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His Greater Plan

Movie IdeaI’m sure most of us have at one point or another in our lives wondered, “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose in life?”.  Some of us ponder that one very frequently.  My life is so mundane at times.  What could I possibly contribute to the world?  Frankly, like so many others, I’ll likely never know.  I do plan on asking God should I get the opportunity.

There are times I get to thinking, perhaps I have no purpose.  Maybe the world would not be any different if I didn’t exist.  That too is a viable possibility.

Then I got this idea for a movie that could explain as such.  I’ll put it here as I only desire to finish my one short film.  So anyone looking for a movie idea, here you go.  Though perhaps this idea has already been done, I just never saw it.

It starts out the first few minutes showing a woman’s life in short clips as she goes through different things.  Marriage and child birth.  Going to church.  Helping her son with his homework.  Being in the hospital some years later when one of her children got injured.  Talking to a homeless man.  Volunteering at the local shelter.  Giving comfort to an elderly person.  Then suddenly she dies in an accident.

As the camera fades in, she’s now standing in heaven and at peace.  But still she’s confused why her life seemed so meaningless and average.  She calls out to God.  God can either appear and talk to her or perhaps do the all powerful voice thing and she doesn’t actually see God.  Though if I were to do the movie, I’d want an avatar at least so the audience can relate.

She asks God why her life seemed so average and that she felt she had no real purpose.  God then explains that not only was her life meaningful, but then starts to show her all the events that her life was apart of.

He shows her that her love and devotion to God in turn, blessed her family in many ways.

Her marriage saved her husband from suicide as before she came into his life, he felt unlovable and worthless.  Now he carries on to care for her children, is a devoted man of God and will seek her out in heaven when his time comes to pass as he loved her so.

That showing her son such dedication in his homework, he in turn helped his son with his homework.  A grandson that grows up to be a world renowned doctor who finally finds the key to curing cancer 70 years after her death.  Saving thousands of lives.

Looking back at the conversation she had with the homeless person and the guilt she felt because she didn’t feel comfortable giving him her spare change, actually saved a young girl’s life.  As he would’ve used the money to buy a knife to rape and murder a young teenager.

Her time in the soup kitchen.  The friends she made of those she helped, managed to get not one but two of them to clean up their lives and make something of themselves.  Which in turned started a new chain of events that benefited many people.

The comfort she offered to the elderly, made some of them feel loved and no longer alone as they didn’t have anyone else to spend their lonely last years with.  When they passed, they passed in peace rather than feeling alone.  That they too were waiting to greet her now that she’s also in heaven.

God showed her that her life really mattered to so many.  That the little things we do may in turn do greater things or carry on to do greater things in the future.  Even if it’s lying to a homeless man to save a young girls life.

That’s my movie idea and my current thoughts of the plans God has for us.

Perhaps my life will never be exciting, maybe I will never feel like I had a purpose here.  Though I hope that I touched the life of someone else.  Perhaps my sons or my step daughters will look on me with fondness and I perhaps gave them some bit of something they will carry on.  Perhaps my love will feel whole because I was apart of her life.  Maybe a friend I made long ago will thank me for some bit or other.  Maybe my great grandchildren who never met me, will have been touched in some positive way because of what I thought was my boring life.  I have hope I am part of his greater plan.


MMO The Movie Part II

MMO The MovieRight now I need a high quality video camera, for summer to come and a whole bunch of people who are into Cosplay and MMO’s.  That’s not asking for much right?  Oh and an epic CGI studio to help out.  The past few days I got back on the thought pattern of my MMO Movie idea.  A live action, slapstick comedy set in a fantasy world where everything is just Like the Game.

Submerged in a world where anywhere you go, denizens found in towns and standing along the road have limited speech and specific objectives for you to achieve.  Epic battles with mythical creatures and enormous monsters.

Last time I wrote about this, I gave specific scenes that would be very comedic and show just some of the silly things that would happen if a typical game was made with real life characters.  Of course there are plenty more where that came from, but also you have the little things going on throughout the movie that would add to the hilarity.

Such as the useless NPC (what is known as a Non-Player Character).  This character’s sole purpose seems to be just to be a body in the crowd.  You can “talk” to them by touching, and he or she will respond with a standard set of responses.  If you do this repeatedly, the responses sound more annoyed.  So having an actor just stand or pace and someone comes up to them and starts touching them repeatedly.  This could be a background piece as the main characters are passing by and the camera briefly focuses on this action.

“Can I help you?”
“Quit it.”
“Go away.”
“Do you need medication?”
“I’m not that kind of (Fill in the race they portray.).”

In some games like World of Warcraft, some of the creatures you can summon to aid you in your travels may also have NPC’s of their own.  Perhaps to sell and trade items and even repair your weapons and armor.  One of the funny things they do is when you kick them off or you get off the mount, they become annoyed that you’ve abandoned them some place and while they seem to be angry, there’s nothing they can do about it and you can resummon them later.  This as a live action would be humorous as they are repeatedly summoned and dismissed throughout the movie and small jokes can be inserted everywhere.  Especially since they are repeatedly dismissed in the middle of no where with no way home or left in hostile areas.  This could also be a brief scene of drama as perhaps the hero confronts them as to why they are angry.  The in turn explain that their lives are tied to the main character.  They are unable to have lives of their own.  Maybe if there are two of them, they could perhaps be upset they can never have a romance as they only exist when summoned on the mount and fade away when dismissed.

Three Paladins walk into a bar.  A human female, an orc male and a goblin (we’re left wondering if it’s a male or female).  They stop and look at each other in disgust.  They are all wearing the exact same armor.  {insert drums here}

One of my personal favorites is how much stuff a character can carry and look like they are carrying nothing but the clothes on their back and their weapons.  Like the endless storage Hermione had in her beaded bag during the Deathly Hallows adventure.  In a live action MMO movie, we could have a simple leather purse or pouch affixed to the hero’s armor that could produce food to feed a small army, potions, extra armor and more.  Just moments during the film where they causally pull out epic things from something so tiny.

It’s little things like this and so much more that could make for one hilarious movie.  I’d need an entire room full of idea filled people to extract the tons of fun.  Maybe someday I’ll get the chance to do such a thing.  😯


Blue Box & Brown Coats

Was messing around with making a wallpaper the other day.  Never been a big Star Trek or Star Wars fan.  Always felt that I didn’t fit into either of the fan crowds.  As I mentioned before, I prefer Firefly to either of them and I’m also a huge Doctor Who fan.  (I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was a kid and am a huge fan of Tom Baker!)  So I thought I would share it.

Blue Box & Brown CoatsClick for Larger Image


Television, Games and Books

Television, Games and BooksExactly what is it that makes one person determine that what another person chooses to do, is a “waste of time”.  Or even a “waste of money”.  Seems a bit sanctimonious to me.  I’ve had this conversation before on several occasions with different people over the years.  It came up again not long ago.  What I choose to do with my personal time, seems to irritate others for whatever reason.  From my point of view, they seem incredibly narrow minded about what I do in the first place.  They also ignore the fact that I have been changing my routines as well.  Plus biding my time saving money up for things that will change my routines even more.  Still, they insist that what I do is meaningless and unhealthy.  As you can imagine, it’s a bit annoying when you consider what their argument is of what I “should be doing instead”.

Phrases I’ve heard include:

  • All you do is sit and play games.
  • You’re wasting your life away.
  • What’s so great about video games?
  • It’s a waste of money.

Just to name a few.  Generally speaking, when I ask what they think I should be doing, these are the following replies:

  • Read a book.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Ride a bike.

Again just to name a few.  Though with some, I generally answer with a question upon observing what they normally do.  “What should I do?  Sit and watch television for countless hours like you?”

Television…  Talk about your waste of time and money.  I find so very little of what is on television entertaining to begin with.  On top of the fact that it’s nearly 40% commercials.  Repeated and for some reason louder than the shows.  Reality TV?  What a joke.  Go outside and look around.  The human race is one giant reality show these days it seems.  We could put up web cams all over and make a channel called, “The Biggest Douchebag!”.  But that’s a rant for another day.  Exactly what is the health value in sitting and watching that for hours?  Plus, with games, I’m being interactive.  It’s a two way communication to make different things happen.  Not sitting in an easy chair where the only thing I can do is change channels to waste time realizing I’m paying to much for nothing at all.  In the past two years, I’ve spent on average, $20 per month on games.

Nationwide, the average pay TV bill (excluding internet and phone service) was $86 in 2011 and is expected to reach $123 by 2015.  ~ Forbes

So even if you add my Netflix package in at $19 per month, I’ve still got the upper hand and I’m commercial free.  *coughsoblowmecough*

Go for walks?  I do in the summer as much as I can.  At least an hour a day.  Some days up to three hours.  Even some days when it’s raining, as long as it’s a light rain.  However, right now it’s winter.  Cold as fuck.  Not a lot of sidewalks.  Risk of busting my ass, or breaking a leg.  Did I mention it was cold as fuck out?  I’m hoping to have an Exercise Bike for next winter.  That will hopefully keep me losing weight.  Rather than only losing weight in the summer and then gaining it back in the winter.

Reading books.  Just not my thing really.  I’ve been over this before.  Time and again.  Though that’s not to say I don’t read at all.  I just don’t sit for hours and read books.  Sure I could imagine it all.  But I prefer particle effects (video games) and CGI (movies).  Plus movies don’t take as long.  I’m sure someone out there can read a whole book in around two hours.  Most can’t though.  Also, complain about the cost of movies all you want.  I’ve been to the book store recently.  A new book on average costs around the same price as a movie ticket.  I’ve seen some books as high as $27 though.  Or if you are a technophile.  Your average reading device (because most won’t buy just an e-reader, they got to have a Nook or Kindle), is $130 plus books between $3 and $15.  And you know damn well you’ll want a newer Nook or Kindle in the next year, so you’re still spending more than me on a yearly basis to read.  Whereas I will simply read articles and blogs on the web.  Cost?  Not a damned thing.  But this is only comparing books to video games.  How much did I spend on movies this past year?  Oh yeah, not a damned thing outside of my Netflix subscription.  Plus, books aren’t exactly a form of exercise either.

While I’m making this the last thing, it’s really the biggest thing these people fail to notice before they open their mouths about my being a gamer.  Video games are not the only thing I do.  Look around your screen right now.  This is my website.  I write here.  Regularly.  The pretty pictures and graphics you see?  I did most of that.  Did you notice in the picture for this article, the computer?  That’s my actual rig.  Notice it has a TV for a screen?  Not only is it huge, but it serves as a…. (dramatic pause) TV!!  I watch movies on it.  I have a surround sound speaker system.  It’s also my music center.  It’s my workstation for my job and my other job of Web Designing.  In the last 15 months, I’ve built over 100 websites.  Some of them are mine.  Such as:

Denver Fowler Dot NetCastleRainCastleRain Web DesignCastleRain (my URL shortener)

I love designing websites.  I find it almost as fun as playing video games.

Also, if you bothered to read my website you’d also know that I want to make new friends.  When I do, I’ll get away from the computer more.  You’d also know I want to get back into playing music.  Again, less computer, more exercise.

So the next time when someone wants to rag on me by saying “All you do is play video games.”, I will have to answer with, “You don’t know much about me, do you.”.


The Soccer Club

Another Crap Reboot MovieActually, I think I want to start a movie club called S.O.C.R.  The Sick of Crap Reboots club.  I can’t possibly be the only person out there who thinks that only about 30% of rebooted movies end up being better than the originals.  The rest seem to be trifling works of over done CGI effects, over the top action sequences and plot holes, or just weak.

As much as I like going to the Theater, regardless of the elevating prices for tickets and concessions.  A crap reboot can quickly turn what could be a nice evening of popcorn, soda and a movie.. Into a huge waste of money and time.  I’m glad that lately I’ve been watching movies at home when it comes to these reboots.  That way I don’t feel guilty for turning it off before it’s finished.  And before I regurgitate my popcorn.

Here’s just a few movies I’ve watched this past year from my Netflix Blu-ray rentals that never even got finished as they sucked so bad.

  • Man of Steel – It’s like they took a 20 minute John Bonham drum solo, sped it up 300% and played it front to back, then back to front and then front to back again.  Faster doesn’t make a drum solo better.  Fast action sequences doesn’t make a movie better.  Plus, you really just can’t enjoy it a second time if the whole back story is rewritten.
  • Dredd – Loads of slow motion action, unnecessary gore and it felt like the whole things was filmed in Instagram.  What, is Facebook going to take over the world so that even the atmosphere has this green/yellow fake artsy look to it?  At least they picked a fitting URL,  If I had to watch it again, I would dread the Movie…
  • Les Misérables – I actually like musicals, but this one had me wanting slit my wrists before the second song was done.  I’ll stick with the 1990’s version of this.  If you understood most of this, then you must also enjoy the outsourced tech support you get.
  • Total Recall – More like total crap.  Open the action up with the same “fall through something” five times.  Must be inhumanly healthy to survive such a feat.  Over the top action sequences to cover up the horrible storyline.
  • The A-Team – Does the “A” stand for Ass?  I love Liam Neeson, but wow.  This movie is the epitome of over the top action sequences to cover up….was there even a storyline?  I don’t think there was.  Then again, I didn’t finish it, I wanted to spare of the potential wasted time in my life.

These were just to name a few.

Then there are the few reboots that actually pull me in and I enjoy.  Star Trek for one.  I never really cared for the original Star Trek series, but I loved the movies.  Then it faded again with all the other series, New Generation, Enterprise and so on.  But I still liked the movies.  This new reboot really takes a hold by starting an alternate timeline.  Brilliant!  While keeping the feel of the original.

Same thing with Batman.  I started to lose the love after Micheal Keaton was no longer the “dark knight”.  Those Batman movies were meant to have more of a comic book feel.  While the newer versions with Christian Bale, gave it a sense of realism while still holding a touch of comic book charm.

Though it seems that finding a good original story as of the past five years, is hard to do.  The market is flooded with reboots, shadowing over the original and independant films.  Though there’s a whole flood of low budget indie films that I have yet to figure out what the hell they are doing.  At first I thought it was the “hey if Kevin Smith can do it, we can too” club.  Now I just think it’s “hey, I got my stuff off YouTube and on to the Silver Screen!”.



Star Wars, or Star Trek?

Firefly Transport Ship (Serenity)It’s an age old question among geeks and movie goers the world over.  And I’m here to tell you that I say neither!!  Yes, I have shared a love of both of them to a small extent.  However, it’s always felt like something was missing from both of them.  Something that would tip the scales in order for me to truly love and defend one of them as many Sci-Fi movie buffs do.  As it turns out I’m just a late comer to the color brown.  Browncoat that is.

Truth be told on the matter of Star Wars and Star Trek…  For me, the original Star Wars light saber scenes felt like it was two old men fighting in a pool filled with Jello.  The newer ones had much better fight scenes, but didn’t hold the same feel.  The original TV series for Star Trek was out and out cheesy, but cool enough to continue watching.  That is until they came out with the movies.  Then it got good.  After the changed to the newer crews, I lost my love and just stopped bothering.  I’d watch them if someone else wanted too, but I wouldn’t choose to watch them by myself.

That is until the Star Trek reboot by J.J. Abrams.  As a side note, the only movie reboot in the past few years that hasn’t sucked monkey balls as far as I’m concerned.  Most reboots as of late have done just that.   I digress.

Why am I a Browncoat?  Once I was given my complete freedom, I was able to watch whatever peaked my interest without some nagging input from a second party.  I re-watched some old TV favorites from the legendary Joss Whedon.  His shows always captured my attention in a way only seconded by John Hughes and Kevin Smith.  So after watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, I decided to see what else Joss had done.  This is the point where I started to realize that Joss Whedon was a god in his art.  First, I had watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, then Dollhouse.  Both short but damned good.

Then The Avengers movie.  Again, kicked much ass!

After that, I found exactly what I had been missing when it came to my thirst for futuristic Sci-Fi entertainment.  Something believable, characters that felt as if they were my own family of friends.  Ones I could relate to on every level.  The show was called Firefly.  Thing is, just as I got into it…  It just ended.  One season that was only fourteen episodes long.  Long story short, when it originally aired (and I somehow missed it) in 2002, the Fox Network not only fought the writer’s vision, but showed the episodes out of sequence and then canceled it.  Without any consideration for their viewers.  Who, despite Fox’s insisting need to fuck it up, loved it.  Still Fox trashed it.  The fans rebelled and started to find ways to make the show survive and revive.  Along the way they also raised funds, helped charities, created fan fiction, even a role playing game.  All the love of the fans, Joss Whedon somehow managed to give his adoring fans one big finish.  A feature film called Serenity (the name of the ship).  Equally as good as the series and helped explain the overall vision for the series.

The series was short lived and there’s still those of us who would see the show revived.  Even the original cast is all for it.  Maybe someday.  I highly recommend you check it out on Netflix or buy it on Amazon.

Here’s how it is: (The) Earth got used up, so we (moved out, and) terraformed a whole new galaxy of Earths, some rich and flush with new technologies, some not so much. (The) Central Planets, them as formed the Alliance, waged war to bring everyone under their rule; a few idiots tried to fight it, among them myself. I’m Malcolm Reynolds, captain of Serenity. She’s a transport ship, Firefly class. Got a good crew: fighters, pilot, mechanic. We even picked up a preacher for some reason, and a bona fide companion. There’s a doctor, too, took his genius sister from some Alliance camp, so they’re keeping a low profile, (you understand). You got a job, we can do it, don’t much care what it is.


I miss going to the movies…

Being single sucks.  While I don’t wish to define myself based off of who I share my time with.  I simply don’t like being alone.  You see, I moved from my home town in Michigan to here in Virginia to take a job at Gateway in 1999.  Though it was motivated heavily by the fact that I had started a relationship with someone I knew here as well.  A few months later, we got married.  However, I made one major mistake during the past 13 years.  It was that I came home to the wife and kids every night.  I was content with it.  Though, I never made any friends in the area by doing so.

This also makes doing things that I love to do, no fun at all.  I’d so much rather share doing the things I love with someone.  Even if just a friend.  Though most of the things I love doing, generally are much better when it’s romantically shared on some level or other.

Such as:

  • Going for coffee.
  • Eating out.
  • Taking long walks to watch the sunset or listen to the tide roll in. (especially in fall or spring – summer is way to effing hot here).
  • Or sneaking into a private lake, after closing.  To stand on the small dock and … 🙂
  • Going for Ice Cream.
  • Shopping (as you know I hate doing that alone most of all – since I generally hate shopping, someone helps make the time go by).
  • Even just relaxing at home snuggling watching T.V. or playing games.
  • Most of all, going to the movies.

I’m a huge movie buff.  While I do enjoy sitting down and snuggling up on the couch to watch a favorite flick.  I tend to enjoy going out to the movie theater.  I love the atmosphere, the smell of the popcorn and sometimes the reaction of the other goers when something exciting or scary happens.  I especially love to hold someone’s hand, or depending on the theater, give them a leg or even a foot massage under the table (love me the Movie Tavern setup for being able to do that).

I don’t even let it bother me that going out for a movie is rather expensive.  To me, it’s worth it.  This past summer I’ve skipped watching anything new just because I have no one to go with.  Sadly, my job puts me in a position where I have no real interaction with people except over the phone.  The company I work for is very small.  The only pseudo friend I had there, has moved on.  All my other friends live in different parts of the world (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, New York, England and so on).  So they can’t go either.

Starting over, just sucks.


Why do people pay to watch ads?

You can’t turn your head these days without having advertising in your face.  As I’ve said before, “I can only imagine that someday ads will be forcefully beamed directly into our brains like they show in the cartoon Futurama.  You can’t escape ads for products and information no matter where you turn your head or hear just about every moment of everyday.  Through radio, billboards, print, T.V., internet banners and so much more.  It’s terribly difficult to escape it.

I understand that ads help cover the cost of the content you are trying to view/use when that content is free.  I get that.  I want to watch a video on the internet, there may be an ad I have to view first or click to close to enjoy that.  If I want to have a free app on my smartphone, I have to deal with advertising.  I get that.  If I don’t want the ads, you pay for the content.  Plain and simple.  Same goes for radio, wanna listen free?  There’s going to be ads to listen too.  Want ad free radio?  Pay for a Sirius unit and subscription.

What I don’t get is when you pay for the content and there are still ads you are forced to put up with.  Loads of them.  Why anyone pays any amount for cable TV, satellite or any other means to watch TV and have to deal with ads is beyond me.  I stopped paying for TV subscriptions some time ago because I just can’t wrap my head around why I would pay $50 – $80 a month just so I can watch ads!  Advertising on TV is expensive.  So if these advertisers are paying so much for their ads, why do we pay for TV at all?  Or if I’m paying for TV, why should I see ads at all?

The movies are just as bad.  You pay $7 to $14 for a ticket, pay $8 for popcorn and $5 for a soda, sit down and watch ads, ads and more ads before the movie starts.  As Foamy put it, it’s not saving me anything why must I watch ads?  How about more trivia or previews for upcoming movies instead?

I’ve since gone to using Netflix for watching TV.  No ads!  Granted, I can’t see the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Merlin or Skins this way.  Unless I watch it on the network’s website, which has ads.  I find my system works fine for me.  Not too mention it’s considerably cheaper!  Plus I can pause and re-watch to my hearts content.  If Netflix were ever to decide to show ads, I’ll get very angry.

Something I’ve noticed using Netflix.  Older shows that ran in 1 hour slots, were up to 52 minutes in length.  Newer shows that are in the same 1 hour slot, are only 42 to 48 minutes in length.  So as cable/satellite prices went up, so did the amount of ads.  Can you say, “What the fuck? Over!?!”.

In all, I understand ads for free content, but I refuse to pay for content and have to deal with ads!!!

By the way, it’s my Birthday today, feel free to buy me a coffee 🙂 Love Coffee…. Buy me one?


MMO The Movie

I’m the kind of person who has a million and one things going on in my head all the time.  From real life, to work and of course, everyday dreaming.  Everywhere in between.  For the past 2 years or so now, my life playing games has become a bit stagnant.  I’ve been focused on all the other things going on in my life.  As much as I want to sit down and enjoy a video game, something always puts it off to where all I end up doing is futzing around.  This is mostly due to my old gaming friends and I have parted ways.  Some because they started playing other games.  As well as, due to my real life finances being very tight and/or the fact the games they chose to play, I either am unable to follow them or I just don’t care for the games they chose to play.

My time alone has led me to thinking there is a pot of gold to be made.  Sadly not by me as I don’t have the capitol to get it started.  So this idea of mine is going to go public.  If I’m very lucky, they can kick me a small percentage for giving them the inspiration.

There are tons of movies out right now that are modeled after comic books, such as the Avengers series (Iron Man, Thor, etc…).  As well as video games (Doom, Resident Evil, etc…).

Now, let’s take some National Lampoons and Monty Python views and spin this into a live action comedy spoof of an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game).   If you play MMO’s and like movies, read on.  If you don’t like MMO’s you won’t understand much of the scenes I’m going to describe below.  You’ll have to use your mind to visualize what I have in mind.  Remember, this is just scenes in a movie that I’d like to see made.  There is no storyline, however I’m sure some Hollywood type could put a storyline easily into these scenes as it’s more about the spoof than it is the story, but all movies must have a good plot.  This stuff is what would make it funny.

Mount Summon

Picture if you will the calamity of something as simple as calling upon one’s mount.  A horse is in a meadow somewhere, eating away.  As animals do, he begins to pee.  At that moment, his master, a Dwarf Paladin summons his trusty stead.  It would probably sound something like this:

Crowd Control / Aggro Range

One thing that gets me about MMO’s is the crowd control and range of aggro for NPC’s.  If you don’t understand the term aggro, it means how aggressive a target is to the player.  If you get too close and it is a target that does not like you, it will attack you.  Aggro also determines if there is a group of players, the one that pisses off the target the most, get’s the most aggro.  In a game, there are many times, that if it were a real life situation, the target would plainly see you, and for some reason not care that you were there as long as you don’t get too close.

So you can be standing around, chatting with your buddies talking out loud how you will handle the situation and the target would just be standing there ignoring you.  The irony that you are about to kill an enemy and he just doesn’t seem to care.  You know that wouldn’t happen in a real battle situation, so in a way it’s funny.

It gets even funnier when you throw in crowd control.  In a gaming situation, players can stun, poly morph and otherwise detain targets for later throttling.  So you have Bill and Bob who are your targets.  They could be standing there discussing their lunch plans and even though they can see the people about to kill them, they pay no attention.  Furthermore, Bob suddenly turns into a goat unable to defend himself and Bill is just gibbering away as if nothing is happening.  That is until his attackers kill him in a shortly lived battle.  Poor Bob get’s struck, turns back to himself and is quickly defeated.  All the while, just a few more feet away.   Carl, another target pays no mind.  In a live action movie, it would be funny.

Wipe / Reset

Here ya go.  You see a group of people run into a battle.  Things go wrong and suddenly everyone of them dies.  Magically they are standing up in a different place away from where they were as if nothing has happened.  Except you see their armor tattered and damaged.  As they regain awareness they begin to blame one another for what went wrong and complaining about having their armor repaired and the costs involved.  Perhaps one or two them leave after saying some unkind words about the healer or the most heavily armored not doing their jobs.

Food Repairs All Wounds

Here’s an opportunity for a small scene where the battle has ended.  The wounded are now taking a break to attend their wounds.  Their armor still broken, but the bloody cuts and bruises suddenly vanish as they eat some bread or meat.

Drinks Replenish Magic

Picture a tired Mage, Wizard, Shaman or Priest just stumbling off to the side after a vigorous battle and sitting down for a drink.  Minutes later, poof back in action like nothing happened.


See a group of people on their way to some place, battle or just hanging out.  Each of them with a small animal doing odd things just because they can.  I can see this becoming in and of itself hilarity.

Respawn after Death (NPC)

Scene of a town being attacked.  The NPC who earlier has been shown to have limited vocabulary, is suddenly killed by the enemy threat.  Mid battle, poof, like nothing happened and happy as a clam.  Death again… This could go on for like 3 to 4 times before it looses it’s humor.

Respawn after Death (Player)

Nothing like a live action battle to see someone do a death scene.  Only to find themselves a few yards away, wounded but able to rejoin the battle and they run back into action yelling “BUFFS!!!”.  To a non-gamer, this would likely confuse them as the audience of gamers laughed.

Glowing, Flaming and Other Goofy Armor

A live action movie with all the fancy armor you see in games.  Could you just see the warrior wearing flaming armor just sweating to death from the heat and catching things on fire at random or other people lighting their smokes or cooking from his/her armor.  The flaming sword, that they can’t put away without injury.  Glowing armor making it hard to sneak up on enemies.  Lightening covered armor causing havoc.

This list could go on and on.  To an imaginative person, this could be one funny movie.  Live action with all the quirks found in most multiplayer games.  I think someone should make such a movie.  If I had the money, I’d certainly try to hammer out such a potential comedy hit 🙂


The Remainder of My Life

I’ve had some time now to really think about things.  Now that the initial flames from my nearly fatal incident.  That and everything else that was flooding my mind.  All in all, it’s nearly over.  Time for me to begin fresh one last time.  I realize that I really only have a few years left in this world, and while I mean to squeeze out every last minute by losing weight, eating better, continue walking and being more active.  Time to make new friends and re-embrace the family that loves me regardless of my recent situations.  Everyone involved knows exactly what I mean by that.  Those who don’t, simply need to ask me or watch and learn 🙂

For many years I’ve chased the dream of a wife and kids.  Three failed marriages and many bad decisions later, I realize that perhaps I was just not cut out for it.  Short of death, communications have been lacking.  I love my kids regardless of what they may think of me.  I love the kids that were never mine as if they were.  They are all grown now and on to lives of their own.  I wish them all the luck in the world not to repeat my mistakes.  While to many this isn’t the highest of goals to achieve.  However, the caveats are that, I never wanted to be rich.  I was always happy so long as the bills were paid and I could come home to them every night.  That was good enough for me, but it seems never good enough for the ones I chose as my partners.  They always wanted more.  For better or for worse meant nothing to them.  When the worse came, they up and moved on.  Claiming things like we grew apart.  We didn’t grow apart, they simply wanted more financial stability.  Proving repeatedly that money means more than love.  I’m hurt emotionally, but I’m surviving.  However I am changing my goals.  I’m not changing who I am.  I still welcome someone to love me.  However they must love me as I am.

HD Video CameraI want to finish my movie.  Really it’s just a short film.  Something I wrote the script for in 2007.  I even went as far as finding voice actors on the net to cover the parts of the callers, the narrator and other fill-ins.  The film itself is nearly done short of needing an actor, and two extras.  A place to shoot, some props and an HD video camera with some software.  OK, so it’s only half done.  I stopped when I realized the equipment I bought was defective and couldn’t get the company Samsung to do anything about it.  With lack of further funds to buy a new camera, I stopped the project and all but forgot about it.  It’s time to dust the pages off, buy a new camera, find some college students eager to make YouTube gold.

It’s about a tongue and cheek look at a support tech and his typical day and how customers could make life so much easier by simply following some rules.  The Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support.  Anyone who has seen the script loved it.  I’m sure it won’t win me any awards, it will still be a load of fun for everyone involved as well as those who watch the finished product.  This is my first goal.  Anyone who can contribute in any way are welcome to do so.  Please contact me!

DrumsMy second goal will require me to save up a few bucks first and buy an old used drum kit.  Because I want to join a band.  I don’t want to join a band trying to be famous like I did in years past.  I just want the group of guys who get together on weekends and jam out in a garage or warehouse somewhere.  Perhaps like in high school, perhaps play at private parties or small gatherings if we happen to be any good.  This would be more of a social experience for me than a venture to make money.  Relive the glory days a bit.  I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as my son on the skins, though perhaps someday I can really sit down and show him his old man can and has.  One thing I gave up to be the dad was my drum kit.  So my children really never have seen or heard me play outside of a Drumscape machine at the Busch Gardens arcade.  Rock on!

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