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Check out this sweet piece of work.  I recently renamed my Guild when I moved back to the Alliance.  In an effort to help entice Darla to come play World of Warcraft with me.  It’s based off of this website with it’s transparent design, to see the background and the header image that changes on page load.  I’ve added a changing background on page load as well.  Also a custom 404 error page.

Check it out and see for yourself 🙂

Paladin's Hammer

If you don’t see the backgrounds or headers change, make sure your caching addons are turned off.  If on mobile, turn off data-saver.

If you’d like a website designed or a custom WordPress Theme, visit:

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Pseudo-Quitting WoW

To everyone who played World of Warcraft with me, I am sorry but I’m pseudo-quitting WoW.  (hehe I’ve been working with Linux/Unix so long I originally said “sudo-quitting” and it made me giggle as to the imagined outcome of that)  What does that mean? Well it is because I hardly logon these days.  When I do, I do next to nothing except watch guild chat scroll by and make silly remarks or crude sexual references.  Or gather materials and make Mechano-Hogs to sell/give away.  I’m “pseudo” quitting because I have that year subscription that sticks me to WoW until October. However, I don’t fancy I’ll be logging in much from here on out. I’m going to move my toons to a level 1 guild (if anyone wishes to give me a hand with that great 🙂 )

So if you wanna chat, you know my names. Theodas (main – Druid) – Theodes (Mage) – Theodaz (DK) – Theona (Priest) – Kyllia (Lock)

For those who know me and still like me, feel free to add me to friends if you like. Granted, I won’t be around much. Moving on with my life and I’m not really fancying the upcoming Panda Bullshit. Yeah I said it. Unless my UK friends talk me into playing Mists of Pandaria with them, I’ll probably leave WoW forever once my subscription runs out. Maybe I’ll find a new MMO to play. Though I am more into finding myself a real live social life that doesn’t involve stupid ass social networks. (never liked them anyways)

Edit Update:  Apparently, the guild master took this badly and banned me from the guild website.  Fine, be childish about it if you must.  I said thank you and sorry, I don’t know what else to say.


Wow… It’s been a while

Since I’ve separated my blogs, this place is starting to look like a ghost town.  Doesn’t help my personal life has been in a complete and total uproar.  A lesser person would use my life experiences as a laundry list of reasons for their suicide.  Not me!  I’m not only an Evil Genius, but I’m mentally much stronger than that 🙂

To catch you all up, just before the old ticker took a beating, I moved all my toons to a non PVP server.  When you are all alone, and all your other friends have left the game you play, you find playing on a PVP server very annoying since you can’t really call anyone to help you beat some digital bully ass.  So moved my 3 main toons to Uldaman.  I tried a few guilds who advertised to be social, but only had members on a couple of hours, which were generally after I go to bed.

This brings up a small point or perhaps question.  Am I the only person who chooses servers based on their time-zone?  What’s the point of being on a server when no one is from that time zone?  It’s not like Blizzard doesn’t have a boat load of servers to choose from.  I digress…

Within a week of quitting yet another guild with nearly 400 alts and no members, I get a whisper from a guild called Crimson Darkness.  After about a week I realize this guild is exactly what I was looking for!  Casual, friendly people who are active and enjoy every part of the game, not just Raiding! Raiding! Raiding!  It feels so very comfortable.  I like them so much that when the decided to start a new guild website, I suggested we do a contest of sorts and I would be happy to donate a Mechano-Hog as the prize.  And the like me so much, they gave me a better rank.  Although, truth be told, I have no idea how their ranking system works.  I’m listed as Exquisite?  Sounds a bit fluffy.  I’ll have to figure out what the heck that means.  In any case, I’m happy to be a part of that team 🙂

I also started me another Death Knight.  Although I have the crazy-ass notion I’m going to play a tank with it.  😆


Forget Mr. Belvedere.. We’ve got Jeeves!!

During my usual routine of gathering materials and fighting off the occasional monster, I got a wonderful surprise.  After loads of beating up mechanical monsters, and then “Engineering” them (which normally leads to bag-loads of garbage), dropped the Schematic to Jeeves!

Haven’t taken him for a test drive yet but looking forward to abusing.. er I mean making good use of his services and skills.  Got tired of making outdated Repair Bots from Vanilla WoW days anyways.  Now I got a nice new repair buddy to go with growing army of Traveler’s Tundra Mammoths.

Also managed to get reputation to exalted to obtain the schematics for the Mechano-Hog.  That one is gonna take me a while.  Mostly for saving up the money for the NPC parts.  The gathered stuff I can handle.

In other news, as feared my friend didn’t make it in WoW as I predicted in this blog post.  That’s OK, he’s a shooter fanatic, I’m a MMO/Driver Fanatic.  So I’ll be picking up Driver: San Francisco shortly after I move to my new place.

I’ve moved CastleRain over and renamed it Suspicion of Mischief so it’s a level 10 nearly level 11 guild.  Open to anyone who wants to join a casual leveling guild doing dungeons and if we get someone willing to lead us, raids too.  But mostly a leveling guild.  I’ll build a website for it soon enough.   You can contact me here or in game (Frostmane Server).

My Transformation is Complete

Despite recent events, I’ve decided to keep playing Warcraft for the time being.  OK sure, the expansion may as well be called Kung Fu Panda; and they may as well hire Jack Black for voice acting.  But who knows, the Worgen turned out all right and I love the Goblins and their whole starting quest line.  Maybe I’ll grow to love it too.   We’ll just have to wait and see.

Over the weekend I finished betraying the Alliance and am now full on Horde!  Kyllia I transformed into a quaint down home Human girl with an evil streak to a full on self-centered Blood Elf bitch with a full-time malefic thought pattern.

Click for Larger Image

Then there is the one and only Theodas.  My Druid.  My Swiss Army Knife and first character and in many ways still my favorite.  He went from a bumbling and babbling Night Elf to a Beefcake.

Click for Larger Image

As for APB Reloaded, that didn’t work out.  Between the fact that it forces me to install bandwidth killing programs like Pando, and their brainless programmers decided that they would also make Punkbuster run with Windows and hide the startup entries for it so even if I am not playing it’s running when it doesn’t need too.  To top it off, it’s the only game I have ever played that kills my Ventrilo making it difficult to play with my friends.  While they don’t have the issue, there are others who do and so far the only fix is to change out sound cards or other hardware.  Honestly, I’m not going to waste one dime on a game that I’m not all that interested in playing and has already caused me heartburn.  That just adds to my real life issues, I just don’t think I want to spend any time worrying about a silly game.

Brewfest is Da Bomb!

This is my favorite event in World of Warcraft.  Brewfest!  I’ve always warned people that I play with, that I’m a major Achievement Whore.  This certainly proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  While I’ve never been a real life drinker (makes you wonder how I’m related to anyone in my family), this is the most fun world even they have going.  At least in my opinion.  I just finished Brewfest on the UK servers just before I changed servers to play in America.  So I got to start again this year.

Both my main characters, Theodas and Kyllia are fully achieved as of today!  Including “Disturbing the Peace“.  Managed to also get both Brewfest Mounts (Great Brewfest Kodo & Swift Brewfest Ram) on Theodas and just the Ram on Kyllia.  Not too bad 🙂  Theo even got the Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror as well, though he’s a caster, not a melee class bloke.  Think I’ll hang on to it.  Not sure if I’ll give it to a guildie later on or chuck it in the Auction House in a couple of months to see if it brings me in a decent bag of coins.

And as if that wasn’t a good stroke of luck, Theo also got both the Mithril Stopwatch and the Petrified Pickled Egg trinkets (since he is Balance/Resto).  And Kyllia got the Mithril Stopwatch as well.  Not too shabby 😉  I only managed to get a few of the achievements done on my other character, Theodes as he is my lowbie.

Speaking of my lowbies and my recent betrayal to the Alliance…  I’ve thrown together a new guild called Suspicion of Mischief.  Not sure where it will go as I’m a casual playing achievement whore, but as far as I know, it’s the only one with that name thus far.  If you don’t get the reference, don’t apply 😉

Also, I’ve never been one to play melee class and not so big on PVP (Player vs Player) action.  But I got talked into making a Death Knight of all things, and I’ve come to learn that Death Knights in PVP are a blast!  I started him as a Goblin Death Knight, and I think I did better with him than I am with the Undead version of him, but I’m not feeling like starting a 3rd time.  So Undead Death Knight it is.  Still kicking ass.  Though I’m iffy between the Unholy and Frost builds.  Blood at least I could take a bit of a beating, but sucked at attacks.  As soon as I can get my honor gear I can really start pounding some player booty into the ground 😈

For the Horde!

“Theodas, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to this World… of Warcraft…” ~ Thrall

Yes kiddies, it’s true.  Not only am I sticking with World of Warcraft, I’m joining the Horde!  I just have far too much fun playing WoW.  I can putz around all by myself and have a blast, I can pug (that has a 50/50 chance of going well), I can party up with friends (Even across servers now – thanks Real-Id!) and just have fun exploring (even after 2 years I’m finding more and more hidden places).  Only thing I haven’t done is any real raids since I left the EU servers (prior to Cataclysm), and that’s because they are only worth doing if you have a group of people who can use Vent and understand everyone else in the group, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.  I feel strongly with the Horde I can advance further than I ever have before.  And if it all blows up in my face, no great loss, as I’m sure I’ll have a million new adventures.

Turns out the Horde not only has cookies, but after doing some research, I think I’ll be a lot happier over there.  It started as I got an old friend to give Warcraft a try finally.  Though I am still skeptical of his actual ability to stick with it.  But as I got reading, I realized some wonderful things for myself by joining:

  • The Horde racial skills enhance greatly upon the characters I’ve created and will only improve their performance.
  • The Horde always seem to have their plans together when it comes to PVP.  Perhaps I can find a mentor to help me be a better PVP player.
  • Is it not Thrall we always see who casts aside the foolish Horde/Alliance conflict in order to protect the world?  What Alliance character get’s such recognition in cut-scenes?  Yeah that’s right, NONE!
  • I’ve always been evil.  Yet I was never playing for evil’s side before.
  • Not too mention, every player I meet who is truly helpful has been Horde at one time or another and have usually only become Alliance for someone else, not for their own reasons.  (Golly gee the Horde are understanding folk 🙂 )
  • So far all the quests I’ve done for the Goblins have been hilarious!  (and their island is beautiful!)

It’s going to take several weeks to complete my transformations and I’ve downsized my character base to the three main characters I play.  (Theodas, Kyllia and Hythlodaeus (Who’s name I may change as even I have difficulty remembering how it’s spelled.)) Still, at $30 per Faction Transfer and $25 per Server Transfer, I’m going to have to be very penny-wise about this.

Sadly this leaves my Level 10 guild (CastleRain) either to be abandoned, disbanded or handed over to someone else.  Since I no longer wish to claim the CastleRain name as I once did, it’s available to anyone who wants to take it over and do as they please with it.  It’s got 7 guild bank tabs.  Contact me, if you are interested.

As well as you’ll see hints of darkness from the Horde vibe around the website as well.  Not a lot, but some 😈

Also, I’m thinking about getting the latest Driver: San Francisco.  Looks like a load of fun and I love me some driving games!!

The Guild Season 5 Begins!

Yeah I’m a tad late on realizing this.  Sorry.  But I’ve been watching Felicia Day and crew since it began 5 years ago!  It’s something I’ve been able to relate to and enjoy the cute little webisodes they make.

Click Here to Watch Season 5 (and previous seasons) online!



Unbound Guild LogoAnd I call this Gamers Den…..

Silly me, haven’t even mentioned games since the change.  Haven’t yapped about Warcraft for a while at all.  Mostly because my attention is pulled in a different, less happy direction.  {shakes head briskly to regain focus}  And my new education of learning to use Mac OS X.

My friend Edain, started playing WoW again as he says, “it’s more relaxing and I can get things done”.  I’ll leave that to anyone’s interpretation but all in all it’s a good thing for me.  He’s known mainly as Ashelar in WoW, so I hope I don’t cause too much confusion for my reading audience (the five of you out there whom I appreciate to no end for your devoted support – feel free to use the comments – hint hint).

So yeah, I’m in his guild Unbound.  WoW is going terribly slow for me.  It’s no ones fault.  Just either haven’t felt like playing due to things at home or lack of people on to play with.  I have met some nice folks since the move.  So as far as games go, I think I’ve found a home.  Now… to find a home…

CastleRain Guild Closed

On Sunday, May 1, 2011; I closed the CastleRain Guild on Dentarg and have removed all characters with the exception of my own.  I have already moved Theodas to a new server, however, after late breaking news of my friends returning to WoW, I will be moving Theodas and the rest of my characters to the server my friends play on so that I can join them.  Sadly this will take five months to move all of my characters, but I will get there.

CastleRain Guild Closed

Although, I do not think all of my guild mates in CastleRain got the memo about it’s closure.  This is part of what I posted on April 4, 2011 on the Guild website.  Which means it’s been posted for nearly a month, as well as a post 2 weeks later about another guild looking to recruit our members.  So if they didn’t get the memo, it’s their own fault.

I’m sorry to say that the CastleRain Guild is nearing an end.  I said I’d never leave it.  As it turns out, I didn’t think that one through.  There are many reasons behind what I’m about to do.  Though the change will not be immediate as they have yet to release Guild Renaming yet.  The reason I’m waiting for that is that it would appear that the CastleRain name and what it means to me is coming to a close also.

Between things in my real life getting messed up pretty bad and my inability to run a guild alone, these changes are necessary for me.  Honestly the guild never turned out like I had hoped it would in comparison to the CastleRain Guilds on previous games.  I know I suck as a Guild Master/Leader, or whatever my title is.  I should just stick to building websites.  It’s what I’m good at (look around 🙂 ).

I really do build very nice websites 😉

Castlerain Guild SiteClick for Larger Image (not cool on dialup)

As for what I will do with the guild is yet to be decided.  I know I will rename it when guild renaming becomes available.  Not sure to what yet.  I am also not sure if I will give it away on Dentarg or move it to the server I’m going too and use it or give it away there.  It would be a shame to simply disband it and lose everything.  Don’t email me about it, I won’t discuss it with anyone.  I was the one to create it, I put the majority of the work into it, and I will eventually do something with it.  I can assure everyone of that.

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