Ugh… I’m worn out

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Ugh… I’m worn out.  OK, so I’m all done. All the content has been uploaded. (finished that yesterday) But I’m tired of looking at reports. I now have an easier way to do my work, but it now involves reading and updating reports. Time consuming and utterly boring. (yes, I have the TPS cover on!)

I’m getting closer to movie making than ever. It’s so sad that I don’t have the same decent equipment as these teenagers out there recording themselves acting like idiots.  But patients is a virgin, extremely hard to find these days. I must persevere.

Funny how things work. I can get a laptop easier than I can get a video camera. But the distributor we deal with, doesn’t have video equipment, just computers. So it’s up to me to get the camera (poor credit and all).

I can use a laptop now though. I’ve been thinking about it heavily lately. I know the wife won’t understand, but I’m sure she’ll forgive me. Or not… Not truly sure, though she has always said “have I ever not let you do what you do?”. She has a point. Why do I need a laptop you ask? Let me enlighten you:

I have a horrible memory. I have ideas all the time and can’t remember crap when I get home. I used to carry a notepad for that, but it got to be unorganized and eventually I just gave up doing that. So…

  • I can jot ideas and work on scripts on the fly.
  • I can use wireless to do research for my scripts.
  • I can download video from the camera to the laptop so I can keep recording.
  • I can use the laptop to make edits anywhere I am.
  • I can use it when I’m on long trips to relatives and am bored.
  • I can use it when my wife has my desktop tied up.
  • I can work on ideas in my own backyard (wireless).

I’m sure I could think of more reasons. But what makes the whole thing just that much cooler, is that I don’t need an expensive one. A cheapy will do. And I can sell my workstation (as it’s my own computer), to my boss by the money going to the purchase of the laptop rather than coming out of my own pocket. So we both get something out of the deal. (I love my Boss – and no I don’t need knee pads..)

I’ve also got some good news about my son Allen… more on that in another post 😉


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