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Back to Work

Workers CompI’m glad to finally be back to work at my night job.  I just wish this nightmare was over.  Turns out, it’s far from over.  The whole ordeal with this situation has been a disaster from the start.  It took a couple of weeks just to get the paperwork moving.  Then another couple of weeks to get the insurance company to put it together.  Nearly five weeks to get a check for missed income and an MRI to even look at my knee.  That whole time, if the meniscus in my knee had been torn, it would have likely healed incorrectly needing some serious surgery.  Thankfully it was just really tweaked.

Finally at that point I get Physical Therapy and some meds to take the swelling down quicker.  Things finally start moving and I’m almost at the end of my boredom rope by this time.  Total time off work was 7 weeks and 3 days.  I receive a couple of checks for income from the insurance company.  My understanding was they take the highest 39 weeks of pay and base my income on 66% of that.  Well for several weeks, I was working full time and even getting over time on occasion on top of working my day job.  I was a working fool until it started to really wear me down.  So I backed off to 3 – 4 nights a week at best.  And that’s where I’ve been since.  So when I got the checks, I assumed it was based on the time I was working like mad.

Today the insurance company tells me they over-payed me.  To the tune of almost $800 and they want the money back.  I just started working decent hours this week.  I was cleared to go back to work on July 27th.  Though for the first 11 days I managed to get a whole 4 hours.  I might have gotten 9 hours had I not already been doing paint work on my truck.  In any case, that’s horrible, but people didn’t want to give up their hours for me.  I get that.  Sucks, but I get it.  Now that I’m managing to get hours, I’m going to have to work more to pay the insurance company because they made a mistake.  They admit the mistake, but I have to pay for that mistake.  I wish I had more of a choice, but even if I get a lawyer, what would that do?  I’d just have to pay the lawyer too.  I can’t afford that.  If I’m lucky, I might be able to pay $50 every two weeks when I get paid from the night job.  That would take me nearly 9 months to pay off.  Providing I can keep the hours I’m getting.  There are people who had to step in for me while I was out.  They want hours too.  On top of that, while I was cleared to work, I still have some pain and swelling.  I still wear a knee brace to work.  A brace I’m hoping the insurance company remembered to pay for.  Can’t say I’m trusting this AccidentFund company much.  As my friends would say, they cocked it up from the start.

Why does something always have to fuck up Christmas?  😡


One Tired Puppy

Tired PuppyLately I’ve been one tired puppy.  This week I’ve put in over 54 hours of work between job one and job two.  It’s been like that for weeks.  Each night seem to end in my back hurting while I try to clean a restaurant.  From scrubbing toilets to scrubbing the floors with some really weak floor cleaner.  I’m too tall and too old to be bent over that long.

It’s not that I work more than 50 hours a week, it’s the fact that they are broken up from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and then from 4 pm to 10 pm (or later).  So after job one…  It’s shower, shave and then do any errands I have before having to go to job two.  This includes shopping, snow blowing, paying bills, doctor appointments and so on.  I work so much, and spend so little time at home; I had to make sure Isabel got a new home.  I never had time to spend with her ☹  Hopefully Darla can take her later on.  For now she’s with family of Darla.  At leash she made some new friends at her new home ?

Granted, the only thing that really hurts is standing on a cement floor for long periods and then the two hours of cleaning every night.  When I do have a night off, it seems like all I do is run about town.  I hardly ever eat dinner at home anymore.  I never visit family.  Or if I do, it’s because they want something from me.  Such as a computer fixed or something involving heavy lifting.  Yeah, because that’s what I want to do on my time off is more work ?

More recently I realize I have to work just a bit harder for a while to pay off Uncle Sam.  Well, Uncle Obama that is.  That stupid Obamacare bit me in the ass good this year.  They want you to guess how much you’ll make in a year and then give you a credit based off that guess.  If you don’t update your income status thinking it hasn’t changed, it can creep up on you.  I didn’t know I had made an extra $4000 last year.  When you break it down, it’s only an extra $70 a week.  Not bad, but after taxes, it’s an even smaller number making it hardly noticeable.  In the end, I got too much of a credit for my healthcare and now I have to pay it back.  To the tune of $750.  So much for that new drum cymbal I wanted or having money to put towards buying a house this year ?

With Darla back home in Bay City, I had my mom move back in with me.  Sharing bills isn’t the same as sharing all expenses.  Sure paying half the bills is good.  But some weeks are harder than others when you don’t have a pooled income.  Don’t worry, I can handle it.  I’ll make all of this work.  I always do.  Just may take longer to get it all done.  Though I really wish I could visit the chiropractor this afternoon.  Sadly, I’ll have to wait until next week.  Medical type folks like their weekends here.  No Saturday hours.


Personal Protection is Expensive

PistolAs many of you know, I recently became a gun owner.  I’m by no means an enthusiast.  I don’t plan to own a bunch of guns and go shooting every weekend.  Though, I have no issues with people owning or using guns for self protection and hunting.  So long as safety is always observed.  I have for a very long time wanted to buy a handgun.  It’s just never been within my top ten things to get next for my life.  That is, not until very recently.

While I would like to think of Northern Lower Michigan as a safe and family friendly corner of the world.  Crime is everywhere.  That and what I have chosen to do for a living has made me a target to be robbed while at work in the evening.  So among some changes I’ve made at work to help cut down on the risk of not only being robbed, but if so; I won’t be held responsible for lost income.

Every major chain I’ve ever worked for has a drop-box system.  After every delivery, the driver is to drop any large bills and credit card slips into a locked box so they are not carrying large amounts of money during their shift.  A drop-box is simply a wall mounted locked box that only the manager can access with a slot to insert bills and slips quickly between delivery runs.  The chain I work for now, has no such device.  That is until today.  I ordered one and will have it installed.  However, that doesn’t help me while I’m still on the road before coming back to the store.

This is where the handgun has become one of the items on top of my list lately.  Sadly these things are not cheap.  Even a budget priced gun has set me back several hundred dollars.  While I would love to have a Glock or other high end brand gun.  I have to start where I can afford.  So after much research and conversations with the folks at Jay’s Sporting Goods, I’ve settled on a Glock-like conceal carry gun.  A Taurus 709 9mm.  It’s not top of the line, but it’s got good reviews for the most part.

Costs so far:

  • Gun – $280
  • Ammo for Sighting and Practice – $14
  • Ammo for CPL Class – $28
  • Ammo for Critical Defense – $19
  • CPL Class – $120
  • CPL License – $105
  • Cleaning Supplies – $26
  • Gun Case (Rug) – $9
  • Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection for Practice – $25
  • Holster – $15

So all in all, I’ve spent $641 dollars.  That’s a lot of money for me.  That’s $31 more than my rent per month.  So yeah, I’m not taking this lightly by any means.  I haven’t even fired it yet.  I need a place to go and get it sighted in before I take the class later this month.  At some point, I’m sure I’ll have to tack on a membership to a shooting range.  Unless I make a friend who also owns guns and lives in the great outdoors.  It’s a shame I don’t live near Amber anymore.  I know she’d want to go shooting with me.

This will not only help protect me while working, but at home as well.  My home has been robbed in the past.  While I was home no less.  Then I had a .22 rifle my step-dad gave me and couldn’t get to it.  A handgun will be much easier to put that kind of nonsense to rest.  Down the road I’ll want to get a nicer conceal carry gun.  Maybe next year.


Aspen Village

ScruffyIt’s been 10 months since I took over the lease of this place.  In two more months I have to decide to renew it or move.  Darla will be moving back to Bay City in February.  I know the rent will go up here, I just don’t know how much for sure yet.  Lots of ifs around here.  I’d like to think the management will want me to renew my lease.  I keep the place spotless, I pay my rent on time (early usually) and I am never the cause of complaints from other people in the neighborhood.  As far as I know that is.  I’m sure about the first two things as the maintenance guy has told me on the two occasions he’s been here how happy they are about these facts.  I keep the grass cut, the snow cleared and the driveway swept up when it’s not raining.  I mean I pay thousands of dollars to live here, I want it to be a nice place to come home to and take care of it.

Like any decently run rental, when I took over the lease; there is two weeks I have to fill out a form about what I find wrong and submit it to be fixed.  Having lived here a year and some months prior to taking over the lease, I already had a list prepared.

Here’s the list I submitted for work requests:

  • Large soft spot in floor by vent in secondary bedroom
  • Huge soft spot in floor left of stove counter
  • Large soft spot left of the front door
  • Bow in big window in living room, bigger in summer (lets in bugs, let’s out heat or cooling) – He put some foam in the space.  Not actually a fix.
  • 2x broken mirrors on closet doors main – More or less a report of it so I don’t get charged for the damage.
  • Exhaust vent over stove, the fan has fallen and now just grinds on the guard when turned on
  • Big soft spot in floor by vent in master bedroom
  • Large soft spot in floor by window in master bedroom
  • Sliding glass door leaks. Left edge – Same foam he used on the window.  Not really a fix.
  • Soft spot in floor, in front of washer

Which means in over two years of being here, these issues still exist.  What annoys me is if they want me to renew, why has the maintenance man only been here twice to work on anything?  Only two of the list items have been “fixed”.  It’s not like I’m the tenant on South Lucy drive that has a pathway in his living room through mountains of garbage, food and cat piss that could cause you to gag while standing on his front porch.  (I have to go there once a week due to my night job.)  Some of the places in the back of the park are beyond gross.  I could see why they don’t do a lot of maintenance back there.  Though I’m surprised they don’t evict many of these people as they abuse the places they live in.


Work Work, Zug Zug, Dabu

Work Work, Zug Zug, DabuI’ve spent the past week or so trying to figure out what to write.  It’s hard to keep content up when nothing is really going on.  It’s work, work and more work.  To pay bills, bills and more bills.  Whoever thought this was a good idea for a human being to become after childhood, was a jerk.  I didn’t sign up for this adulthood nonsense.  I didn’t have a choice.  My parents had sex and my future was made that in 18-ish years it would be 40+ hours a week dealing with people I don’t like.  Followed by endless people I really don’t like wanting the money I earned.

Thankfully nothing in the plans for Darla and I have changed much lately.  Granted, our semi-near future is filled with way too many “if”s.  Will we each find a place we can afford?  Will we have to have a roommate in order to afford a place?  Will I stay in this place (roommate required) or move into something else?  Which one of us will have Isabel?  Will she need to be registered as an emotional support pet?  Worse, will we have to give her up?  (certainly not wanting that option)  The list goes on and on.  Involving housing, jobs, dog, cars, living arrangements and more.  So much of it can’t be determined this early.

We shall survive 🙂


Moving Timelines

U-Haul TruckIf I never see a moving truck again, it’ll be too soon.  I’m so sick of moving.  Seems I move generally every 1-2 years since 1982 if memory serves right.  Since my Mom and Step-Dad split up.  I think I lived in Williamsburg for a few years.

Each time I do, I wish for it to be the last time.  This time I don’t relish actually living here for more than a year as it’s more than I can handle.  I would rather find a cheaper place next year.  Perhaps something to own.  Because I’m over this moving nonsense.

Since returning to Michigan I’ve moved 3 times, my mom has just now moved 4 times.  We haven’t even been back four years yet!  Enough already!  In which I’ve just finished moving her out and Darla in.  Yesterday was a very, very long and exhausting day moving Darla’s things up from Bay City.

I’m one pooped puppy.  Darla is too.

On another subject, there seems to be some confusion as to my income.  Where is comes from and what I’ve done with it.  Not sure why it’s anyone’s business but my own, but then again, I don’t hide anything.  Rumor has it that when my hours got cut at my day job, I got a job at BC Pizza in Petoskey shortly after.  That’s not possible.  Any regular readers here know I post about everything in my life.  I don’t do it to brag.  I am certainly not proud of my current employment situation.  I work part time at my day job for Widomaker and deliver part time at night for Mancino’s.  It is what it is and I deal with it.  I do post everything here as a way to chronicle my life.   Boring as it may seem sometimes.  Funny other times.  I’ve been doing it long before Facebook.

I normally don’t put actual business names on my site as to not give any negative effects to them.  Either intentionally or unintentionally.  I’ll make an exception this time.

So here is my timeline involving my income and where I have lived since moving here.  The links in each paragraph below indicate I’ve already wrote about this stuff.

June 2013

We got back to Michigan.  I did not own a car during the first 18 months of living in Michigan.  Ninty percent of the time, I walked where I needed to go.  Ten percent I got rides from my others.

June 2014

During the first year, I lived in my apartment and worked full time for Widomaker.  Though I did lose my company paid health insurance during that time.  I’ve been on Obamacare since.  Expecting to move to East Jordan to be closer to my sons, I stayed with my mom while looking for an affordable place there.  I didn’t write about it, but you can see in a picture, my drum kit wasn’t in my apartment anymore.  The deal was I would pay $250 a month to help save up to get a place of my own.  Which I feel I did diligently.  When I could I’d give more than the agreed amount to help pay for bills and such.  It wasn’t often I’d do that.  However, but I never failed to keep up my end of the bargain.

July 2014

Moved to where I live now.  Still with my mom as it was only a month since I moved.  Still working full time, still looking for a place in East Jordan.  Was not planning on a getting a car at this point.  I could walk all of East Jordan, it’s a small town.

October 2014

I get an email from my boss saying my hours were getting cut in half.  I had a ton of vacation time saved up and never used.  So from October until December, I used my vacation time to make up for hours I wasn’t getting.  Which is when I began to search for a second job.  I had a very hard time finding anyone who wanted a person with health issues.  Plus I had to start looking for a car to get to work and back.  During the time I had been back, I had saved up $1000 and bought a 1995 Chevy Lumina cash.  Thus depleting my savings and putting my move to East Jordan off for several months.

December 2014 to April 2015

My vacation time with Widomaker had run out.  I still have had no luck finding a second job.  I’ve been looking since I got the email in October.  I still have medical bills to pay from a hospital visit in Winter of 2013.  That and for the Ambulance ride too.  Let’s just say it’s cheaper to die.  However, during these few months, I was granted Unemployment for my reduced hours.  I was given 20 weeks of it and had 52 weeks to use it.  I claimed a grand total of 11 weeks.  Hating every minute of claiming government help.  Hating the fact I was living with my mom still.  None of my plans were working out.

April 2015

I finally after giving up on Gaylord completely, I found a job in Petoskey.  With BC Pizza.  It was an hour drive up and an hour drive back on the nights I worked.  The tips were OK and on good weeks, made it worth while.  Though I was putting 3000 miles on my car every month between the drive and the delivery area being so large.  So extra costs were involved as for $15 – $20 gas every day and $40 oil changes every month.  Still living with my mom, in this house, looking to move out and saving every penny I could to do so.  As soon as I started making a second income, I stopped claiming Unemployment to help clear my conscience.

August 2015

During the months, I built up my savings again.  But only a few hundred dollars at this point.  Especially since my car had new tires put on ($385) and new front end parts installed ($500).  But it wasn’t enough to save it.  Especially from a place that claims not only to do it, but do it right.  They did it wrong and ruined what brakes I had left after failing to inspect them properly.  I sold the car with the new tires for $178 to A&L Steel.  Forcing me to buy a new car if I wanted to keep working both of my jobs.  Wiping out my savings once again.  Adding to my depression knowing I wasn’t moving out any time soon.

December 2015

My hours at BC Pizza dwindled to a whopping 8 hours per week.  It was the slow season.  Still driving an hour up and an hour back wasn’t worth it anymore.  Half of my hours would’ve been for gas alone.  It was time to find a new job.  Not that I have yet to stop looking for a new full time job.  But what does a tech do in Podunk nowhere?  I have yet to answer that question.  I found one with Mancio’s.  Still living with Mommy Dearest and rebuilding my savings once again.  Still looking to move out as soon as I could rebuild my money.

February 2016

In January my mom got the opportunity to move out early from her lease here.  Darla and I wanted to move into a place of our own.  We had some savings, but not a lot.  We managed to take over the lease here and my mom moved out.  Guess what?  My savings are gone again, but I’m still working as much as I can between Widomaker and Mancino’s.  Darla is trying to get some decent hours to help pay for this place.

So there you have it.  My timeline of living Gaylord.  Where I get my money and where it goes.  All nice and neatly laid out.  There shouldn’t be any further questions about it or doubts.


Ho Hum Holiday

Christmas Snow GlobeTry as I might, I haven’t found a suitable job yet.  I know some would disagree with me, but I’m really trying to avoid retail and fast food.  Mostly due to my health.  I’m an overweight desk jockey who hasn’t done much physical work or long periods of standing in years.  Plus the occasional chest pains, dizziness and shortness of breath.   Having heart disease sucks.  I would hate to get a job only to lose it because I don’t meet their needs for a work horse.  I’m all about brain power these days.  While I do exercise and can walk for an hour or more a day, that’s not the same as standing still on concrete floors for hours on end or breaking my back carrying heavy things.

Speaking of heavy things.  The only serious job interviews I’ve had were dealing with heavy lifting.  Apparently a person with a lot of computer experience equals loading and unloading trucks and moving heavy appliances.  Well that’s the reason they called me anyways.  Once I showed up to the interview, they saw me and realized I am heavy lifting material.  So no second interviews or follow up calls.  Well I did get an interview from a local pizza place, but they didn’t offer me a job.  Which at first I thought was odd as we talked up a storm about the pizza biz.  Then I realized he was holding out for that nice girl who couldn’t make her interview because she was snowed in.  I’m guessing she is also really attractive.  Of course it was on a day when the roads were really bad and we got nearly two feet of snow as well.  Made me realize that not having driven in real snow for many years that perhaps that wasn’t the greatest of job ideas for me.  Plus I could use some new tires and an alignment.  Here’s to hoping for a decent tax return.

Other than that, it’s been very quiet on my email and phone.  Of course the dwindling income has forced me to cut back on any spending.  I haven’t been to church in weeks.  I don’t go many places at all unless I absolutely have too.  My vacation time and personal time have been bled dry.  My boss has been cool and offered to pay me for full 8 hour days for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That’s pretty generous, but not enough to sustain things.  Guess my next move is to file for some assistance.  Not real happy about it.

Hell I’d take a job at any office doing clerical.  Though I don’t have the wardrobe for such a job nor the money to make such a wardrobe.  Been behind the scenes so long, I own only a couple nice clothes.

Which of course Christmas hasn’t always been a favorite holiday for me anyway.  While it’s supposed to be holiday cheer and good will toward others.  It’s rarely the case.  Stores get more busy, people have harsher attitudes and it’s just generally not very Christmas like.  Even my town doesn’t decorate the streets like they used too.

Then there’s the dumb things that like to happen to me at Christmas.  Several relationships have ended at Christmas and other general bad luck.  For the past two years I’ve skipped Christmas just because of high medical bills.  I’m still paying on two of them.  This year, I’m part time and no longer have my apartment.  Not happy about either.  Was not what I planned when I moved here.  Though I’m not giving up, just adjusting.

The good news is I managed to get a little something set aside before the money went dry.  So I’m not skipping Christmas for a third year.  It’s not as cool as what I was able to do for some birthdays earlier this year.  I wish I could repeat that performance.  Alas it’s a low budget Christmas.

Also, a shout out to my friend Jeff.  Who paid for six months of my game time so I can have something to do when I’m not filling out forms and answering psychological questions about if I should steal pencils from my employer.


Adventures in Used Car Shopping

Used Car ShoppingWhat an adventure.  Buying a used car has always been a nerve-racking experience to say the least.  Even after the purchase, you’re nervous that you may have ended up with a clunker.  Unless you have a mechanic friend, you’re pretty much stabbing in the dark.  Sadly, my friend list doesn’t include a mechanic.  Actually, it seems the majority of my friends all work for the same company, doing the exact same job.  Just in different cities.  Gaylord, Bellaire and East Jordan.  Not sure if I should be afraid.  They’re coming to take me away haha!

Although most of the adventure has been getting rides, driving or walking around and looking at various cars.  Most of which didn’t run or were near death.

Last Wednesday was interestingly fun in a very evil sort of way.  When I say I’m an Evil Genius, most don’t know my evil side.  It’s not always with computers that I’m a genius either.  Not sure if this was genius, but it certainly was evil.

This past week I’ve been scouring the various car lots in the area.  On Wednesday I visited one of the major car lots.  Though they shall go unnamed.  I was looking at a used foreign economy car.  Now I must tell you I’m not a fan of sales people.  They do what they feel they have to do to make the sale regardless of quality or price.  They are there to make money.  Doesn’t matter much if the customer isn’t getting a fair deal.  So I’m always on my guard with sales folks.

The first sales person to greet me was young and I could see they were eager to make a sale.  So I set my terms and let them know I was interested in looking a the car in hopes that it may be what I need.  I was doing this in earnest.  At least at first.  Things changed very quickly.

I’m no mechanic.  I know what I feel everyone should know about cars.  Especially checking fluids.  So when I got to the car, I opened the hood and started looking for leaks, puddles and fluid levels.  I noticed right away the radiator cap was lying on the strut mount.  Leaving the radiator open.  I didn’t see any fluid in it.  I brought this up to the sales person, who seemed not to really care.  They asked me if I wanted to take it out for a spin.  Immediately, this went from “I’m interested.” to “I wonder how much of an idiot this person is.” and “There’s no way in hell I’m buying this car now.”.  Which is sort of a shame as this car had real potential being the right size for me and would be fairly easy on gas.  I put the cap on the radiator and let the fun begin.

Knowing this car was likely driven by others with the cap off, there as probably little fluid in the radiator at all.  It was cold and raining, so I knew as long as the car was moving it would stay cooled enough.  It’s when we would stop this would show an apparent problem.  So we took off down the road and then on the short stretch of highway that goes from south of town to main street.  The check engine light was on, and was a perfect excuse to stop at a local auto parts store for a free check before going to the lot again.  Sure enough, once the car stopped, the steam started rolling out from under the hood.  The car wasn’t over heated … yet.  Popped the hood and the fluid in the over flow tank was literally bubbling from the very hot engine block.  I figured it was game over for the sales person, and they would call a tow truck and I would simply walk home.

Instead they further proved to be more of an idiot than I had previously thought.   They wanted to drive the car back to the lot.  Even though they saw the bubbling fluid in the bottle and the steam from the engine block.  Now that the car isn’t moving, it’s good and hot.  Though driving it would now get it to the point of engine damage if we start it again.  I wasn’t about be the responsible party for damages to the car, so I handed the keys to the sales person and let them drive back.  I watched the temperature gauge make it’s way out of the safe zone as we drove along and now it’s pegged over heated.  The car is steaming from the rain and as we pull into the lot.  The sales person parks the car exactly where it was.  Didn’t bother to take it to the service area.  Instead they proceed to ask if there is any other cars I would be interested in.  Most had bald tires or looked really rough.  Honestly, I wasn’t about to deal any further with this person or this dealership.  I politely declined and walked away chuckling under my breath in the rain.

I drove by the next day.  The car is still in the same spot.  Probably hasn’t had anything looked at, and perhaps the piston rings are likely fried.


Checks and Crosswalks

CheckWhile neither is related, they are both on my mind lately.  The cause of much frustration.  I constantly need to remind several folks who want money from me, that I live in the 21st century.  In the era of technology and instant transfers.  I hardly ever carry cash and I never carry checks.

Yet it floors me that there are still businesses around here that do not take credit cards or bank cards with Mastercard or Visa logos.  Yet they will take checks.  Credit cards can be instantly verified with a pre-authorization if need be.  Though generally this is not necessary as 99% of all transactions are verified at the time of payment.  We no longer live in the world of manual swipe machines.  Although I still think businesses need them as a backup to their internet situations.  Checks on the other hand, are just far too easy to have a fraud situation.

What is killing me, is even though I use online bill pay for a couple of businesses that haven’t caught up with the technology age and a person who I’m making payments too.  When I do send them a check, it generally takes them weeks to cash the damn things.  I like to keep track of my money on a frequent basis.  It drives me crazy when I’m trying to balance my budget and I’ve got money floating around that isn’t accounted for.  It’s always with checks.  As of today, all but one check is still not cashed that I sent out last month.  Come on already!  It’s almost mid October, I’d really like to close out September.

One such payee, I happen to already pay the bill when I was in their office.  Though I guess they had sent me a bill the day of or prior.  So when I got the bill and paid it with bill pay as well.  They got the check but never bothered to send it back or notify me that it was not needed.  So I spent a whole month wondering why it wasn’t cashed.  When I called, they finally told me and I was annoyed that they just let it hang out there without a word.  Have you ever wanted to reach through a phone and choke someone?

I wish everyone would get a way to take electronic payments.  Even average Joe’s.  I do.  It’s not hard to get that ability now.  All one needs is a free PayPal Business or Square account.  I highly recommend it!

I do have to say, now that I’m single, I’m doing pretty good for a guy who hates his situation.  I’m not rich, but I’m handling my own money just fine 🙂

Crosswalk SignalCrosswalk signals are not an indication that if a pedestrian is crossing, to gun the engine and try to see how close you can get to killing the person crossing.  It’s to let them cross.  On average, it only takes me around 10 seconds to cross.  Though I can’t count the number of times this summer alone I’ve nearly been hit or killed.  If that is too much time out of a drivers pathetic life, that’s just tough tanookies.

I figured living in a small town, this wouldn’t be nearly the issue it is in the big traffic heavy cities.  Nope, turns out stupid people are in abundance everywhere.  Of course it doesn’t help when soccer mom Jill has her phone to her head making it hard for her to look both ways before tromping on the gas pedal of her overpriced SUV.  Or when teens and grandparents alike are looking at their laps rather than the road.  I see it every single day.  I look both ways before crossing.  Yet they still pound on the gas even after I’ve started walking.  There are many times now when I am at a 4 way stop with nothing but stop signs and I’ll stand there and wait for all cars to go by because I can’t trust none of you bastards to yield to a pedestrian.  That’s just sad.  I know I certainly remember that part of drivers education, and that was 30 years ago.  Though I so wish I was 30 years younger.

At least I can assure you, when I am driving, pedestrians will have the right of way.  As for the jackass honking behind me to go, they will get my friendly American one finger salute 🙂

As quoted from the Michigan Legislature website:

Vehicular traffic, including vehicles turning right or left, shall yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and to pedestrians and bicyclists lawfully within the intersection or an adjacent crosswalk at the time the signal is exhibited.

Even if there is no crosswalk signal, traffic is to yield to pedestrians according to Michigan Legislation.



I don’t like this pickle…

In a PickleI refer to the idiom of being in a pickle.  I’m certainly in one.  As mentioned in a previous post, my job is about to go away.  Although the owner of the company is deciding to cut my hours at the end of the month, rather than simply letting me go so I can apply for unemployment benefits while I try to figure this mess out.  Though he has made it clear that when he sells the company or the customers to another company, he doesn’t want any out of state assets.

Right now, what I wouldn’t do for some face to face time with family and friends.  Or a partner who I could turn to for their opinions and counsel.  Even offering gas money isn’t working lately.  The only person I have to talk with, I try to avoid.  In her eyes, nothing I ever have done or will do, will ever be what she thinks I should do.  Frankly, I just can’t take her negativity.

That’s a whole other matter of course.  In short I’m kicking myself for not simply staying at my apartment.  I’m crammed into a room, and I can’t play my drums as they are in pieces next to my bed.  What was supposed to save me money hasn’t turned out that way.  Not that it’s because of where I live.  Anything I tell her just gets into some long rant about how she doesn’t like whatever the subject is anyway.  So I just stay in my room searching for jobs, places to live, a set of wheels and someone to spend time with.  When I’m not doing that, I’m either working or taking my frustrations out of monsters or simply blowing things up in virtual worlds.

Sadly the part of town I live in, doesn’t offer much in the way of businesses I can work for and walk too when there is 4 feet of snow on the ground.  Public transportation from my understanding is a nightmare as there are no regular buses.  Just a Dial-a-Ride that can take up to three hours to bother to pick you up if they are busy in another part of town.

I had really hoped something would’ve come open in East Jordan by now for me to live in.  The apartment complexes are all near town and I can walk just about anywhere in less than an hour.  Except the industrial area, which I’m told I should avoid anyway.  I’m told by friends there, they keep most of the main sidewalks open during the winter for actual people and not snowmobiles.

It’s not like I’m looking for the perfect job, just something to get me by until I find a better one.  Sure I’d love another telecommute job.  As I’m not in the physical shape needed for many manual labor jobs.  Even if I were less heavy, I can only do so much with asthma and a weak heart.  So I’m targeting the technology field and/or administrative – office work.  Though I’m sure I can flip burgers and cook fries on a short term if need be.

Also, when I advertised I wanted some side work fixing computers or doing websites.  It meant I wasn’t just looking to keep myself busy for free.  Don’t get me wrong, all my friends and family are welcome to call me for help with their Windows, Mac or Linux computers or have me design a website.  Right now though, I’m really wishing I knew someone with marketing skills so I could turn what I like to do into a full time gig.

So if you know someone who needs such work done, I’m very affordable 🙂



Guess I wasn’t as clear as I had hoped to be when I said:

Right now, what I wouldn’t do for some face to face time with family and friends.

Since I’ve posted this, I’ve been given two phone numbers.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the offers.  But all I do is talk on a phone.  It’s what I do for work, when I’m done it’s what I do to talk to people far away from me.  That doesn’t fill in the need for real social interaction.  It doesn’t replace the emptiness and loneliness.  I also talk to God every day.  If I could go to church every week, I would.  Church is 30 miles away and I don’t have a car.  The little plastic thing in my pocket is no substitute for human expression.  While I don’t expect anyone to fix my problem, I would at least love to hear their suggestions.  Especially over coffee or tea.

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