There are days…

BenderThere are days.  Quite frequently it seems, that I share the opinion of one of my favorite cartoon characters, Bender.  There are an awful lot of people on this planet that piss me off to no end!  Self-centered, self-involved and have an over abundance of self-entitlement.

Most days I just mutter to myself and move on.  Sometimes, I find myself talking loud enough to let them know I’m dissatisfied with their flagrant disregard for everyone else around them.  Once in a great, rare occasion.  I let them know face to face that they are in fact a dumb-ass!

I could sit here and list things for hours on end.  I won’t.  Though I may hit on things that I’ve mentioned before.  If so, well tough.

Of course there are the people who text and drive.  That should’ve gone without saying.  Though, no matter the ads, no matter the research, no matter the proof…  It never changes.  It’s an addiction.  Much like smoking, many people don’t want to quit.  No matter who has been hurt or killed by it.  Anymore, jobs preach no texting at work, but it happens anyway and they turn a blind eye to it.

The one that got me to write this was I can’t count the number of times I’ve stepped aside or held a door or assisted someone who had a handicap.  Especially if it’s a recent injury.  Like folks on crutches or in wheelchairs.  Folks who aren’t long term and unlikely to get upset at a person for trying to be nice.  (Folks, such as ones in powered chairs, who are long term sometimes get upset when you try to help them.)  I go to the store, needing groceries.  I get to the door on my crutches and people are oblivious to me and won’t let me go through.  Once I finally get inside, and no one will move out of the way.  I have to stand and wait while they ignore my repeated spoken, “Excuse me.”.  What the hell ever happened to people being nice?  I don’t want much, just to get what I need quickly so I can get off my leg and rest it like I’m supposed to do.  I’m sorry, but I need food to survive, and don’t have anyone else to do my shopping.  If only I had a good enough memory to pay back these fuckers when I see them in need.

Other people that make me hate the human race are:

  • Lazy fuckers who can’t put trash in the can or walk a few feet to put a cart in a corral.
  • People who call for tech support and don’t listen to anything I tell them.
  • People who fill their yards with trash making my neighborhood look like crap.
  • People who talk on their phones while you’re trying to interact with them.
  • Assholes who don’t know what that stem on the left side of their steering column is for.
  • People who don’t know what that red octagon sign on the corner of streets are for.
  • People who don’t know that a stop sign is an octagon.
  • peoople who dont know what punktewation and capitaizationand spelling are (Yes, that was intentional.)
  • People who want help, won’t tell you anything about the problem to begin to help them.  Then complain that you’re not helping them.
  • People who don’t know how to safely handle a gun.

The list goes on and on…
… and on…

And people wonder why I want to breed flying monkeys and take over the world 😈



DislikeI still hate Facebook.  Always have and always will.  But I’m forced to use it, so I take advantage of it the best I can.  Many people have made it their only means of communication.

However, do you remember when people talked to each other?  I mean actually called up, or came over and talked about a trip they took or when their child did something special?  Now it’s a low grade picture and a caption shared among certain groups or possibly publicly.  If you’re lucky, you can get a couple of horribly worded paragraphs.

OK and sure you can “like” something.  Or even now we can laugh, be thoughtful, angry, shocked and love something.  Where’s the “fuck you” button, or don’t give two shits button?  I bet they’d get used more than the others.

But here’s where you really find out who gives a shit and who don’t.  People who used to call and tell you I love you, or want to talk about their life, now just wait for attention from everyone to see who wants to give them a like or some pity comment.  Or wait for that praise on how pretty your 5000th selfie is.  Seriously, for some of you beauty is only skin deep.

When a special occasion happens like a birthday, graduation, wedding or a “first” of some sort.  Such as your baby’s first word or step.  Is now a mere photograph or video online reduced in quality for easy loading on grandma’s phone.  No one shares actual high quality photos or videos anymore.  As an example.  I have two kids who are married.  Wedding photos?  Why you can look at them on Facebook!  Low grade, grainy quality, good luck putting them up on the wall and don’t look too closely as they are pixelated from trying to “blow them up” to fit a 5×7 photo frame.  Same thing goes for my grand children.  Can’t get an actual photo to hang up, just have to right click and save from Facebook.  I live a little over 30 minutes away now.  But unless I go and take pictures myself, this is all I get.  Sadly, I generally am not there when something special happens.

Video’s are even harder to deal with.  Your phone may be able to record in High Def or Ultra High Def, but good luck getting Facebook to allow you to download that quality.  Phones generally automatically reduce quality when uploading to social media.  Again, so you can look at it on a portable device quickly.

I remember a few short years ago, I tried share a life event on Facebook.  Mostly because I was very weak and could barely speak cognitively and my mom didn’t know most of the phone numbers needed to contact folks.  I got a lot of angry people telling me finding out on Facebook wasn’t cool.


Though I could say the same about finding out a month late that my step daughter was pregnant for the second time.  By chance I was scrolling through old posts of hers.  Which is hard to do when you have to fish for anything worth while among the bat shit crazy list of things I could care less about.  Foamy says it best here:

Unfortunately I catch myself sharing things that I’m sure some of you don’t care about.  Before Facebook, this would’ve never been known that I have such feelings about stuff.  Though I don’t apologize for who I am.  I know I’ve lost a few “friends” because of this.  If you can call Facebook friends real friends.  Some of these people I don’t really know, they just added me to their list or follow me.  Though, I do try to keep things I share to a minimum.

Honestly though, I miss things the way they used to be.  Family gatherings, talking on the phone or in person, and sharing photos and videos in ways that they can be appreciated by showing them off on a wall or full size screen.  Mobile isn’t great for people with fading eyesight.

Word Crimes

What do “Weird Al” Yankovic, Foamy and Myself have in common?  We all have an animosity toward stupidity.  Combining laziness, sagging education standards along with some slack parenting and you get today’s society.  I rant about it, Foamy rants about it and this here is Mr. Yankovic’s new video 🙂

Also see his previous video about junk email.  (Though Facebook is pretty much the same thing – instead of forwarding, people simply re-share the nonsense.)

Deal Breakers of Dating

Woman throwing litter out of carThis might be a bit all over the place, but trust me there’s a point to it all.

So I’ve been back in the dating game a couple of years now after taking a break from relationships.  I’m rusty for sure.  And while there have been some really disastrous dates and conversations, I have so far made a few new friends.   It’s not picnics, movies and kisses.  But it’s a start 🙂

Something I saw the other day got me thinking of “Deal Breakers”.  Most folks have pretty much the same ideas of what makes for a bad relationship.  According to Ask Men, this is the top 10 Deal Breakers:

  1. She doesn’t back you up.
  2. She flirts with other guys.
  3. She neglects you publicly.
  4. She lies.
  5. She criticizes you.
  6. She disappears without telling you.
  7. She abuses you.
  8. She scolds you publicly.
  9. She has a substance abuse problem.
  10. She cheats.

Damn.  According to that list, I should’ve been divorced years ago.  Though now that I’m back on the market as it were.  I’ve realized a have a few more to add to that list.

See, the Alpine Village here isn’t as beautiful as I once remembered it.  I’m not sure if I was just blind to it or it’s because I spend roughly an hour a day or more walking around town and now I see all the empty and decaying buildings, the tons of trash all over the streets and the houses and yards filled with even more trash.   It would take about a month, using teams of people working around the clock to clean this town up.  Especially around the bridges over main street near I-75.

I’ve watched teenagers throw trash on the ground in complete disregard.  It made me want to beat a parent as they didn’t teach their children to respect where they live.  The other day I watched a woman open the passenger door and put a coffee cup on the ground in the parking lot next to the Rite-Aid.  She couldn’t be bothered to take it 30 feet or so to the outside trash can I had just passed.  This told me some things about this person.  They didn’t want the trash in the car, but they were too lazy to handle something so simple.  It actually pissed me off and I thought to myself, if she was my girl, I’d likely ask her to take care of it properly and if she gave me an attitude, then she can just get out of the car all together.  I mean if she can’t take a few minutes to care about the environment, she’s obviously too self-centered and lazy for me.  She could’ve just held on to it and threw it out at the next place they stopped to get out of the car.

Hell, even when I smoked, I didn’t throw the cigarette butts out the window.  I put them in the ashtray and emptied it when I got home or to a gas station trash can.  I mean lets not take this out of context.  I’m lazy to an extent, but when I open it, I close it.  When I dirty it or spill it, I clean it up.  When I use it, I put it back.  I put things where they belong.  It only takes a few minutes to do these things.  It’s not like a day killer to take a minute or two to be considerate to others or even to yourself.  My apartment is always clean, but that’s because I never let it really get dirty.  I’m not a clean freak.  But it is refreshing to not have to apologize about how my place looks or smells if someone randomly drops by unannounced.  Same goes when I had a car.

I’ve spent my time living with slobs, and it was gross.  I’m not doing that ever again.  So here’s my addendum to the Deal Breakers of Dating:

11.  She is too lazy to clean up after herself or be considerate to others.

If you can’t pickup after yourself or if your litter or dirty laundry is all over the place, I’m not going to be your butler.  And I don’t want anyone with such disregard for their home or town.

12.  She is self centered.

If you only talk about yourself and how great you are and never about anyone else.  I don’t care how pretty your face is, that will make it will dull quickly.

13.  She is high maintenance.

I’m not rich, don’t ever plan to be rich.  Don’t want to be rich really.  Just comfortable with the basics of life.  God provides me with all I need physically and mentally.  I don’t need material things.  I just want someone’s company.  Not their bills for their make-up, clothing, nails, hair, cars and jewelry.

14.  She is a drama queen.

If every conversation is about someone else and the deeds they did or didn’t do.  It makes me wonder if I’m just there as no one else will listen to you ramble on all day.  It’s even worse when you repeat the same story over and over to every different person we run into while together.  It’s like listening to a broken record of gossip.

15.  She is obsessed with her weight.

It’s one thing to be obsessed with your health, but if your weight is a daily topic, yeah…  It will get old quick.  While I’d love to have someone to help me as I would them try to stay on track with daily exercise and diet habits, hearing about how big your ass is daily will make it not seem sexy anymore and become just fat.  I like women’s butts of many shapes and sizes!  I cannot lie!

Maybe I’m being too picky, but I’m not going to settle anymore.  I’ve done that too often and ended up unhappy.  If all I’m going to be is an emotional sponge for a woman to unload on, or the maid, or the verbal punching bag, or end up in bankruptcy…  I’m just not into it.

Beer Good! Napster Bad!

Not that I like beer.  To me it smells like old rotting pizza dough in the dumpster during a hot summer day.  Can’t stand the smell of it, certainly don’t want a liquified version of it in my mouth.  {turns head and vomits}  Though I do remember when the internet was awesome and fun.  Before the self absorbed twats taking selfies.  Before “planking” was cool…  How the hell did that get cool?  Must the what happens when you let mindless morons collaborate on social media sites.  Or perhaps it’s the sheep effect.  One moron does it, so the rest follow suit.  Oh wait, that would be the misconception of Lemmings.  (Which is an awesome old game you can play.)  Although proof of concept, humans tend to be more like Lemmings than Lemmings themselves by their nature to “follow what everyone else is doing”.  Hence the popularity of the aforementioned activities, as well as Facebook and Twat.. er Twitter.

However, before there was Twitter (July 2006).  Before the soul sucking Facebook (February 2004).  Even before MySpace (May 2000)… There were talented people all over the internet who ran their own websites and did wonderful things like flash animated cartoons.  Joe Cartoon, Camp Chaos and more!  Back in the days when Napster was an evil file sharing site and not the legit music site that merged with Rhapsody in 2011.

Here is one of my personal favorites from the Golden Age of Internet: Napster Bad!

It’s just fun running around growling Beer Good!  Napster Bad!  You can see more old Camp Chaos!

Classy vs Trashy

Classy vs TrashyWhether you own a house, rent or have free use of…  Whether you own a car, lease or have payments…  Whether you own anything, such as a gift or something you bought or otherwise…  I just don’t understand why some folks trash the things they have.  It totally blows my mind when someone, especially if they pay for it, trashes their home, car or other belongings.

I spend a lot of time walking these days.  I don’t have a car.  When I did, I kept it washed.  Right down to the engine compartment.  I washed the windows, vacuumed the carpets and made sure all the trash that was created, such as fast food containers, made it into a bag and then into the trash.

Though, it doesn’t seem to matter where you live.  I have been all over the world.  I’ve lived in many cities.  I walk when it’s nice out in different neighborhoods.  Yet, some houses are beautiful, well maintained and some even have great looking yards.  Yet, others have worn out siding, blankets in windows, rooms and yards filled with trash and old unused stuff.  Most places it was whole neighborhoods looked one way or another.  In Virginia, it seemed they were right next door to each other.  One nice, one horrid and then another decent one.

Here in Michigan it seems hoarders are fairly common.  Even if the house looks fairly decent on the outside, many homes have rooms such as the enclosed porch or garage, just filled to the roof with stuff.  Some organized, others are just piles and piles of crap.  Like they are too lazy to drive it to the dump or recycling center.  Even some cars drive by me and there’s no other room in the car except for the driver.  Some “business” vehicles are just filled with garbage or what looks like garbage, even if they use the contents for their job, it just looks gross.

I can’t help but think about these people and how they manage to enjoy living in such filth.  Makes me want to vomit.  Growing up here, we had a family known by name.  You mentioned it and everyone knew who you were talking about and knew the house was absolutely filthy.  Dishes stacked all over the house, even in the bathtub.  There was a giant hole in the kitchen floor.  Piles and piles of stuff in every room.  It was amazing they had anywhere to sleep or any decent clothes to wear.  I visited once and had to avoid animal feces.  Trust me, I didn’t stay long.  The house has since been destroyed thankfully.

I’m not talking about the “I have children.” folks who undoubtedly have toys and some clothing on the floor or yard.  Although I would hope they teach these kids to clean up after themselves and harp after their lazy teenagers.  Trust me, I’ve been there done that.

I get that people have the right to live how they want to live.  But honestly, why would anyone want to live that way?  I just can’t wrap my head around it.  Of all the useless things our society comes up with for mental conditions, this one I would think really needs some treatment.

It’s not hard to keep your place decently clean and clutter free.  Some folks would say they work all day and are too tired to clean up.  If you don’t let your life get out of control, and just clean up after yourself you don’t have to use much energy to do so.  I used to work in a machine shop.  I’d come home tired, filthy and miserable.  Yet, I could still do dishes, wash laundry and run a vacuum cleaner for a few minutes.  Play outside with the kids, mow the lawn and more.  Only takes a moment to put your laundry in a basket.  Only takes a moment to wipe water off the counter.  Now that I work in an office type job, I haven’t become lazy about my home.  I spend 2 – 3 hours a week sweeping and mopping the floors.  Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly.  That’s it.  I get up, I make my bed.  Takes less than five minutes.  Nothing is labor intensive.  Dishes take roughly 5 to 10 minutes, even if I cook for someone else.  I have on many occasions.  It’s not like cleaning costs a lot either.  Less than $10 you can get all the cleaning supplies you need from the Dollar Store.  Most of those products kick ass for that price.

Hell, I haven’t been able to explore much of my home town since I’ve been back, but I think I live on the worst street in town.  Most of the houses on the south side, are fairly well trashed, old and in need of repair and cleaning.  Yet, for as dingy as my building looks on the outside, I’m always happy to open the door and see my clean apartment. I don’t have that “ugh, I gotta clean that” feeling ever.  Mostly I clean as I go, and yet I have tons of time on my hands to relax after my work hours.  As much as I’d like to get out more, I am at least content with the home I’ve made when I’m stuck in it with nothing better to do.

Just fries my mind.  Why would anyone live in trash, drive in a garbage filled car and abuse their belongings so they end up bitching when they don’t like or can’t use them anymore.  A little care, hardly any time and things can look nice and you can be proud to show them off.  I don’t have much.  What I do have, I’m proud to show off.

Online Dating is Confounding

Online DatingThe unfortunate thing about my current situation, is that I don’t get to mingle with the locals around here much.  I telecommute, so there are no customers to come and go from my place of work.  Plus that means there are no co-workers.  This makes it hard to start up new relationships.  Friendship, romantic or otherwise.  Thus I’m making use of online dating sites.  Though the results have been frustrating at best.  Either this town has an enormous social hotspot I’m unaware of, or the singles around here don’t frequent the same websites as I’ve found.  Of course there’s always the bars, but here we have real bars.  Not clubs.  The purpose of ours is to get drunk and enjoy good food.  (and earn your DUI)  Hey, it’s what we’re known for.  Well that, Skiing and Golf.

So on top of my Name, Age, Sexual Preference, Do I have or want children, and whether or not I have a car…  Which I clearly state I do not have a car.  My current online ad reads thusly:

I’m a geek. I’m finally home in my home town after 20 years away in Virginia. I’m starting over for the last time. I have many small goals from getting back into playing drums to finishing a few small projects. Because I’m starting over, I had to start from scratch. I don’t have a lot right now as I’m rebuilding. But I would like someone to spend time with, perhaps even fall in love with. However if all you are concerned with is how much I have, please move on. I have a full time job and my own place in town.

I am a fan of modern rock, and I’m still a fan of the 80’s and 90’s rock. I love movies, I love hanging out by the lake during sunset or sneaking off by the water after the “access” has been closed. I don’t drink or smoke, but I don’t mind going out for a non-alcoholic drink. Besides, most of the places here have good food.

I’m a sucker for long pretty hair, beautiful eyes and a playful, yet honest smile.

I’m over weight but working daily to lose it.

I’m simple and yet I can be complicated. I try to view everything from many different angles. I also am a huge fan of common sense. I’m also very happy to be back home with family and friends. Those are things I once took for granted. I won’t be making that mistake again.

As I said, I’m a geek. Love my technology, video games, medieval fantasy and science fiction. As well as a bit of a freak.

As you can see, I’m upfront and incredibly honest about myself and what I’m looking for.  Yet… There’s still confusion from those that reply.  Two issues in particular.

Driving / Distance

I really wish I could shorten the distance to just my local area.  It seems most sites want to go somewhere between 50 – 75 miles for your search range.  If I have no car, that seems to be redundant.  So of course, someone reads my ad, and responds.  Then it quickly goes south when I re-inform them I do not have a car.  Some have even gotten mad at me for not having a car.  I’ve successfully dated someone without a car.  Hell, they didn’t have a car either.  We did just fine.  So it’s not impossible.

Plus, I’m only willing to relocate to the areas of East Jordan, Boyne Falls, Boyne City, Charlevoix, Petoskey or places in between those areas and where I am now.  That should really be an option on the profile page.  Or perhaps I should put it in myself I guess.

Though here’s the thing I really don’t get.  If I had a car, it would be fine for me to drive 30, 50 or more miles to go meet this person.  Yet they obviously aren’t going to drive the distance to meet me.  What happened to “equality”.  Though it seems we’ll never have complete equality.  It’s all equal until there’s something the opposing party doesn’t like.  Such as, driving in this case.  Though it seems men still do most of the noise checking, spider killing and at least in my case, yard work.  At least when I had a yard.  It goes the other way too, no doubt.  But what does that say about a possible relationship.  I’m out of the running because I don’t have a car.  I have a full time job, I have a home of my own and don’t ask anyone for help.  I save money and force myself to exercise by not having a car.  I call it responsible thinking.  It certainly beats working two jobs just to go home and sleep between shifts just to pay for it.  Once I have a solid relationship, and have a shared living situation, I will likely get a car again.  Right now, it’s just not an option.  As it turns out, I now know that many folks in this town have roommates just because of that very thing.  They can’t afford a car and a place to live either.  Hell some don’t have cars and they have two jobs and a roommate.  So, honestly I feel rather lucky.  I don’t deal with roommates well.  Too many times it goes badly.


Why do women seem to reach a certain age and then lop off all their hair?  So many end up looking like a Justin Bieber clone.  I can’t help it, I don’t find it attractive at all.  Never have, likely never will.  I guess it’s just my way of thinking, but I find hair on a woman should flow at least a little.  It’s what makes them feminine in my eyes.  Then again, I’m a very honest person.  I never did that whole, “Oh you cut your hair.  It’s so cute.” lying bullshit while inside I’m thinking, “Oh my god my girl is now a man with boobs!”.  Nothing is more sexy to me than pretty eyes, pretty hair and a nice smile.  Especially when you want to just snuggle up to a girl and feel her hair on your cheek.  To me, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.  If she has those three things, the rest of her could be ugly as sin, I’d still think she’s pretty.

More than once I’ve explained this and I’m sorry.  There is and always will be a level of physical attraction.  Those three items are mine.  I wish I could still have a decent haircut, but mother nature has cursed me with baldness.  Sure if there were no choice fine.  But honestly, the most pleasant of personality will hardly get noticed if at first a person doesn’t get the opportunity to say to themselves, “He or she is attractive on some level, they have a (nice smile, beautiful eyes, soft lips, cute belly, nice ass, warming voice (and the list goes on and on)).  I should go say hi.”.  Sure there are a million combinations of that.

Though it kills me how upset or angry they get when I say, “I’m sorry, I’m just not into short hair on women.”.  They go off on some tangent about how I’m missing out on a wonderful person with a great personality.  Gee, I don’t do that when someone tells me they aren’t attracted to bald, fat men.  If they aren’t attracted to me, I understand and wish them well.  I still think I have gorgeous eyes and a wonderful wit.  However, I’m not about to go all bat-shit crazy on them and send them a long diatribe about how I’m a wonderful person who likes to give foot rubs.  It is what it is.  It goes both ways.  If there isn’t a level of physical attraction, then it’s hard to say it’s going to go further than that.  Not unless we are both put in a situation to learn each others personalities.  Even then, it may or may not overcome that physical limitation.  Sometimes it does, sometimes a snowball has a better chance in surviving a trip to hell.

Many of my past relationships having been what they were, I sometimes find that I start to I lose hope in finding a true love.  In so much as I’ve sent this out as a joke text to a few friends.  However some days I wonder though if it would actually work.

Thinking on changing my personal ad.  Decided to add a little more “Truth in Advertising”.  Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Gave up on finding true love.  Looking for girl who is fat and ugly enough to be incapable of being the town whore.  But not so ugly I get ill looking at her.  Must be willing to have sex with me more than twice a week and allow me to be kinky at least 50% of the time.  This includes, bondage, cum play and anal.  Must have good personal hygiene as I like to give and receive oral sex too.  Must enjoy back rubs and foot rubs if her feet aren’t too scary to touch.  Must not be a complete slob!

Also, must have Washer, Dryer, Car and a job that pays at least higher than minimum wage.

So… Do you think that would work?

I think all in all, this just tells me I need to start going out more.  It’s just a shame I have to go out alone…

I’m a World of Warcraft Soloist

World of Warcraft SoloistI never expected to be one honestly.  When you decide to play online, you assume you’ll make friends, group up and have a good time together.  Back in the day, it was exactly that, and it was a blast!  I couldn’t wait to get home, log on and do all sorts of crazy fun things with my friends in a fantasy world.  A world where we were rich, powerful and we could explore the world, meet strange new threats and obliterate them with high powered particle effects.  Or have a ball trying to figure it out while dying in hilarious mishaps.  Either way, it was fun as hell.

Then as they say, “All good things must come to an end.”.  That they did.  Of course in my frustration, I made a huge mistake by closing my original World of Warcraft account on the EU servers and starting a new one on the US servers.  It was a whole new world… of warcraft.  The world itself looked the same and the game play was the same.  I had no friends on the US servers to play with.  I tried different guilds, and I see the typical US bullshit in chat.  Gay bashing, politics and trolls galore.  The world was completely different when it came to the quality of the players.  I just can’t find anyone to get along with.  I even tried changing factions.   That didn’t help and the Horde are just straight up ugly fucks.

Then I started exercising more, getting away from the computer more.  Still, I love to log on and do things.  I just found ways to do things alone.  I craft, I solo lower level dungeons and a couple raids that don’t require anyone else to complete.  It’s not like I don’t want to make friends.  However, now I don’t feel the need to commit the time required to play in a group.  As a soloist, I have the prerogative to play when I want, for how long I want and I don’t feel obligated to stay on to help the collective whole.  Hell, I started my own guild again and it’s now level 9.  I did it all on my own.  The extra storage for goods is awesome.   If I ever find my dream geek girlfriend, perhaps she and I can turn it into a duo guild 🙂

I’ve been able to collect a bunch of mounts, achievements and rerun my favorite dungeons.  Granted, I can’t gear up as well without doing dungeons and raids with players of my own level.  I am pretty much restricted to Lich King dungeons and below.  Still I manage to have fun.

Though I sometimes wish I wasn’t so invested in the US account I have, or I’d go back to playing the EU servers.  I love the friendliness and miss my friends there.  Who knows, maybe I will if I get enough encouragement 😉

Too Much?

Just something I feel very strongly about.

Don't Text and Drive!

Disclaimer for the overly sensitive: I would not actually do this as it implies murder.  Although in this case I would be inclined to call it population control.  By eliminating the idiotic people who feel that texting is something they need to do at all times.  Even though it could be fatal to others while the offenders do not pay attention to traffic, and it is just as bad, if not worse than drunk driving.  Just sayin’ … as the kids say…

That’s Bad for You!

That's Bad for You!Now there is four words I have grown absolutely sick to death of hearing.  It’s nearly as bad as someone calling me Colorado.  Forty four years and it’s still not funny.  Every time I hear “That’s bad for you.”, all I want to do is develop inhuman strength and punch a hole in the person’s head.

Of course it’s bad for you.  Just about every thing in the world is bad for you.  I’m pretty sure they air you are breathing reading this is likely bad for you.  Pollen, dust, dander, allergens, toxins from cars, factories and every other byproduct of all things man made that we’ve created over the past millennium .  Though I’m pretty sure you need to breathe or you will die.  So in a way it’s also very good for you.

Don’t get me started on sex.  It’s likely more bad than good for you.  STD’s, children, the next morning trying to remember his or her name…  Yet that doesn’t stop people from having it.  I know someone who has had more sex partners in the past 2 months, than 5 average folks would have their whole lives combined.  But hey, they’re on birth control, so it makes it alright.  (shudders)

Diet foods contain insane amounts of sodium in many cases.  Which for a person like me is very bad.  Nuts, while fattening, is good for the heart.

Even though I’ve radically changed my diet.  Got my cholesterol in check and have been losing weight.  It never seems to fail that at least once or twice a week, I hear these words because of something I am about eat or do, is bad for me in their opinion.

God bless everyone for their concern, but holy cow give it a rest!  I can’t even really be sure if it’s genuine concern, or some sort of programmed response based on something they hear, or read about once.  Which really brings to question if they remember it correctly.

Yes, I still splurge on eating ice cream or something.  I’m not going to die a complete miserable bastard.  Sure there are diet deserts, but I like what I like.  Just because there’s some healthier choice out there, I’m still going to eat what I like.  I still manage to keep things in check to my own satisfaction.

And for all the carb counting and fearing humans… I present unto thee my Lord and Master!

Foamy makes a good point in the next video, about the health ramifications of puncture wounds in the throat.

Besides, constantly saying “That’s bad for you!” or continuing to call me Colorado, may end up being bad for you!

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