen.  Not a real vacation.  Thanks a bunch there President old  boy…  sigh…

Nope, it’s a couple of days with my wife’s Dad.  Thank god he’s cool.  Perhaps a day in D.C. visiting all the free Museums and Zoo.  Flippin the bird to Obama on his quality country running.  Outside of that, it’s just time off.  Sorry criminals, we’ll have people watching the house.

Maybe we’ll finally get the Kitchen painted.  All I know is it will be nice to just get away from customers for a while.

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