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Too Much Time On My Hands

The FutureFor those that will be paying any kind of attention, might see a few references in this one.  But hell…  I’ve had way too much time lately.  All because I wanted some time off, I got a whole lot more than I bargained for.  Most of it not so great.  Though I’ve done some minor things in the interim.

Changed web hosts.  Again.  Yes, this is the second time this year.  I switched because I wanted secure certificates for my sites.  Any site with a login, Google beats up now for being insecure.  I found a free way to get an SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt.  However, the original host (A2) I found was very slow, held all resources hostage unless you paid over double the basic rates to get more.  I moved to Dreamhost who has been fairly speedy so far and they aren’t nearly as greedy in both monthly cost and resources.  So saved a few dollars per month and get what I need.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

Started Playing WoW.  Again.  Yeah I know but I’m so freaking bored!  Not working as much, can’t afford new games.  Besides, I have that same old issue of new games just don’t appeal to me.  Even if Legion is broken.  There’s a ton of prior content I have yet to explore.

Installed my new headlights on my truck (that I ordered prior to getting hurt).  Oddly was about the same as spending time and money on a restore kit.  Just over $50 on Amazon.  Though everything you do on crutches takes three times longer.

About two weeks prior to the injury I also installed a new taillight.  Just under $50 on Amazon.  Besides, this was a crack, with water and sand inside it.  There’s really no repairing that easily.

Sadly my parking brake broke.  Yes, I actually like to use it.  I’m sure many folks don’t, but I do.  Though I thought perhaps I would put off fixing it and confirmed with my cousin that in most cases it’s OK to do so.  However, something must be lose in the brake drum, it almost got me stuck in the car wash yesterday.  Trying to find someone to fix it now before I hit the roads again.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  In this case good working legs.  In between Physical Therapy sessions, Chiropractic visits, MRI’s, X-Rays and just waiting in doctors offices, I’ve also been thinking about where my life is going.  Which honestly is no where at all.  Though looking back, I’ve done more before I was 30 than a lot of people do with their lives.  So I’m not upset that’s not much going on now.

Weirdly I don’t really expect to change it much.  These (going on 7) weeks have put me back months and possibly years from getting my own house.  But I’ve grown weary of my living situation and once my mom finds a house, I won’t be moving with her.  I’ll stay here.  Even if it means working my ass off to pay for it myself.  Unless by some miracle I can find a decent roommate.  I’ve never had any luck finding a good roommate.  Unless it’s via a girlfriend.  Though I have my sincere doubts about finding either of those.

Let’s face it.  I’ve grown comfortable with my jobs.  Try as I might I can’t think of any new career to replace my IT job.  Delivery work isn’t bad.  Makes decent money and to be honest, even through all of this they have treated me good.  A bit slow on the initial workmen’s comp thing, but I’m alright.  Can’t say Gaylord is where I want to be, but where else is there?  Petoskey is too expensive, so is Boyne City.  Everywhere else in this area is too small and Traverse City is just too far away from my kids.  Although getting out of Gaylord would put an ease on the freaking snow.  We always get the worst and it lasts the longest here.  I hate snow.



DislikeI still hate Facebook.  Always have and always will.  But I’m forced to use it, so I take advantage of it the best I can.  Many people have made it their only means of communication.

However, do you remember when people talked to each other?  I mean actually called up, or came over and talked about a trip they took or when their child did something special?  Now it’s a low grade picture and a caption shared among certain groups or possibly publicly.  If you’re lucky, you can get a couple of horribly worded paragraphs.

OK and sure you can “like” something.  Or even now we can laugh, be thoughtful, angry, shocked and love something.  Where’s the “fuck you” button, or don’t give two shits button?  I bet they’d get used more than the others.

But here’s where you really find out who gives a shit and who don’t.  People who used to call and tell you I love you, or want to talk about their life, now just wait for attention from everyone to see who wants to give them a like or some pity comment.  Or wait for that praise on how pretty your 5000th selfie is.  Seriously, for some of you beauty is only skin deep.

When a special occasion happens like a birthday, graduation, wedding or a “first” of some sort.  Such as your baby’s first word or step.  Is now a mere photograph or video online reduced in quality for easy loading on grandma’s phone.  No one shares actual high quality photos or videos anymore.  As an example.  I have two kids who are married.  Wedding photos?  Why you can look at them on Facebook!  Low grade, grainy quality, good luck putting them up on the wall and don’t look too closely as they are pixelated from trying to “blow them up” to fit a 5×7 photo frame.  Same thing goes for my grand children.  Can’t get an actual photo to hang up, just have to right click and save from Facebook.  I live a little over 30 minutes away now.  But unless I go and take pictures myself, this is all I get.  Sadly, I generally am not there when something special happens.

Video’s are even harder to deal with.  Your phone may be able to record in High Def or Ultra High Def, but good luck getting Facebook to allow you to download that quality.  Phones generally automatically reduce quality when uploading to social media.  Again, so you can look at it on a portable device quickly.

I remember a few short years ago, I tried share a life event on Facebook.  Mostly because I was very weak and could barely speak cognitively and my mom didn’t know most of the phone numbers needed to contact folks.  I got a lot of angry people telling me finding out on Facebook wasn’t cool.


Though I could say the same about finding out a month late that my step daughter was pregnant for the second time.  By chance I was scrolling through old posts of hers.  Which is hard to do when you have to fish for anything worth while among the bat shit crazy list of things I could care less about.  Foamy says it best here:

Unfortunately I catch myself sharing things that I’m sure some of you don’t care about.  Before Facebook, this would’ve never been known that I have such feelings about stuff.  Though I don’t apologize for who I am.  I know I’ve lost a few “friends” because of this.  If you can call Facebook friends real friends.  Some of these people I don’t really know, they just added me to their list or follow me.  Though, I do try to keep things I share to a minimum.

Honestly though, I miss things the way they used to be.  Family gatherings, talking on the phone or in person, and sharing photos and videos in ways that they can be appreciated by showing them off on a wall or full size screen.  Mobile isn’t great for people with fading eyesight.

Turning in my Gamer Card

Gamer CardI think it’s time to finally turn in my Gamer Card.  I don’t think I can call myself a Gamer anymore.  I’ve spent the last 2 years or so struggling to find a game I want to play.  Quitting and starting new and old games.  There is just no joy left in it for me.  Especially since all my previous gamer friends have moved on as well.

It was such a blast to play games.  At first it was fun to try new games.  Then when I started to play games with friends and with my children, that’s when it became an absolute, mind blowing, time of my life experience.  Playing Unreal Tournament and Carmageddon 2 against my family across the house.  Sitting watching my kids play Grand Theft Auto for hours on end.  Days and weeks spent with friends online fighting horrifically huge monsters go get the loot.  The loot though paled in comparison to the hilarious adventures trying to overcome the challenges.  Things most serious players never really like to do.  For them it’s do it right the first try or rage quit.  We, however, would spend countless hours dying and trying again and laughing it up.

I guess it’s time to move on though.  I can’t really say, time to grow up.  We are the Gamer generation.  Playing games on a tablet or phone is nothing compared to gaming on a PC or console.  I always thought I’d still be doing dungeons and raids while in retirement.  But the games have changed, the friends are gone.  I’ve gotten to know some amazing people along the way.  Some who have overcome life threatening medical problems, doctors and even good old rednecks.  Some of them from overseas.  Memories I’ll cherish forever.

Without them, it’s a very boring lonely place.  Even in a virtual world filled with other players to choose from.  I can’t log on anymore without being bored within a few minutes.  While I will never totally stop playing games, I won’t play them all that much anymore.  I can’t be called a Gamer anymore either.  Now I’m just a Geek.  A proud Geek, but a Geek none-the-less.

As I’ve said before, I was Geek long before it was cool.

Death to Legion

Death to LegionIt certainly was short lived.  My return to try Legion only lasted a mere two weeks.  I just cannot get into it.  I find myself bored out of my mind.  As a person who likes playing different characters and trying different things.  I couldn’t do it.  It’s an insane amount of work to not only level 7 characters, but 7 or more artifact weapons.  The new crafting, while more involved, isn’t worth the effort.  I’ve unsubscribed again.

Then there is the lack of community and team spirit.  Trade chat is so quiet now that Blizzard has instilled the auto silence for spamming.  If it isn’t for bad chat, it seems we have no chat at all.  Gloom, Despair and Agony Oh … uh.. them!

I agree with most of what Alexensual points out in his video below.

The worst part is, I tried to return to my legacy server Atlantiss.  Legion has bored me so much, I can’t even play there and enjoy myself.  I’ve no idea if this is the end for me and Warcraft once and for all.  Because I’ve said that same thing many times, only to find I’ve lied to myself.  So rather than repeat the lie, I’ll just let it run it’s course.  I’ve already tried a new game, Mad Max.  But new games are just so overly complicated now.  I just don’t enjoy them like I do the classics.  Though my determination still makes me look for something.  Perhaps Pantheon will turn out good.

Trying Legion

WoW Logo LegionIt’s not like anyone couldn’t see the pattern I use.  A new expansion for World of Warcraft comes out.  I hate the changes, go play something else for 4-6 months.  Then when I’m discontent with where I chose to go…  I end up right back at playing on Blizzards servers once again.  Although this time I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it.

Sadly Blizzard has gone silent on their thoughts on actually bringing legacy servers to their players of old.  Private servers only hold so much charm when they are laden with bugs and script errors.  Quests you can’t complete and Dungeons you simply can’t finish unless you find a way to exploit past whatever is causing the issue.

I still can’t grasp the concept of these Artifact Weapons.  So with legendary weapons, will they be useless in the next expansion?  Also, will the next expansion be something to do with the Lich King again?  (it looks like Blizzard is rehashing old story lines now thanks to the time travel element)  I mean they left it open when Bolvar Fordragon took the helm.  Oh hey, let’s relocate Dalaran again.  Or perhaps have it crash and add to the story.

In any case, I restarted my account on Christmas day.  Sort of a gift to myself I suppose.  Though I understand for us Altoholics, life will be challenging.  Who knows.  Maybe this will push me back to single player games finally.  It’s not like anyone I gamed with 5 years ago is around anymore.  I did just pick up Mad Max on sale from Steam.  Although, the invitation is open to come play with me 🙂

Yes… it’s weird I play on a game with other people and yet play alone.


Atlantiss CataclysmIt would seem I have finally settled on a server to play World of Warcraft on.  It’s not a Lich King server as I had planned, but instead it’s a Cataclysm server.  Which in all honesty has a better qualities.  So many improvements over Vanilla, Burning Crusades and Lich King as far as the interface, skills and was when the client was able to do Directx 11 with updated water and textures.  Icing on the cake to that is being able to fly in the main lands.

It’s not hosted in the US, but then again, it’s not completely filled with immature nitwits either.  Sure there are some.  Every server will have them.  I feel more at home as well.  When Mists of Pandaria came out, it was be elite or be nothing.  Casuals like myself can go craft, pet battle or something.  It became incredibly hard to find anyone polite and willing to help a person learn things.  “Google”, was the number one answer to everything.  Followed by, “You’re an idiot.”, “Wowhead”, “YouTube” and “KYS”.  Which for some of you who may not know, KYS is internet gibberish for Kill YourSelf.  In a world up in arms over bullying, what an odd new meme.

Atlantiss isn’t without its issues to say the least, but they aren’t that many when you look at the whole picture.  Literally, you can look at the whole game world and figure out what works and what doesn’t.  They do well keeping their players informed and involved.  They listen to folks and despite the kids not getting a GM’s attention on demand, they do help players when they aren’t squashing bugs.

Sure I find it amusing to see an NPC float down the stairs or be stuck in a funny pose.  Nothing so far has been game stopping.  Everything essentially works.  Some quirks to be expected.

The pro’s and the cons:


  • Server up-time is impressive.  Not one crash or ounce of lag have I endured.
  • The game shop is not pay to win.  There is no items that give anyone an unfair advantage.
  • You can donate via PayPal.  Everyone else uses PaymentWall which is incredibly dodgy.
  • Low latency and handles a fairly high volume of players daily with no problems.
  • Bugs aren’t that many compared to the whole and they do work to fix them.
  • Mainly a helpful and friendly community.
  • Website is well laid out and works great.
  • Have been around for a few years.
  • You can play for absolutely free if you so choose.


  • Not in my timezone, so peak hours are during the morning for me.
  • Monetary exchange rate sucks, but this isn’t the fault of Atlantiss.
  • Armory works, but no images of characters.
  • Some quest lines can’t be completed at all.
  • World events are buggy (well.. to be fair, I’ve only seen Brewfest so far and I’m low level right now).

I think I’ve found a way to finally enjoy myself.  Time to strap in and make some friends and get back to playing they way I loved.  Still, I can’t help but be myself.  The altoholic.  Seven toons of fun 🙂


If you’re interested, we can do a Refer-a-Friend.

Which Server to Choose?

Which Server to Choose?I went Rogue about a month ago.  Not playing the class, but where I play my normal characters for World of Warcraft.  The original game evolved, and I have not.  I still love to play, but not their way.  I want to enjoy what I know, not relearn on every single expansion.  Thus, screw the advanced graphics for game-play that I enjoy.  It’s not my fault Blizzard refuses to learn from the plentiful of examples set before them.  That lesson being, is there are loads of players who still love the old content and are content to play it.  If Blizzard simply understood that, they would still be getting my monthly fee.  As well as thousands, possibly millions of others.

Besides, it seems like the mighty game gods have run out of ideas and are now simply rehashing old content.  Since Legion is basically a reboot of Burning Crusades.  I’m guessing the Lich King will return.  Probably Bolvar Fordragon, as he took up the helm after Arthas was defeated.  I mean seriously.  Oh and all skills will have to be completely redone yet again and you’ll lose and gain skills as with every expansion.  …yeah I’m over it.

However, I’ve been confronted with new issues.  Sure playing on a different server, comes with caveats of it’s own.  Like bugged quests.  OK that’s expected on a handful of issues.  Along with bugged NPC’s.  OK sure.  Poorly run servers.  That’s a bit of an issue.  I’m on server number 4 after the first two would crash daily.  The first server was Vanilla and I started in Lich King.  So I wasn’t into it as much.  The second server was dead.   I mean I could do a global /who and find exactly zero other players.  I started to really gain ground on the third server but it crashed too often.  Both the second and third servers were hosted by the same people and they would crash every single day.  The main server had roughly 800 players at peak.  If it can’t handle 800 connections then someone isn’t running a server properly.

Then of course there is the global hatred of Americans.  That can be an issue since 90% of servers are not hosted in the US for obvious reasons.  So far, the hatred has been minimal and I’ve found very friendly folks generous enough to help a person starting over.  The old content in it’s original state was hard and making in game currency is tricky without a little boost.

I’ve only been on server 4 for a few days, but most of that time I’ve been working or fixing other peoples problems.  So not sure where this server stands, but I do like the ping rates.

Lastly this means that some of my toons will have to have slightly different names due to lack of availability.  ?

As the French would say, “c’est la vie”.

Going Old School

Old SchoolThe problem I’ve had playing games the past few years, is that as the graphics get better and the game play gets more in-depth…  The less I enjoy it.  It’s been true in many cases for me.

I play a game like say … Thief (1998).  I had a blast playing it.  Next one I got was Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004) and I had an absolute blast.  In so much as I still play it.  Then Thief (2014) came out and it lost its magic.  It is beautiful, but I don’t care for how it plays.

Same thing with Grand Theft Auto.  I started playing GTA III (2001), it was fun.  GTA Vice City (2002) it was a blast from the past, and a blast to play.  GTA San Andreas (2004) was fun.  GTA 4 (2008) was cool, but not as much fun.  GTA 5 the graphics are astounding, but it just doesn’t feel the same.  I love driving the cars.  That’s about it.

It seems I have a very hard time of letting go of games I loved.  New games just don’t do it for me.  God knows I’ve tried endlessly the past few months to find something to enjoy.  I guess I’m no longer a gamer in today’s definition.  Rather I’m an Old School Gamer.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love my World of Warcraft.  As much as I try to quit playing it.  I always end up coming back eventually.  Problem is, just like every other game.  The newer it gets, the less I enjoy it.  I came in when Burning Crusades (2007) was on it’s way out and Wrath of the Lich King (2008) was coming in.  Best two years of gaming ever.  I was crazy for the game.

Then Cataclysm (2010) came out.  I had a pretty good time.  Never made it to the end raid though.  Still haven’t and it’s 2016.  Mists of Pandaria (2012) was launched and I felt something inside me die when I was surrounded by happy bouncy fat pandas.  I spend most of my time on the Timeless Isle for the last six months.  I really didn’t even find it pretty.  Then again, I’m not into asian culture or art/design.  Then Warlords of Dreanor (2014) came out and it almost felt like they were simply rehashing old content and upping the visual aspects.  Sure it involved time travel.  Honestly, if you don’t have a TARDIS, it’s best to leave time travel to The Doctor.  Again, spent most of my time doing Garrison missions and farming Tanaan Jungle.  I only did one WoD dungeon.  Didn’t even care to try the others.  Now here comes Legion (2016).  It’s Burning Crusades all over again.  I wasted $70 on the pre-purchase of the Deluxe Edition.  I have absolutely no interest in trying to relearn my character all over again.  The more they change it, the less I like it.

While I can go back and play my old favorite games to my hearts content, I can’t do it with World of Warcraft.  I have no choice in the matter.  Either I learn to play the way Blizzard wants, or I simply don’t get to play at all.  Or do I 😈

What to do? What to do..

ThinkingHere’s that familiar limbo I go through every few months or so.  I love playing online games on my PC.  Though I can’t seem to find joy in the games I have.  I’m forever stuck in “the games I once loved” mode.  Every MMORPG game I find, is either on the new microtransaction system, or has changed the game play so much that you spend an eternity lost in trying to work it.  Microtransactions have murdered any good time you can have in a game.  If you don’t want to spend the money, you don’t get to have the fun.  In every single game I have ever tried that has the microtransaction payment system sucks unless you pony up the dough.  Usually costing more than $15 per month.  Let’s not talk about the time I spent $1100 in one year to play one of those ?

Sheep FFXIVIt’s actually hard to find a subscription game now.  Even harder when you don’t want it vomiting up anime-dayglow.  Take your Kon’nichiwa and shove it up your Kōmon.  I tried playing Final Fantasy XIV for maybe 6 hours total before I wanted to throw up.  I mean seriously, sheep that look like cotton candy?

There are games that are pay once and no subscription or microtransactions.  Possibly limited microtransactions that do not affect the game play are acceptable.  Basically called Buy to Play.  Though I’ve tried Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.  Neither tickled my fancy.  I’m currently waiting for Elder Scrolls Online to go on sale on Steam.  That way if I don’t like it, I won’t cry too terribly hard.

Why am I not playing World of Warcraft?  Honestly I’d like to continue playing it.  I just really miss how it used to be.  I love the new graphics, hate the new game play.  Tired of new skill trees on every single expansion.  Tired of leveling up crafting skills in different methods.  New useless activities like Archeology.  Even though they make things easier, they also make it harder.  You no longer have your friends help you learn to play in Dungeons or Raids.  You use tutorials.  They call them Proving Grounds.  Of course I hear they are going away, which of course is pissing off players who take the game far too seriously.  Really?  You need to pass a test and an interview to play games now?  WTF?  Whatever happened to hilarity of trying and failing but having friends who will pick you up and make you stronger?  I miss those days.  I really, really do.  Then there is flying in new expansions.  It is so controversial now.  It’s to the point you don’t enjoy the reward for the work you put in just so you can have it.

I miss the World of Warcraft of yesterday so much.  Nostalrius has the right idea and a damned good one at that.  He ran a Vanilla Warcraft server.  True to it’s origins.  Available to players so they can enjoy the game when they loved it most.  Even better would be a series of servers for each expansion.  (Burning Crusades, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria [for the panda lovers] and so on)  I have very seriously considered playing on Warmane servers.  Though I can’t confirm the legitimacy of their payment system and they offer up increased gold and experience.  I would rather play it as it was meant to be played.  Untouched or unmodified.  However, even if they are on the up and up, it’s only a matter of time before they get hacked or shut down by Blizzard like Nostalrius was.

Many of the new games that aren’t anime on overload, don’t look all that pretty to me.  Seriously.  I guess I love the bright colors and upbeat models.  See for yourself.

Call me a weenie, but I also prefer good old fashioned “tab-targeting“.  Most newer games, like Elder Scrolls Online have adopted “crosshair targeting”.  I’m getting old and don’t move as quick as I used too.  Though I might still be able to kick your ass in the classic Unreal Tournament 😛

So you see, my range of choices are incredibly thin.  Because I want:

  • A Monthly Subscription or Buy to Play
  • Is more Western and not Asian looking
  • Is based in Fantasy (Dragons and such)
  • Would really prefer mounts, especially if they can fly
  • Has tab-targeting

There is one more thing.  Darla has expressed interest in playing games with me.  Although she’s not a computer geek like myself.  So a game that would be easier to learn and not so involved would be nice.  Perhaps limited in the number of skills needed to remember would be good.

Thus my hunt continues.  I’d even be open to non-MMO’s, such as a co-op game.  I hear Fable III might be a good choice.  ?

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