It’s Spelled Pillock, Not Pillick

If you are going to try to insult someone, you should at least take the time to use the correct spelling of the word.  It’s one thing to be rude, but to be rude and ignorant is another thing all together.  Yes folks, I made a friend.  A friend who wants me to revisit an old subject.  About who pays for what, and who has the rights to use other peoples things.

See, my new friend Mr. Suurlemoen, apparently wanted to use an image from my site (here) and use it on his site (wherever).  Instead he got the following image in it’s place, and it made him upset with me.

This prompted Mr. Suurlemoen (if that’s really his name), to send me the following email:

Name: xxx Suurlemoen


Subject: Idiot

Message: You’re a pillick… Everybody pays for bandwidth. Try changing your service provider to more competitive rates.

Clearly Mr. Suurlemoen did not leave me a real email address to respond too, so I must respond to him this way if I am to ever get the message across to him.

See, one day several months back, I was looking at my statistics for my web hosting, and noticed a sudden spike in my bandwidth usage.  It normally runs around 16GB per month from my normal visitors, to 120GB per month and that most of the usage were images I have, but being displayed on other peoples websites.  I know that my web host, whom I’m very happy with, would not appreciate me going over my bandwidth limits for the month without me paying extra for the use.  And while many web host providers do offer a means to prevent “hot-linking” (also known as Inline Linking)… I decided to be a bit more inventive and use the method that displays the above message instead.

Now where Mr. Suurlemoen falls short again is we do all pay for bandwidth, but that does not give anyone else the right to abuse services paid for by someone else.  We all pay for electricity, but I’m sure Mr. Suurlemoen would not appreciate it if I rolled up to his home and plugged in my RV for however many months I decide to use his electricity.  What about his internet?  We all pay for that, or most of us do.  There are those who steal wireless all the time.  I wonder if Mr. Suurlemoen knows that in some places you can get sued for that.  In any case, I’m sure he wouldn’t like me doing that.

Sure, there are open free wireless.  There is free web hosting.  There are free photo and video storage/sharing sites.  They all have means of making money from other services.  Free wireless usually comes from a business like a restaurant or bar where they make money from food and beverage products.  Free web hosting has advertisements forced in some manner (even if it’s not apparent – like a 404 error page), or like places such as Blogger, they use simple text ads.  Video and photo sites use advertising or more storage for money plans.  By all means use them to their full extent.

And I’m flattered that someone wants to use an image I have in my possession.  Or if they want to share my tutorials with the world.  You can link to them.  You can save the images and put them up on your own site or whatever.  I don’t mind.  I could copyright my stuff, then I could sue someone for using it.  I don’t.  But please, do not abuse the services I pay for.  It’s all I’m asking.  If you feel that is too much to ask, I’m sorry.  Well.. No, I’m not really.


HotlinkingSomething I have never been is popular.  Not in school, not in life and not on the internet.  And I’m OK with that.  I had a few days where I’ve been very unpopular, and days when I’m popular with a few folks.  The people who do like me, like me for who I am.  Perhaps what I do or have done for them.  Some of my customers simply adore me.  Some of my friends would do anything for me.

Sometimes I do something on the net people like.  Such as a website I’ve designed or an image I’ve created or a tutorial or two I’ve put up.  And they show their appreciation by giving me compliments or money or some sort of acknowledgment of the work I have done.

Though yesterday I noticed I was popular with a few people on the internet who thought it was OK to take my work and not only post it on their site verbatim, but to use my images from my web hosting that I pay for.  Thus making my bandwidth costs go higher while they get a free ride.

Most of the content I use is originally created posts and images and code.  Some I use because it’s public domain or open source.  Some I used with permission.  And yet some is quoted with a clear link back to the author (as I have learned this lesson the hard way myself).  This is what anyone with manners would do.  People who don’t, whether intentional or not are simply thieves.  And falls into the category of people I’ve discussed in my previous article.  As anyone will tell you in a court of law, Ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of the law does not excuse).

Now I could have had some real fun and made the anti-hotlinking image something vulgar and offensive, but I’m not that ruthless.  But… I think I’m going to get my point across now.  They’ve made my content popular, now let’s see how popular I make them.


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