Kathy Pfautsch to play Caller 1 in TRCTS

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Kathy sent in her audition and floored me on how well she nailed the part. Congrats to Kathy 🙂 Also turns out she can sing pretty darn good too!

This means we are all 1 person closer to having the full cast. Keep the auditions coming!

I did make 2 slight changes to the cast.

  1. I decided that I want the tech to be a male role. Reason is, I picture this for the person who tries out, “What would it be like if Randall Graves worked in Tech Support?”. Anyone who can pull this off on camera…. 😈
  2. It would be more convincing if I can get some folks in the background playing other techs. (Extras) No speaking parts, but they can pretend to be helping other callers.

I really want to get some actors to contact me so we can not only decide on the tech, but get a real Trailer for Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support put together. I want to help grow some interest in this flick! Remember, all serious tryouts for the tech (and the extras), must live in or near Williamsburg Virginia!


Want to be a star?

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If you do, I’ve got something for you! Get yourself a Dumasaphobia T-Shirt, grab your digital camcorder, and record yourself saying “I Suffer from Dumasaphobia” while wearing the shirt of course. Once done, contact me to send me your clip and I’ll put you in our “Cry for Help” “Dumasaphobia is a Disease” commercial!



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You’ve had to deal with them at your job, co-workers and customers. You’ve had to deal with them on the streets, talking on the cellphone, putting on makeup, cutting you off, or not signaling their intentions. You deal with them at the store, on the phone and just about anywhere you go. You deal with them just about every day. If you work in tech support, they are the only people that call you. Who are they? They’re dumb-asses. Idiot people that shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. But they have, and they are spreading like a virus.

What’s worse, is that they have caused another disease. A phobia. A mental disorder that has no cure. It’s called ‘Dumasaphobia’, the fear of stupid people. There is no cure, but there is hope. Please visit our Online Store and buy Dumasaphobia Gear today! Your purchase will help those in need (and trust me, I’m really needy…). You can also download our Desktops to help raise the awareness of this dreaded disease.

Dumasaphobia and the {dŭm’ăs-ə-fō’bē-ə} spelling are copyright © CastleRain.com (CastleRain Video Productions)


Cooking with Grease

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As the hot lard hits the hot frying pan, the production of Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support (TRCTS) is moving rather well. I’m very excited to see my plans come together so smoothly. Not too shabby for a first time project.  😉

We’ve got about a 3rd of the cast put together. A huge thanks goes out to the following people for their participation (in no particular order):

  • Kevin Kupla – Who is playing Caller 4
  • Lionel R. Guy – Who is playing Male 1 and the Narrator
  • Edwyn Tiong – Who is playing Male 2
  • Amanda Pascarella – Who is playing Female 2
  • Mr. L. J. DiLux – Who is playing Caller 7

Thank you all for your hard and very impressive work!!

Also, our MySpace Film page is doing pretty good too! We’ve got a good list of friends already!

There’s still a lot left to do and we still need more voice actors as well as the role of the technician is still open. If you live near Williamsburg Virginia, please audition!

I’m also quite anxious to get a real trailer going to get the peoples interest in watching our movie. I’m actually hoping to get it submitted to a few of the film festivals around the country.


Teaser Trailer for TRCTS

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Just a teaser for the upcoming Ten Rules for Calling Tech Support. As we come together, the voice actors, actor and I, we present to you a ever so small taste of things to come 🙂


Time to get to work

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Welcome one and all to 2007. Hope everyone had a good holiday. I’m only sorry we didn’t get any snow this year. Today it’s 70+ with rain. Though it’s a perfect CastleRain day!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get down to some serious movie making. I’ve placed the majority of my script up here to give folks a chance to audition and get in on the fun. I’m looking to have all the voice parts done by Friday, March 2, 2007. This way I can start filming shortly afterwards and have a final finished movie by summer. Granted, it won’t be shown in theaters (at least to my knowledge), but it will be viewable on many sites as well as available for purchase on DVD.

I’ve got a nice new tripod. No thanks to my self-centered step daughter. She isn’t concerned with anyone but herself. I could rant on that for a month straight, but it isn’t worth the effort and I’ve done all I can to remove the negativity from my site. So ’nuff said.

So come on folks, lets make a movie and have some fun! Hey Kevin and Brad, you still in on this?


Drive it like you stole it!

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Words I’ve been living by since I started playing video games. I’m not your normal gamer. Nor do I drive like that on the road (though there are other drivers who cause me much road-rage). I’m actually proud of my driving record, and I like my low insurance rates. But that’s not what I’m talking about….

I’m a Race Gamer. The more destructive the better! I especially love to play multiplayer using cars. But I’m not about to spend $15 a month to do Auto Assault, or any other MMORPG crap. I would have to be nuts to spend $180 a year to play a flippin game!! People who like that stuff? Fine. Me? Hell No! I’d much rather have my own server setup, it’s free plus my already exisiting kick ass high speed internet (insert shameless plug for my internet service here – and a hello to my friend Jeff). Thus when I figured out how to do mulitplayer in Carmageddon II, I was thrilled to death! Then came the others that either had multiplayer built in or there was a ready to download mod such as San Andreas Multiplayer. Though some mods are hard to keep cheating bastards off of. But in reality. We Car Gamers are few and far between. It’s very hard to find other players to jump in on the action. Unless you have a lot of friends with your own same tastes that you can catch with free time like that. I, unfortunately, do not. So being a Car Gamer, is a lonely state. Still fun as hell though! Perhaps I should start a Car Gamers Club. Anyone interested?

My Car Gaming started in 1982 with Pole Position, and through the ages, it morphed into the Carmageddon Series, Grand Theft Auto Series and now….. Flatout! I just got Flatout2 last night. Hillarious! As well as loads of fun and explosions! It’s by far not perfect, but still rocks. My wife egged me to stay up and play longer than I should’ve as she enjoyed it too! (time to build another PC for her?? – We used to play Carmageddon together for hours [kids too!!]). Now anyone else want to play??

Here’s a History of my Car Gaming Career (like you really wanted to know….)

Racing History


Logo and tweaks

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See my new logo? Isn’t it pretty? You know it is. Finally tweaked my theme and got my new logo in place. I’ve got a flaw or two to fix, but for the most part, she’s good to go. (why do men call their belongings she?)

In order to help my fellow internet/computer users, I’ve put up a list of free software that will help keep ya’ll safe. But you still have to keep after it. Just like knowing you must change your oil every 3000 miles in your car, you also have to run scans at least once a week on your computer (updates too!).

I also finally got my wife her new cellphone. Can’t say I was all that happy to keep checking Target every day just to find their person in charge of stock can’t seem to do his/her job…. But I’ll let it slide.

I also don’t think anything can get through my youngest daughters head. 7 years I’ve been trying, but she just can’t get it. I grounded her for a week because I got tried of yelling at her to either do her chores, or I’d have to keep after her or make her go back and complete them as she does a half-assed job. She got off Monday and she got to go to Granny’s house. She came home last night and the agreement was that I do her dishes and she do mine (which was last night) and dishes are to be done after dinner. Got up this morning… They still aren’t done…. UGH….


Bad Vibes – World War III ?

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Let’s See, we have:

The list goes on and on… It’s frighteningly mad! We have nut jobs in office, we have nut jobs around the world. Every day there’s nut jobs! How can this many crazy people continue to exist? Seems they are hell bent on killing us all.

Speaking of nut jobs… I should seek out the nut job that sold me my truck. And beat his ass!! It’s done nothing but break since I’ve owned it. When it runs, it runs good. But as the list off issues passes it’s time to die…

  • Firstly, who was the nut job at Ford who decided that “some cell phone signals may interfere with the Anti-lock Braking System”
  • Then the clutch gave out – twice!!
  • Then the driver side electric Window gears broke.
  • The passenger side lock and window buttons stopped working…
  • The coolant system sprung a leak…
  • And yesterday, the passenger side window gears busted…

This truck is nickel and diming me to death…. Fuck that!  Time for this truck to bid farewell…. Sad as we went though a lot to get it, and keep it running. I’m tired and my wallet is spent…. Fucking truck….


Various Discussions

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Well, there’s been a lot of discussing lately. Of what you may ask? Well, there are things brewing at home, work and just about anywhere I go. I have tried and tried everyday to check the store for my wife’s cellphone that I had bought her, but they are “out of stock”. Frustrating. Though I have considered getting her the more expensive phone, she simply won’t let me. So I will daily continue to check.

Turns out the laptop idea will come in handy for both work and home. “that’s all I got to say ’bout that”

Started out as a good week, but I’ve had a few mistakes that has embarrased me this week. But I’m human, there for I’m imperfect. Still however, I feel bad. Sorry Rob.