Castlerain Guild in Runes of Magic

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Yes, today I created a Castlerain guild in Runes of Magic.  Though, it’s not a sign of leaving CA.  But since we are Guild Master-less, there is issue as to what direction CA is going in.  So we have a home to fall back on just in case.  More info on this to come, but it is the butt-crack of Dawn and I’m tired…..


What happened to Forsaken Wars?

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No Forsaken WarsOK, you may have seen earlier that I have domains for sale.  Two of them relate to the project we researched and talked about for hours over Vent.  Why are the domains for sale?  It’s because of it’s not going to happen.  At least not any time soon, if ever.

All the research I did, didn’t prepare me for what was to really come.  Realm Crafter.  This is a MMORPG engine all ready to go.  You simply have to supply the textures, models, scripts, dedicated server, butt-load of bandwidth and a team of people to help you get it done on time.  Yeah, it’s those last 6 items that ruined it for me.

Textures and models aren’t exactly cheap.  Sure you might find some cheap ones, but then you need hundreds of them for good variety.  Or you can make them yourself.  If you know how and can afford the software to make good ones.  Then you have to learn scripting, everything in the game is driven by scripts.  Walking, running, trading, selling, fighting, casting spells, dying, resurrecting, quests and on and on and on…

Did I mention that Realm Crafter is using outdated technology?  Even the pro version is only using Directx 9.  Well, they do use Phys-X, but no one is really taking advantage of Phys-X.   And in order to enjoy it, you have to have an nVidia based video card.  So ATI folks are left out.  This also makes you have to bundle Phys-X drivers with Directx 9, even if your customers have Vista or Windows 7.  So by the time you would get your game in order, the technology is so antiquated, it’s not worth producing.

Then….  This is the clincher…  Realm Crafter is broken.  The Mega Terrain editor leaves sharp dips in anything you edit between “sections”.  The tree editor no longer allows you to edit trunks.  This is supposed to be a finished product (Standard Edition), but in every patch release, there are new features, bug fixes and new broken shit.  How can you call it a finished product if it has development stopping flaws?  Customer service is also broken.  You get support via forums only.  Mostly community based support.  Though I’ve seen 1 or 2 Realm Crafter reps post regularly if they feel like it.  My post went unanswered for many days, and then 2 other people who have RC, posted saying they too were having the problem.  To date, no RC rep has commented on my issue.  So the support sucks.

If you want to make an MMORPG, you simply need a team of professional coders.  Do it yourself and only be behind the curve by a few months on the technology.  And… you’ll have a game that you can say you really did create.  Rather than.. “wow this feels familiar”, as a Realm Crafter game would.

Not too mention, Runes of Magic (the game I play now), is 90% of what Forsaken Wars was going to be.  Outside of the cartoon-ish looks you get in the first 2 cities, it’s actually what I envisioned.  It has fewer classes (humans only for now, but elves coming).  It’s got a lot to offer and it’s using an up to date engine, so it’s not behind on technology either.  I tried, but in the end… it wasn’t going to be worth it.  Though, I may play around and put together a private game for giggles as time permits.


Yup, another face-lift

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Art PaletteHTML is fine but PHP is quicker…  Suicide is slow with liquor…  OK bad Ozzy pun.  I’ve finally found a suitable WordPress theme I could deal with.  It’s not ideal, but it’s pretty.  (weird thing about WordPress, a bazillion themes, yet none suited my needs)  Even then, I hacked some of it to make myself feel more at home.  But instead of editing HTML every time I wanted to make an update, WordPress gives me the ability to simply login, upload and post without FTP, HTML editor and all the bull that comes with it.  Though I can already see the email and comment spammers lining up.  Fucking pricks….  Not even a day and I’ve got 3 members who don’t know me and look to have spammer intent.  You know what?  Fuck you!

Yes, you’ll see Runes of Magic up in the header now with the Guild Wars.   (does this sound like the old Reeses commercial?)  Yes, send me your Runes screenshots as well as your Guild Wars ones.  Frankly it boils down to this.  Since the break up from Last Chaos, we simply can’t agree on a game we can all play on.  No need to get into the reasons why, it’s just that way.  So, in a sense, CastleRain still lives on as it did, just slightly different.  What do I mean?  CastleRain guild sat dormant for months in Last Chaos cause we all were in different or same but different named guilds.  Though in the end, it was just us.  Our friends.  Sadly we lost a couple.  Trogdor469 we miss you!!  But we stuck together, and that’s what’s important.  Now we play different games.  But we still meet up on Vent, IM and such.  Thus, we are essentially a “Guild of Friends”.  So I’ve reworked the site enough to make it this way more comfortably.  If you guys want to make posts on here too, just let me know, I shall give you the power.


Domain Names for Sale

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dot com saleIn order to cut down on all the websites I own, I have held the clever domain names for sale.  I’m not asking for a ton of money like most domain name holder do, however, I’m not disclosing my ceiling either.

  • – {dŭm’ăs-ə-fō’bē-ə} the fear of stupid people.
  • – if you are making an MMORPG or similar, this is a great name.
  • – great if you need a gaming news site or gaming development name.  (if you do want it for a news site – I already have it setup that way – so you can buy a package deal with the files and all)

Simply email me your offers.  * Website hosting not included.


T Y R E L is Back!!

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T Y R E L (Tallon) got his internet back!  Um… Hooray? lol


Issues with Vent

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VentriloCastleRain Vent – Things are starting to get out of control.  Firstly, the only people authorized to approve people coming on to our vent is Theodas, Pandella, T Y R E L (Tallon) and TxDragon.  Anyone else giving out our vent info without prior permission will find themselves banned.  As we are starting to have a problem with people (whom no one remembers inviting to vent), who are bothering our friends on vent.  Hence the new room Der Office.  We do want all of our friend to come on vent, we do want to keep our game chatter in the appropriate rooms.  But when things like this happen….  It makes it uncomfortable for everyone.  So I must step in and try and control it.  If I must be the bad guy, then so be it.

Our chapter in Last Chaos is now closed.  The guild is still there, but not active at all.  We will drop in from time to time to visit.  Pandella and I are not giving our equipment or characters away.  So please DO NOT ASK.

Also, T Y R E L’s internet is still down, but he and his family are still fine and doing well.



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StormDue to some heavy weather activity in Illinois, T Y R E L’s internet is down and may possibly be down for several days as the source location has been heavily damaged.  Please DO NOT PANIC, T Y R E L and family are fine and well several miles away.  Though, if you must panic, please call his Mother, as I’m sure that is what TxDragon would do in such a case 😉


24 Hours with Windows 7

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My first 24 hours with Windows 7 Release Candidate has been a so far, so good experience.  I’m not sure I like the new way the task bar is setup, then again, perhaps I’m thinking more traditionally than innovation.  It is incredibly faster than Vista, and it seems more stable.  Though, I’m not going to set those words in stone yet.  Only had 1 application refuse to install, and I’m sure since it’s a private project, the programmer is hard at work fixing it.  (especially since he writes install making programs 😉  I do thoroughly love the Desktop Slideshow feature (something Linux and Mac has had for years… thanks for catching up Microsoft….)  This way I can view all my sexual perversions in a day 😉

Screenshots (Click for Larger Images)


Runes of Magic

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Runes of MagicDon’t want anyone to freak out. I’m still around. I’ve just been playing Runes of Magic with my wife, Kisses, Alfie, Carrag, Walkinonwater (old friend of ours) and others.

Feel free to download Runes of Magic

(Warning: This game is 3.6 Gigabytes in size and then has huge updates, so it may take several hours (sometimes days) to download and update.) But feel free to come play with us 🙂

It is a game you can play completely free. (even though it has an item mall, nothing is required to play from it)


Game Achievements

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Just a friendly public service reminder from our Lord and Master, about not getting obsessed with Achievements in Video Games.


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