Learning Something New

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Denny GuitarActually, I’m learning several things.

Even though I am working a basic job, it seems I get a crap schedule.  Despite my having to get drugged up on pain meds and I have to wear a brace just to limp along, I am in high demand.  Hardly a week goes by without overtime.  I love the checks, but it makes it hard to do anything other than come home and rest.  Before working another day where essentially I am working open to close.  (Minus an hour at each end of the day, unless there is a school order.)  I’m worn out and looking for a more normal job that suits my skills and life better.

For about a year now, I’ve been pondering the idea of learning guitar.  Never wanted to learn as a child.  Even though my parents insisted I should try.  I always fancied myself playing drums.  I’m not as good as my son at playing, but I’m novice at the art now.  Honestly, I should’ve put more time into learning drums than chasing girls.  I’d likely be really good by now.  I’m also beginning to learn the art of doing music covers.  I’ve got work to do clearly, but even Cobus looks back at his first videos and cringes.  I’m not even up to where a 13 year old girl can play and make decent videos yet.


With my knee, it’s painful to play drums right now.  I’m currently trying to change doctors in hopes that the new one will take some action.  I haven’t touched my drums in over a week now.

Though even before I wrecked my knee, I have been toying with the idea of learning guitar after all.  So after months of research as to what kind to get and what other gear to invest in to get started, I finally got one.  I’ve had it a couple of months now and started taking lessons locally.  So it will be a good year or more before you see me do anything video related with it.  Between now and then, I hope to release a handful of drum covers as well as spend my spare time learning more about drums, guitar and video editing 😋


Lit – My Own Worst Enemy (Drum Cover)

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I wanted to share this before, but YouTube flagged it before I could.  I tried to share it as the raw video file.  Though every time I tried to give it to anyone as a whole file or link, it was either too big (file size) or couldn’t be played on whatever device the person was using.  Unfortunately I re-injured my right knee during the final snow (storm?) we had a couple of weeks ago.  So I’m not up to playing drums while I am in pain.  I will redo the video as soon as possible so it will be YouTube “friendly”.

It’s my first drum cover, so please don’t be too harsh on me.


Clean is a Problem?

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Clean is a Problem?I don’t get people.  Which is perhaps why I generally don’t fit in with the majority them.  They actually seem to take issue with my cleaning habits.  Say what?!

It’s true, some of the comments I get actually sound like a person is aggravated by my way of living.  Keeping my home and my vehicle relatively clean.  I don’t consider myself a neat freak, I don’t have to have the world in which I live, spotless.  But I do enjoy coming home to and having my surroundings clean and organized.

I get compliments too, but the ones that sound upset or angry really make me wonder what is the problem with how I live.

I’ve actually had people get in my truck and say, “Do you wash this fucking thing every day?”.  Or, “Oh my god you keep this clean!”.  Seriously?  The fact that someone can climb in without me moving trash or old food has them saying things like this?  They sound very annoyed or aggravated.  Like my lifestyle pisses them off somehow.

I get the same kind of things said when someone comes over.  “Your house is so much cleaner than mine!” (more tone than harmful words) or “Are you afraid of germs?”.  No, I’m not afraid of germs.  However, I don’t care much for bacteria to get out of control or live in a moldy home.  Or inviting cockroaches and ants to take over.  Should I be sorry that this person can’t take the few minutes to keep things clean in their life?  It’s not hard.  If they do things as they go:

  • If you open it, close it.
  • If you use it, put it back.
  • If you turn it on, turn it off.
  • If you drop it, pick it up.
  • If you track it in, mop it up.
  • If you spill it, wipe it up or sweep it up.
  • If you find it empty, fill it up.
  • If you use it, take care of it before you return it.
  • If you dirty it, clean it.

Then, when they have to actually do some cleaning it’s a piece of piss.

Even when I had kids in my home, I rarely let it become a wreck.  I’ve never liked nor agreed with that moronic image that gets passed around that goes:

  • Dirty dishes means my kids are fed.  (Doing dishes is a chore and can be rewarded.  Not to mention leaving dishes promotes bacteria growth.)
  • Full trash means I clean up after them.  (Again, another chore, but damn it’s so easy to pull it out and put it outside in the large bins for trash day.  Not to mention it eases up on the smell if it’s outside.)
  • Messy floors means my child has fun.  (Picking after themselves or the parent can do it if they are too young.  Saves on those nasty legos in the feet after dark.  It also teaches them good values.)
  • Unfolded laundry means they wear clean clothes.  (How lazy are people?  It’s not hard and it certainly helps distinguish between dirty and clean clothes of they are just unfolded on the floor.)
  • Wet towels on the bathroom floor means my kids are clean.  (Not if the towels are allowed to mold because no one hung them up to dry.  Replacing moldy towels cost money, mold in respiratory tracts costs medical bills.)

There are variations to that nonsense, but I was taught to clean up after myself (Thanks Mom!).  Why can’t people pass on good habits?  But if someone wants to live in a dirty environment or drive a car full of old fast food, that’s their thing.  That doesn’t mean they should make comments to people like me that sound like my habits somehow hurt them.  I live how I live, why should it bother someone else?


Adult Dating Sucks

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Adult Dating SucksAt least when you are dating as a teenager, you have the chance to grow together.  As adults we are somewhat locked into our outlook on life, our situations and our opinions.  Some adults are way more inflexible than others.  Adults are more incapable of change than younger people.  I’m so fed up lately that I’m about to say fuck it all and just buy my own house and get a dog.  At least a dog will love me no matter what.

It is insane how many people I see through their profile and when I meet them, how broken they have become.  They have let themselves be hurt so many times or taken a break-up so hard that they are negative about themselves and they talk down about themselves.  This one I can relate to.  There are days I feel absolutely incapable of ever being loved.  Of course it is a huge turn off to me.  As I’m sure it is to those I go out with when I get down.  It’s hard to avoid.  You can’t just shrug off hurt and be happy sunshine all the time.  Unfortunately it gets in the way of having a good time with someone new.

Some people have this cookie cutter idea of what their mate needs to be.  If the new person doesn’t fit this mold exactly, it’s an instant fail.  I’ve run into this a few times.  For example, I’m a dog person.  The person I want to date is into cats.  So much so that because I would want a dog, they suddenly have zero interest in me.  No flexibility at all on the subject.  Or I don’t like sports, and they do.  Allowing me to do something different while they watch sports is faux pas.

This one kills me and it a huge put off.  What the hell is with the number of women who are nearly 50 years old and have children under the age of 10?  All my kids are grown and I’m on to grand children.  I don’t want to raise little Johnny Oopsi.  I would find it odd to have Johnny at age 5, who would be basically a step son; who is playing with my 3 year old grandson.  Though a friend of mine came up with a good theory about women like this.  He thinks a good majority of these women were likely the party girl in her younger years.  Suddenly she gets pregnant and her man bolts as he didn’t want any kids, just the sex and junkie girlfriend/wife.  Now she’s in need of a live in babysitter/boyfriend.  Or worse, it was a last ditch effort to save a failing marriage by having another child.  I’m not saying he’s right, but it certainly sounds credible as there are a whole lot of these older moms with young kids available.

This one is really recent.  The last two women I’ve dated ended up confessing that they have STDs.  WHAT THE FUCK!!??  Why are you people on regular dating sites?  There are places for you to find people you are STD compatible with.  PositiveSingles and many more.  I don’t have any STDs and I don’t want any!  This is why I get so annoyed with people who quickly jump into bed with anyone these days.  You risk getting diseases and unwanted children.  What a way to fuck up your own life and possibly some child’s life.  Not to mention spread it around either unwittingly or intentionally.  Why the hell would I want to get with someone with an STD?  I don’t care how common they are, I’d rather stay uncommon thank you.  In both cases I tried to wrap my head around it, but thankfully they both ended before we got far enough to worry about my getting anything.

What I wouldn’t do to be a teenager again.  Life was far easier then.


That and This

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That and ThisSpring is just around the corner, well for most places it’s here.  This is the Snowbelt-Buckle.  But hey, the fresh pothole-filler is in bloom!

Still stuck in my work rut.  Looking for a new job and a new place to live.  Especially the new place to live.  My neighbors on the south side of me are complete tools.  Their TV is on all night every night.  They have loud guests over frequently.  God forbid they play First Person Shooters.  Suddenly it’s “Cussfest!”.  I was trying to be the nicer person by not being like them, but since only one of them ever leaves the place, I’m about to say fuck it and jam as I like.  So long as the neighbor on the north side of me isn’t home.  He/she is super quiet.  So much I have yet to meet them as I never know when they come or go.

Besides I have new toys I want to play with and would like the time and freedom to do so.  Can’t do that here and need a more normal hour job where I can have time daily.  Not this get up, rush to work, be there all day, sleep and repeat 4 days a week.  Plus work 1-2 more 6-8 hour shifts.  My only day off I’m running like crazy.  If I’m lucky to get a second day off, the neighbors make it hard to do anything at home.  In which case I’m off with someone I’ve been trying to spend time with 😊

Living at this Extended Stay isn’t as great as I was told it would be.  It’s much cleaner and less moldy as the one on West Otsego Lake.  They don’t have all the strict rules as them either.  But…  The management here doesn’t give a shit about the tenants.  As long as they pay rent, they can pretty much do as they like.  So getting decent sleep is hard at times.  (and I’m still scrubbing the cigarette smoke stains from everything)  I wonder if it is dangerous to my health to live in such an environment.

I may have to start looking for a job out of town.  Like west of Gaylord.  Most of the jobs I can do here are retail or factory work.  I want to use my brain.  My talents.  West of town seems to have other interesting things for me as well.

As for the aforementioned toys, I’ve thrown together a quick and dirty preview.  Yes I have many bugs to work out.  This is a very rough take, made with affordable equipment and an insanely crappy location.

[As evident, YouTube already blocked it 😡 – Uploaded to Vimeo until I can redo it right.]

Eventually when I go public (this video is unlisted), I’ll use drum-less tracks to 1) cut down on copyright tagging by YouTube and 2) help with that timing issue that is evident in the capture.


Time To Move On

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Denny Needs IdeasTime flies when you’re having fun.  Time drags ass when you have grown bored and annoyed with something.  I can’t believe I’ve been slinging pizza for almost 3 years now.  Granted, I only went full time on it just a few months ago.  The charm wore off pretty damned fast.  I still sometimes have fun doing it.

But it’s beating the shit out of my truck.  Though my biggest problem is the fact I agreed to this goofy-ass schedule.  Four days of the week, I work both the lunch and dinner rushes.  It’s nice not closing, but I basically can’t do anything else on those days.  I get exhausted at by the time I get to last day as they are 9 to 10 hour days.  Sometimes longer if dinner rush lasts right up until closing.

So the one day I generally get off, I end up running all my errands.  That day is pretty much wasted.  I’m still tired and don’t do anything else the rest of the day.  One night, I work the dinner rush.  So I don’t do much during the day so I’m not tired at work.  I’m lucky to get a second day off in the week, as I repeatedly get called in to work.  Or scheduled for it as someone needs a weekend off.  I frequently get stuck with six days and overtime.

Sure I love the overtime, but I have next to no time for me.  I need to decompress.  I want to do things I enjoy and have decent time to do it.  I haven’t shot my gun in six months.  I rarely play my drums.  Between working my ass off and having my neighbors up my ass all the time.  I don’t want to be rude and make a ton of noise.  It’s best to play in the middle of the day when they are gone.  I don’t visit anyone as I’m working all the time.  It’s insane.

Besides I could use a real job that offers dental, possibly medical, paid time off and more would be nice.  The trick is I don’t want to let my mind die at some factory or be a clerk somewhere.  I want to find something that would take advantage of my technical skills and would be awesome if it utilized my creative abilities.  I just don’t know what that would be.  I’m open to suggestions.

As a side note…

To people with a hard-on for hardwood/laminate flooring: I hope you end up spending an eternity in hell sweeping the floors!  Just saying.



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Denny DrummerIt’s just that time of year.  Seems to happen every year around this time.  So little going on.  With the weather being all hot and cold.  Even work is slow and boring.  It makes it hard to write since nothing is going on.  It’s when I start to consider shutting down this site.  I have like maybe five readers left I think.

I was going to write about the most irritating person I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet in my entire life.  Let’s just say she takes the definition of princess to a whole new level.  Like reality TV level.  But I figured that would be unwise.  I have to deal with this person, so instead I’ll just leave it at this.

I am working on perhaps a Valentine (not the psycho princess), but perhaps a princess in the nicer definition.  It’s too early to tell yet.

I do have some ideas floating on in my head.  But then again, when don’t I?  The trick is to go through with them.  Problem is I generally like to involve other people in my plans.  I think that is my downfall.

So my projects will now solely be based on my own abilities and perhaps invite people once in a while.  This way if I don’t expect too much, I won’t be let down.  Don’t get overly excited yet.  I need things and time to put it all together.  But maybe, just maybe I can pull this off.

Right now, there’s little else to do.

Also, in 6 days it will have been six years since I got out of the hospital 🙂


Another Move

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Another MoveAs much as I am not a fan of it, the time has come.  My lease is almost ended at my place in Aspen Commons.  I just finished moving out of my old place into a different one.  Between barely affording it and the fact that maintenance is slower than dirt and does minimal at best.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Plus I am not a fan of having roommates.

Plus I really don’t want another lease that starts and ends in the winter.  So in the interim, I moved into an efficiency apartment.  It’s just a motel room with a small sink and tiny fridge.  It’ll do.  Not sure about if I can practice or not here.  I haven’t talked to the neighbors yet.

Thanks to Chris Ostrander for helping me with moving my bed.  That thing is heavy as all hell.  Though it is comfy.  Speaking of, I may move it into my place as the bed here is like a damned brick.  I’ve put a pillow top mattress pad on it, but still could use a foam layer too.

My new place is surprisingly spacious.  I had gotten used to spending a lot of time in my bedroom, so this is comfy as far as room goes.  It’s affordable.  Internet leaves something to be desired.  But since it’s not listed as a residence, the ISP I had won’t install here.  Guess I’ll use my phone as a hot spot when I need critical access for doing bills and such.

This whole thing allows me to casually look for something nicer and fits me.


Teach Your Children

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Teach Your ChildrenI meet a lot of people.  Which is weird for a person who isn’t really into being social very much.  I especially love talking with the elderly and listening to their memories and thoughts.  They are so knowledgeable and polite most of the time.  Younger folks tend to be impatient and rude in comparison.  Not always, but certainly a lot more.  All too often I see newer parents handing their children the latest tech device and letting them go.  Back in my time, our parents were accused to letting the television raise us.  Today it’s smartphones and the internet.  There is no need to be a parent of a rude and stubborn child raised on YouTube stars known for their obnoxious antics.

I know I’m no all star parent.  Some things I failed at.  Looking back I wished I had tried harder.

Today’s parent has all new challenges to face on top of having to teach their children things they should know.  I won’t go into detail as I don’t want to start debates that aren’t on point with what I’m going to go over.

There are so many things that get overlooked when raising children.  Things I hope to spark when raising your own children.  Such as:

Teach your children to be patient.  Just the other day, I was told that a woman had a “Pissed off 10 year old because their order took an hour and a half to arrive.”  It’s the holidays, and we did tell them it would take that long.  But all I could think to myself was, “What kind of little impatient asshole are you raising?”.  If your kid is throwing a tantrum because they aren’t getting what they want when they want it, then something is wrong.

Which also means you should teach them they don’t always get what they want.  Sure it’s OK to be disappointed, but they also need to learn to accept it and move on.

Teach your children how to maintain their bicycle.  Put air in the tires and oil the chain.  How to check the brakes.  These things will come in handy when they own a car.  When that time comes, teach them to check and change the oil regularly.   I informed a woman that her tire was low and she broke down and cried because she didn’t know how to put air in it.

If you can, teach your child to drive a manual transmission car.  If anything, it will be an experience that will get the heart pumping!

Teach your children to be kind and courteous.  Even if they don’t agree with others opinions and beliefs.  There are all kinds of people in this world.  Try as we might, we don’t always like every person we encounter.  Sometimes we detest what they believe in.  That doesn’t mean we need to treat them poorly.  I personally despise blatantly stupid people.  But I rarely say anything to that person unless they are endangering myself or someone else.  Otherwise, just accept they are different, offer them a smile and move on.  If your child must get into a debate over a difference, teach them to be diplomatic and objective about it.  It does not mean they have to change their views, but they can certainly be kind about it.

Let them be kind to others by saying please and thank you.  Have them hold the door for a complete stranger regularly.

When your child sneezes or coughs, make sure to teach them to cover their mouth.  Explain how important it is to not spread their sickness to others and what they should do if they end up around someone else who is ill.

Make sure your child can read, write and do simple math.  Don’t let them slip into the thousands of children who have become adults who still can’t do those things.  They will thank you for it.

Teach your children the importance of money and how to handle your finances.  Well, that is if your finances are in order.  If not at least teach them to avoid mistakes you’ve made.  I’ve made my share of financial mistakes.  Now I walk a tight line and am proud to be better at handling money.

Teach them to appreciate the service others provide to them.  To say thank you and please when asking for something, getting help and being waited on.  They should appreciate their waiter or waitress who work for lower wages with a tip.  As well as their delivery person who brings them food in the freezing cold or miserable weather.  Have them know to give a prompt thank you to the person who dropped off the package at their door.

Teach your children to be creative.  Draw, paint, play musical instruments, dance, sports or anything that comes to mind.  Don’t let them just vegetate in front of a TV or computer all the time.  If I could go back, and do that, I probably wouldn’t be overweight.

Teach your children to pick up after themselves.  Not just their toys, or clothes.  But their trash.  Don’t let them litter.  Teach them to take care of their belongings.  Show them a beautiful world.  You don’t have to have an expensive house to have an impressive home.  I live in a cheap home.  Yet I get compliments on how clean it is.  How clean my truck is.  Nothing has to be immaculate, but if things are kept after most of the time, then major home cleaning is merely a quick chore instead of an all day project.

This list could go on, and I’m sure each of you who read this will have your own take on it.  By all means, have at it!  Happy New Year!


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