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Got my OS X Lion Free!

Mac OS X LionJust out of dumb luck actually.  I had no idea when I bought my MacBook Pro, that they had a new OS coming out for it in 6 more weeks.  Six weeks have come and gone.  I’ve learned loads about OS X and why folks like it so much (or hate it depending on what side of the fence your views stand).

In all my research, I happened across a link that said I might be able to upgrade to OS X Lion for free.  When I first read it, I thought since I work for a computer parts distribution company, I had to apply for the upgrade via the company.  Though since they are not an authorized Apple dealer, that wasn’t going to happen.  After re-reading it a few times, I realized I may be in luck as I registered it on the day I got it, which was 6/8/11.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to try when the time comes.

The time came today, and to my amazement, it was super simple to fill out a quick form and voilà!  I got to download OS X Lion absolutely free!  Just saved $29.  Though as I always rib others for, I could’ve saved $1800 had I not bought it in the first place.  😆  Though then, I’d still be a Mac Hater, instead of someone who is very much impressed with it.

Of course, being a digital download, I wanted to make a hard copy backup of it for “in case” future issues.  Quickly found a nice step by step guide.  Sadly, what they didn’t tell anyone, is that you must do this before installing Lion…  So I learned what not to do the hard way.

The install itself was super simple.  Reading the EULA took an eternity, but “oh so worth it”, so as I don’t go agreeing to having my lips sewn to someone another person’s asshole.

 Lion Upgrade

Lion Upgrade 01

Lion Upgrade 02

Lion Upgrade 03Click for Larger Images

Sadly though, when all was said and done, it looked pretty.  I could ping, do name lookups and everything.  But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get Safari or Firefox to surf the net.  SO.. here’s my chance to re-download (and back up the Lion Download this time before installing it) and try again.  Hey, so far the trip has been smooth.  First hiccup during an OS major upgrade.  Stuff happens.

OS X Lion or Windows 8?

Windows 8 - OS X LionOh god what is happening to me?  Is my the bad things happening in my home life spinning me toward madness?  Let me explain what I mean here.  As you read before, I’m not too keen on either the new Windows 8 or OS X Lion for certain reasons.  However, I’ve spent the past two days with unexplained muscle aches and a strange fever, yet no cold or flu symptoms to speak of.  So when I wasn’t taking pain relievers and sleeping, I did some research as sitting still to play games hurt.  At least I could pop on a video and lay in bed and absorb info on the upcoming OS’s.

Before I go too much further, as an über geek and computer tech, I will be buying both Windows 8 for my current home Desktop PC and OS X Lion for my newly acquired MacBook Pro so that I can have the latest technology to better help my customers.  However, my thing here is it seems like OS X Lion may have more to offer than Windows 8.  At least for the everyday computer user.  For computer gamers, not so much.  Though, Macs seem to be gaining ground in that too.

While Windows 8 appears to be coming up with OS X like features with their new fluid movements, sorting and other capabilities…  I wasn’t necessarily wowed by the changes.  I hate the new blocks on the proposed new start screen.  Their new “Swipe” technology is meant for a touchscreen.  So if you don’t have a touchscreen, you are basically boned and seems that the features are kind of useless.  You can see the first Microsoft Video on Windows 8 below.

Yesterday I re-watched the Worldwide Developers Conference for Apple.  I was absolutely blown away with the upcoming features the showed off for the new OS X Lion.  Granted, I’ve always been one for saying people need to learn how to use a computer properly if they plan to own one.  Just this morning I dealt with a backwoods good old boy who just couldn’t explain anything to me, and it was a nightmare just to get him to tell me he was running Windows XP (and had been for years), let alone getting any kind of error message.  He was stuck on “it’s not workin'”.  But I digress.

Shown here below, it’s like everything I ever wanted for myself in working with my computer.  Yes OS X Lion has swiping and gestures too, but this can be done via a touchpad which comes on all MacBooks as well as they have a magic mouse or touchpads for desktops as well.  Much cheaper than buying a touchscreen, though I imagine they can do touchscreens as well.

Looking at it, Launchpad is handy to find any application rather than scrolling through endless drop menus in Windows start menu.  Mission Control is handy to work on multiple things at one time.  The new mail is actually useful to me.  Granted, Gmail did conversations first, but Mail 5 will present it better and make it easier to find messages.  Autosave will “save” everyone from the dreaded “I forgot to save, and now that the power has gone out I’m doomed…” feeling.  And Multi-Touch Gestures is just freaking cool!  Not too mention $29 for an OS?  That’s simply unheard of!  (Not sure if that’s just the upgrade or if that’s the full price, but either way it’s still unheard of!)

Even if none of this works out, looking at Apple as a company.  Makes me want to buy stock right now.  If only I could afford to do so.  Just looking at them in the past years.  They’ve had a 28% growth rate while PC’s have actually lost 1%.  Apple has gained substantial ground in market shares for the past few years.  Granted, this does not mean that the world is saved by OS X and life is peachy and virus free.  However, it does appear that Apple has got something going on and I think it’s time for folks to take a serious look.

Oh my god… I’m becoming a fanboy…  sort of…

New Windows 8 and OS X Lion

Windows 8 - OS X Lion PreviewJust when you think they both got it just right…  Here comes new versions from both the big players in the computer operating system market.  Microsoft Windows 8 for PC’s and OS X Lion for Macs.

You’ve read/heard my praises for Windows 7 time and again.  Microsoft finally got it right, and for the majority of the populous who have used Windows for a long time or those who just got it for the first time, can easily agree it’s a great operating system.  Even some Mac users say it’s good stuff.

To top it off, I’m a new comer to OS X Snow Leopard.  Finding my way around just fine.  Learning it as quick as lightening, as they have something pretty damned solid going on.

And just as I get comfortable with both, what do I start hearing about all over?  New versions of both Windows and OS X.  What’s more, they both boast that they have features found in their smartphone versions to make it more social network friendly.  Here we go again with those nasty words…  So now I’m threatened to have social networking rammed down my throat regardless that I’m not a socialite.  I know I’m not the only one like me by a long shot, but because it’s the “popular thing”, it’s the direction they both are going too.  For folks like me, that just means more useless features that we’ll never use.  OK whatever.  For those who are socialites, this means they can be more in your face with phenomenons of brilliance such as Planking, Teapotting, and Pillaring.  Because social networking people are just so much cooler when they perform in public.

As well as they both (Windows & OS X) are starting to push the usage of the new storage phenomenon of the cloud.  Rumor has it that these services will be more closely integrated with the OS’s in question.  They advertise how you can access your files remotely, and share them easily.  I find this a little scary honestly.  I’m not a huge fan of my personal files being stored on the internet.  Encrypted or not, this just means that personal data, will more and more become totally dependent upon the internet.  Where we know identity thieves are just waiting for it.  I not crazy at all about this idea.  So, my first thought is to not use these options.  Should they be integrated in these new operating systems, then my first project is to find a way to disable or omit these features.

All the other features they promise seem pretty good.  Though I’m not too crazy about a new Windows release so soon after they finally make a good one.  Releases like that have always gone south.  Anyone remember Windows ME (Millennium) and Windows Vista? /facepalm

As for OS X, they’ve done good so far in my opinion, perhaps this will be good.

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