Big Business vs Small Business

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Big Business vs Small BusinessI really miss my old job (small company).  I really hate my current one (large chain).


When you work for a large chain or major corporation.  You feel as if your dealing with an Overlord or a group of Masters who dominate your every move.

They micromanage every detail of your work life and you can easily tell that decisions made in the upper ranks were done via a board meeting made up of people who haven’t worked in the real world in a very long time.  Because things passed down and pushed upon their workers makes little to no sense at times.

When I worked in a large company, I didn’t have my own desk.  I didn’t even have a cubicle.  I had a half cubicle shared thing.  So when I sat at my desk, it was also someone else’s desk.

You have to wear similar clothing to everyone else.  Or in the case of a large chain, you have to wear a uniform.  God forbid you forgot your hat.  You’ll have a manager up your ass about it in moments.  Sometimes multiple managers.  You do this enough times, and they will write you up for the offense.  It’s a fucking hat.  As long as I have a hat that’s non-offensive, it shouldn’t be cause for an uproar.  But if you do this enough times, you’ll be fired for it.  Doesn’t mean two shits if you are on time, all the time; never miss work and always do a good or better job.  You violated the uniform guide and that’s enough to replace you with Joe Idiot who always comes to work dressed right even though he’s dumb as a rock and is always late.

Large companies have reports and sometimes daily expectations of production and time management.  You have to produce so much in so little time or you are no longer worth it.  You must do this with pinpoint accuracy.  Don’t forget the TPS cover sheet 😉

Everything you do gets wrapped up in a book you get when you’re hired.  They call it an Employee Handbook.  It’s the rules for the one ring they wear to rule you.  You don’t even get a ring unless it’s part of your retirement package.  You’re just meat that makes money for the overlords.

The calls..  The freaking calls.  I’m constantly being called if I can come in early because work is so behind because of all the…  call outs!!  No one really enjoys being a peon in a big company or large corporate chain.  So inevitably, people call out.  When they do, the person who is reliable gets abused by always calling on them to cover the missing work.  They will tell you it’s because they appreciate you.  How can anyone feel appreciated when they are simply worked to death?  That’s not appreciation, it’s abuse.  Want to appreciate someone?  Give them a bonus at random.  Or a token gift.

For the dumbest of reasons many times:

  • Mentally sick
  • Have important personal business (is actually streaming gamer who forgot his/her schedule promised to their viewers)
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend is sick and I need to take care of them
  • I’m overwhelmed at home
  • I thought it was my day off
  • I only got 2 hours of sleep because of a party I was at last night
  • I broke my phone and had to get a new one right away

To name only a few…


When you work for a small business.  You know the owner, you get to have conversations and give feedback so that your daily job is more sensible and at times comfortable.  More often than not, you get to know their spouse and children.  Even get invited to a cookout or a drink once in a while.

Generally speaking, you can come to work in any decent clothing you own.  So long as it’s not some crap offensive shirt or jeans with holes in them.

I’ve had my own workspace in most instances.  Nice office and desk.  My own workstation.  I even used to bring my laptop with me daily to help handle things at one of my jobs.

Customers have a more pleasant experience as you really get to know them.  You can recall things about them in a business that doesn’t deal with thousands of nameless faces.  When a customer does have a problem, you as the peon have so much more power to make them happy.  Because you know what your boss would do as you’ve gotten to know them and the customer.

I will always prefer working at a small business.  You feel like part of a family.  Everyone is respected and appreciated.  Corporate and large chains are just overloads with minions under their feet.

I don’t recall to many call outs at small businesses unless they were legit.  My last small business I worked from home for the last 3 years. My boss was so kind to me, he let me move to a different state and spent money on a business license and such so that I could still work for him.  That is amazing.  No big business would do that unless you had some serious clout.

Working from home, I couldn’t call out unless I was heading to the hospital.  But I wouldn’t do that to a small business I enjoyed working for anyway.  I’m the kind of person that will suck it up and work when I’m sick, but not sick enough to see a doctor.  In the past 5 years, I’ve called out once.

Big companies I’ve worked for rarely give out bonuses unless you’ve somehow gone above and beyond to make them more money.  Small businesses often give you a gift or a small bonus check simply to show they really like having you as an employee.

Small businesses make you feel important and part of the overall experience.  I love and miss that feeling.


Mysteries of Life

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Detective DennyWell the mysteries of my life anyway.  Things I don’t understand why they keep happening.  Yet, for some forsaken reason beyond even my genius level of knowledge, they do.

Contacting Me

During conversations, I end up telling people who somehow manage to be involved in my life, when I work.  It never seems to fail though.  As soon as I clock into my work, my phone starts blowing up with texts from family and calls from my medical providers.

Same thing happens when I think I’m totally alone for an hour if you catch my drift.

Same thing happens when I’m trying to catch some early sleep because I was up at the crack of dawn.  Or I want to sleep in because I didn’t come home until 2am.

However, when I have nothing going on at all.  {insert sound of crickets}

Bluffing Me

People love to tell me they read all my posts.  Yet when I posted months ago I had left Google and Facebook…  It wasn’t until just a week or so ago when people finally started to notice I was gone.

“Did you delete your Facebook?”

….and I couldn’t be happier.  About leaving Facebook that is.  The fact they don’t actually read my site just proves to me they are too lazy to make the extra two clicks to bookmark/favorite my site, and visit it once a week.

Being Where I Am

Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on a deserted road or in the busiest shop.  Wherever I am, that’s where someone else wants to be.  I’m pulling onto a road that gets little to no traffic, yet just as I get to the corner, I have to wait for the one lone car coming.

I’m at Walmart.  I don’t mess around when I’m there.  I get what I need and get out before the drooling zombie monkeys can get me.  I go to grab a can of beans and an arm reaches in front of me to get one too.  Like what the fuck folks?  Back the fuck off.

Being a Massive Pain in My Ass

So…  when I moved in my current place.  It was only suppose to be for a couple of months or so.  Life had other plans and my savings got eaten by my truck.

Thus I’m still here.  Hopefully not for much longer 😉

In that time I ended up talking to the neighbor girl.  I can’t remember if she was already here when I moved in, or if she moved in after me.  Anyway, she seemed a bit different, and I didn’t really say much.

As time went on, we started talking and I would constantly offend her.  I have a dark humor of which I’m proud of.  I make people laugh.  She’s one of those proud, “I’ve been saved from my wicked ways Baptists.”.  Fine.  I try to get along as she is my neighbor.

Time goes on she would go with me on my exercise walks even though I tend to piss her off.  On occasion I’d invite her to hang out and watch a sunset.  Or get ice cream.  I’m just trying to be a friendly person.  I’m over relationships and just want to be content in my new MGTOW life.  Frankly I pretty much am.  Except I could use a FWB, that is hopefully involved else-wise so I don’t have to worry about them becoming clingy.

After a year of this weird hey lets hang out then not want to talk to me because I made a dark or dirty joke as I do thing.  I get a text saying, “I think I’m in trouble.”.


She likes me.  I had no idea to what extent, but she happened to catch me when I was feeling lonely being new to the not wanting a relationship thing.  I said, we can date.

It lasted three weeks.  Three weeks.  During which time she was a completely different person.  Someone I knew nothing about.  I spent the whole time confused.  This was not the innocent Baptist girl I met.

During that time, I had to stop her from telling me she loved me.  She had already mentioned the possibility of marriage; even though she knew I didn’t want to get married again.  And holy shit clingy.  I did not feel the same.  I did not feel anything for her.  Other than I really wished I would’ve said no to dating.

So I confess I didn’t feel anything and that we should just remain friends.  I should’ve known that wasn’t going to happen.  A few more weeks went by and she would come over and watch me play drums or whatever.  But she couldn’t hide her tears of still wanting to be with me.  Or I’d hear softly spoken words of, “I just don’t understand.”.  Then she’d try to do something I hate.  I mean really hate.  Tickling me.

It only took 2-3 times of this before I got so pissed off I finally said, “Go find something else to do!”, and I damn near pushed her out my door.

Since then I avoid her.  I don’t make eye contact.  I don’t speak to her.  I blocked her on my phone.  I think people today call that Ghosting.  I don’t know how else to deal with it as she just didn’t listen to me.  Ever heard of no means no?


  • I don’t want to date
  • I don’t want you touching me
  • I don’t want anything to do with you anymore

I’ve always wanted a girl to be crazy about me.  Not be bat-shit crazy 😳

Unfortunately she lives next door.  I take deliveries to her work and for some reason she now works when I do.  She used to work opposite shifts of me.  She knows when I work just by my truck being gone for more than an hour.

Recently she saw me at her work and tried to get me to talk.  I quickly said, “hi” and left without breaking my stride.  The other night she ordered food from my work.  I made sure a different driver took it.

Just leave me alone, please.  For fuck sake.


Passive America

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Passive AmericaI can’t understand this country anymore.

What happened to George Floyd was horrible and I am 100% behind his murderer, Derek Chauvin being sent to prison.  I’m sure his fellow inmates will make him feel welcome in the most horrible way.  But what I can’t understand is all the rioting. Why isn’t law enforcement stopping this shit?  So many business owners livelihoods are being destroyed over this.

Breonna Taylor was an abomination.  A complete fuck up by the police.  But we can’t condemn all police as bad.  Just like taking guns away from lawful citizens won’t stop criminal activity.  Ever.  We must punish the bad when we catch them.  We must train and move forward.

This nonsense we have going on now just seeks to tear the country apart.  You can’t tell me that the riots are in any way a positive thing.  They have ruined lives and businesses.  They are no better than the police who have wrongly taken and ruined lives recently.

What are the protests doing?  I’m told to raise awareness.  Awareness of what?  Assholes are among us?  Just like so many other things, assholes are everywhere and have always been among us.  You weed them out the best you can when they get out of hand.  If you can make a working asshole detector, then none of us would have to work with them.  Awareness of racism?  We are aware.  However, like so many other issues, it will likely never go away completely.  There will always be someone who refuses to accept something.  Whether it’s race, sexuality or constitutionally protected rights.  Or a great many other things.  Sometimes things go wrong and that’s why we have a justice system.  It’s not perfect.  Find a country that has a perfect system.  You won’t.

But lets be honest.  Would this happen if George was Asian?  Or Native American?  Or White?  Probably we wouldn’t have heard too much about it.  So no other lives matter?  Just black ones?  I’m sure that’s not the message, but the chant of Black Lives Matter makes it feel like any other color does not.  Isn’t that a form of racism?

This made me chuckle.  The riots are destroying businesses and business owner lives.  So what is the first thing they do?  Put up notices on their websites about how they are working to stop racism.

I am reminded that Churches, restaurants and barber shops are still not fully open or have been arrested for giving hair cuts.  But rioters get a free pass to do as they like.  WTF?

I further don’t understand destroying monuments or rebranding long known items just in the name of racism.  It’s history.  If anything it’s what we learn from to remind us we have come a long way.

Then there is this stupid shit of C.H.A.Z.

I hear my co-workers say CHAZ will fail in due time.  I can’t help but think those whose lives are being put on hold, or destroyed because of this would like to see some good old fashioned American ass-kicking of these punks.  This wait and see mentality has got me baffled.

We are so passive now.  Let the looters and rioters do their thing.  Let some kids take over a portion of America.  Hell, perhaps others will follow suit and America will slowly break apart into thousands of small CHAZ nations.  Those being hurt over this?  Fuck em.  Let them suffer.  Is that what we are going for now?

If it is, I can’t help but wonder.  What do other nations think of us right now.  We can’t control our shit?  Maybe we are weak right now.  Our pants are down.  Other countries love it when we don’t see things coming.  Is another 9/11 coming while we act like morons?

Or worse, the government enacts Marshal Law?  Oh that would be a great America to wake up to 😠

If I live long enough, I wonder if I can be content in the new totalitarian states of America under the rule of the Leftocrats.


Spoon Fed

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Spoon FedThis world is so fucked up right now. What’s worse, is the majority of the population are just being spoon-fed media exaggerations. And like a small child, people just open up for more.  They automatically take whatever that idiot box in their living rooms say and assume it’s the gospel truth.

I feel bad for President Trump.  He isn’t allowed to be sarcastic or angry at all.  Because then leftists and libtards go bat shit crazy and misconstrue everything into some wild false accusations.

I can’t even talk to my own mother about anything when it comes to world events today.  Her blind hatred for Trump just makes her go on a tangent that, “Trump is wanting to kill us by having us drink poisonous chemicals!”, or “Trump is taking away Social Security!”, and the ever popular, “Trump is a racist.” (referring to closing boarders).  It’s just insane.  Oh and Trump created the virus by the way.  She somehow just knows that 😑

True, he has plans to cut a portion of social security benefits.  It’s likely to get reversed just like when old Ronald Reagen tried to cut it.  That is not taking it away.  I’m not happy about this plan, but I also have my doubts it will happen.  The people will speak, and speak loudly to protest this action.  That’s what we are supposed to do.  Crying on social media is not how you do that though.

This just shows so many people never actually listen to the words he says and understands what he means.  They are like so many customers I’ve dealt with, they hear what they want.  If they hate him or already have a negative attitude about him, it gets immediately twisted into something evil.  He’s only human to people.

Yes he did say:

And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning. Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that. So, that, you’re going to have to use medical doctors with. But it sounds — it sounds interesting to me.

He did NOT SAY; Everyone who is infected, go inject yourselves with bleach and Lysol so you can be cured.  He clearly was asking if something like that could be done to help those afflicted.  Presumably in a safe and medicinal manner.  But as usual, everyone took what he said out of context and flipped it into a harmful statement.  You all really need to take a step back before you decide to attack.  Blind hatred is a destructive force and it’s affecting far more people than CORVID-19 ever will 😠

I’m well over this pandemic.  This mask thing.  Holy monkey shit.  It’s a pair of panties on your face.  The majority of the microscopic fluids you or anyone else may expel during a cough or sneeze will pass right through it.  It’s not saving you.  Wanna protect yourself?  Stay away.

This panic of Coronavirus is just crazy.  As I’ve pointed out before, more people die from Smoking, Cancer, Heart Disease and Car Crashes every single year.  Corvid can’t even come close to those numbers.  Yet we aren’t banning cars, cigarettes or unhealthy foods.  So…  What the fuck folks?

All in all, I still fully believe it’s a focus point to:

  • Try to destroy the president because impeachment didn’t work.
  • Keep our attention away from the left and liberals who are hell bent on destroying the US Constitution.

Do some research people!  Don’t just let the media hypnotize you.  We all know politicians lie.  People in general can’t be trusted.  Journalist do as they are told.  So in a sense, they do have integrity, to their paycheck.  Donald Trump is not a god or by any means perfect.  But if you can do better, then for the love of God and Country, step the fuck up!  Otherwise research that horse you are backing.  Biden can’t even complete a sentence.  And I love our constitution the way it has been the majority of my life.  I don’t want that fucked with in any way.  I’m not backing the Left or the Libtards.


Wanna See Something Crazy?

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2005 Silverado RedI’ve kept a list of all the cars and trucks I’ve ever owned or co-owned in one way or another.  Such as marriage.  I didn’t count girlfriends as there wasn’t that kind of commitment to say I had a stake in anything.  Good example is the 1997 Thunderbird.  That was actually my wife’s car, but when we split, I got it and she got the 2005 Spectra that she supposedly bought for me.  My current truck, I’ve had longer than any other vehicle and I still love it 💓

No real story here other than it’s a long list of all the cars I’ve owned.  The only other list I have like this that is even longer; is all my failed relationships.  I won’t embarrass anyone with that list of humiliation.

Links are either photos or stories with photos.  Older cars not actual pictures of my cars, just similar ones.  Links can and probably will expire as they are hotlinks.

1969 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 V8 4 Speed Manual Yellow/Black
1979 Ford LTD 351 V8 3 Speed Automatic Maroon
1971 Chevy Impala 350 V8 2 Speed Powerglide Automatic Brown
1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass V6 3 Speed Manual (on column) Light Blue/White
1976 Chevy Vega 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual Lime Green
1970 AMC Hornet Slant 6 3 Speed Automatic Bronze/White
1976 GMC 1500 350 V8 3 Speed Automatic Brown
1976 Chevy Nova V6 4 Speed Manual Dark Red
1982 Ford Escort 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual Blue
1980 Ford Granada V6 3 Speed Automatic Yellow
1983 Ford Econoline 150 351 V8 3 Speed Automatic Dark Blue
1982 Chevy Celebrity 4 Cylinder 3 Speed Automatic Beige
1978 Pontiac LeMans V6 3 Speed Automatic Blue
1982 Dodge Aries 4 Cylinder 3 Speed Automatic Mint Green
1987 Mercury Lynx 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual Dark Blue
1985 Chevy Cavalier 4 Cylinder 3 Speed Automatic Brown
1990 Ford Escort 4 Cylinder 3 Speed Automatic White
1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass 350 V8 3 Speed Automatic Maroon
1987 Nissan Hardbody Truck 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual Beige
1987 Nissan Pulsar 4 Cylinder 3 Speed Automatic Silver
1979 Plymouth Volare V6 3 Speed Automatic Beige
1987 Volkswagon Jetta 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual Dark Blue
1993 Ford Explorer V6 4 Speed Automatic Dark Green
1990 Ford Escort 4 Cyliner 4 Speed Automatic Gold
1995 Nissan Hardbody Truck 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual Red
1985 Chrysler 5th Avenue V8 3 Speed Automatic White
2000 Dodge Caravan Sport V6 4 Speed Automatic White
198? Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra Wagon 4 Cylinder 3 Speed Automatic Light Blue
1984 Ford Escort 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic Red
1985 Toyota Van 4 Cylinder 3 Speed Automatic Black
1989 Ford Taurus V6 3 Speed Automatic Light Blue
1997 Ford Thunderbird V6 4 Speed Automatic Gold
1993 Ford Explorer Sport V6 5 Speed Manual Emerald Green
2005 Kia Spectra 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic Gold
1998 Ford Explorer Sport V6 SHO 4 Speed Automatic Black
1995 Chevy Lumina LS V6 4 Speed Automatic Dark Blue
2007 Chrysler Sebring 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic Black
2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ext Cab 5.3 litre V8 4 Speed Automatic Red/Silver

Goodbye Foamy

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Goodbye Foamy

Today we lay to rest our Lord and Master.  Foamy.   He was swept up in the whirlwind of Coronatard-ness.  While is body remains, his mind is forever lost and would be better off as roadkill.

There are far too many bits of misleading and false information about the Coronavirus.  Sadly people who watch the media, tend to believe everything they hear as absolute facts.  I’ve loved Foamy for many, many years.  But this video has made me lose respect and faith in someone I once thought was more like myself than almost anyone I had ever known.  It’s a shame.

I said it before.  It’s a shiny object to distract us while they fuck our liberties away.  There are far worse things that kill way more people and we have done little to prevent them.



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Denny RantsIt seems the population around here is done with this Stay Home – Stay Safe sentiment.  Our restaurant is busier now in the off-season than it normally is during Christmas.  Last weekend we were down to 4 people working the kitchen, one person on the phone and when the day driver had enough, would leave me to be the only driver for the rest of the night.  Deliveries taking sometimes over 2 hours and pissing people off.

In the past week town has pretty much returned to normal as far as people out and about.  Sure many of the sit down restaurants are closed, but you go to Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and Meijer and there are plenty of assholes to be found.  The streets are flooded with cars as if the height of tourism had arrived.  Every fast food restaurant has cars parked around the building waiting for the drive-thru.  Even our Dairy Queen, which I never see more than 4 cars, has cars waiting around the laundry mat parking to the entrance from Wisconsin St.

Yet I still break my ass and go home in pain, because none of these lazy fucks can stay home as ordered and fucking cook for themselves!  Which affects the few people we have left to run our store in return.  At this point we have lost 2/3 of our people.  Some are on Leave of Absence (LOA), some are actually sick, some just don’t give a fuck anymore and call in sick.  One quit.  I sincerely don’t blame him.  Last night not one motherfucking co-worker could be bothered to stay 15 minutes to help clean up.  Instead they walked out right at 8pm and left everything a shit hole.  Leaving myself and one other person to do the entire store.  I stayed and helped the inside person after my own duties were completed and was still there until 10:45.  With my knee throbbing in pain.  Felt almost as if I had just injured it and stupid me finished out my shift.

All the while I’m thinking to myself how I wish I was self-quarantined.  I’d like to make full pay, and and extra $600 per week to sit on my ass and order delivery.  Well, I would actually cook for myself, as I next to never order delivery.  I, unlike the rest of the assholes in this town, have plenty of stuff to keep me entertained.  I can play my instruments, write something that isn’t anger filled on my blog (fourth wall break), watch movies, play video games, organize my storage unit to be able to find things better when I need them and so much more.

But no.  I’m fucking essential and have a guilty conscience of not being the ass-hat that bails on his co-workers.

God forbid we close down for a week to let the few of us recuperate from the hellish amount of business.  No, no, no…  Can’t turn down the almighty dollar for our overlords.

Once this nonsense is over, I’m going to seek out disability.  I can’t find a job in my field in this tourist trap.  The ones I apply for, won’t even call me because I’m handicap.  I can’t stand for long periods or lift over 25 pounds.  I’m going to use that time to finally focus on my health and get some regular exercise.  Fuck this killing myself for others and working fucked up hours.


If Only I Had Known Then…

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Time VortexIf only I had known then what I know now.  I would’ve just about changed everything about me.

Honestly, most folks say they don’t have any regrets.  I think they just don’t own up to wanting anyone to know they have regrets.  I unfortunately have more than I can count.  The only thing I like about me is my dark twisted personality.  Some people don’t really like it.  They get offended too easily.  I don’t fit in with today’s over sensitive little cry babies.

I am a serial bad decision maker.  If I wrote a book about my life, I would call it, “The Grey Water”.  That color of water after washing dishes or laundry that’s all dirty grey and the only thing you want to do is flush it away.  That’s all my life has ever amounted to.  Dirty grey water.

Some say I’m not the same person I once was.  I was always so nice and easy going.  That man died February 2012 when I lay dying in a hospital looking back at all the fucked up shit my life had endured.  The bullying, the myriad of unfaithful relationships; the overall shit luck…

That’s the time my heart became cold to everyone who isn’t close to me.  Looking back, vision is always 20/20 and I should have done everything differently.


I would’ve always gone by Denny.  Even beg my mom to get it changed legally.  It’s not like she named me anyway.  It was my deadbeat father.

To everyone who thought my name was cool…  If only I could do a Vulcan Mind-Meld to share how much misery my real name has caused me.  You may think it’s cool, but even today I get joked on for it.  So I rarely let anyone know it who don’t already.

I’ve met other men with my name and most agree, it sucks to have it.

I like Denny.  It’s relatable and people always greet me pleasantly.  Instead of one of several off hand jokes I’ve heard endlessly for 45 years.


I would’ve avoided every woman I ever had a relationship with.  I apparently attract stupid.  So the women who were attracted to me, didn’t last long.  Thankfully I didn’t date men, but had quite a few stupid men in my life too.

Denny 1986-2

Denny 1986-2

Unfortunately I find myself attracted to sluts.  Not the kind that look like sluts.  You know the ones we assumed slept with everyone based on their appearance.  No, I was attracted to real sluts.  The ones that couldn’t keep their legs closed for other men even if they were in a relationship.  They just loved cock.  Any cock.  They just had to have it.

Honestly, I’m amazed I don’t have some life long STD from these lying, cheating bags of protoplasm.

Plus I was a decent looking guy in my early days, I could’ve done so much better.  Especially if I had chosen a better hairstyle and not been so damn goofy.  Let’s face it, a couple of well placed tattoos, a few muscles and a bad-boy persona would’ve put me in a better place.  Maybe worked up that story of when I got arrested.  It’s a formula that works.  I’ve watched it work for so many bad boys, like a TV rerun over and over all my life.

Maybe better looking women would’ve been more appreciative.  Or at least had something nicer to look at in bed.  I had some low standards back then.


Red PillWished I had known love was nearly extinct on this planet in my early days.  I used to be so committed to finding love.  Love that lasted forever.  Beyond the mortal coil.

Holy fucking shit was I ever let down.  Nearly 40 some relationships including 3 divorces and 3 bankruptcies later, I know now I was chasing a fantasy.  It doesn’t matter that you are devoted to coming home to your wife and children every night.  Those nightly foot massages and back rubs were meaningless.  All the loads of dishes, laundry and house cleaning was to keep me busy while they lounged about unhappy with their lives.

I count myself lucky to not have been divorce raped.

FUCK ALL THAT.  Men Go Their Own Way is something I wish I had learned long ago.  Sadly it didn’t come about until recently.  I could’ve been a pioneer of it.  Live my life, my way and just date women.  Don’t actually get serious or get married.  Ever.  Don’t ever let a woman fuck my fiances up, take my shit or ruin my life in any way.  Also would’ve gotten a vasectomy straight away.  I hear some doctors won’t do it before 25, but I’m sure doctors can be bribed.

I would have a house that’s paid off in a warmer location with land.  Not having to start my life over every single time a serious relationship gets destroyed.

Turns out I’m pretty good with money.  Not perfect or I wouldn’t live in this small ass apartment.  But all my bills are paid on time, I have savings.  Hell the Navy trusted me with Billions, got an award for that shit.  🖕


At an early age, my mom and step dad wanted me to learn to play guitar.  I never got into it then.  But I should have.  I now own 4 guitars and can only play so much but I practice every day.  I still would’ve gone with drums over guitar, but being multi-talented with instruments is never a bad thing.  Being single, I can afford good equipment.

My Instruments
Funny how when I was married and had a shared income, never had money for things like this.


The Look


I should have started to worked out more as a young healthy man.  Making positive changes to my future.  Exercising now is just exhausting.  Walking is about all I can handle for any length of time.

Not to bulk up, but to tone and add some muscles to me.  I mean my Chiropractor is bald but has a nice build.  His girl is smoking hot.  Plus I’d likely not have as many health issues now had I done that and kept a regular healthy workout and diet.

At first I had no chest at all, it was flat.  Then I got into computers and a bit lazy.  Now I’m hella-overweight.  Fighting to get time in the frozen tundra to take a walk.  Our short ass summers here and no room at all in my apartment for any equipment.  Not to mention my self consciousnesses I don’t like to go to public places anymore.  I need to get a home and some land.  Something I’ve been working on the past few years.  Hopefully this year is it.  Then I can go outside and work.  Play music and be free to be me.


I’m tired of wasting my life on others.  This is all it’s gotten me.  A big fat nothing.  No longer.  I live for the lord, myself and my children.


This is Bullshit!

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BullshitI’m tired of being “essential”.  Half of my work force is at home playing video games, ordering take-out and raking in their full paychecks plus $600 on top from unemployment.  While I get to deliver the same crap food to potentially sick people.  Sure I wash and wear gloves.  I don’t do the mask thing as with Asthma it’s hard enough to breathe.

What makes me even more angry is even though I’m a high health risk, not even my doctor suggests I also stay home.  I’ve had some bad days unfortunately because of my stomach not wanting to play ball, not sure why, but for the most part I have yet to call in sick.  I’ve just been sent home because symptoms I normally don’t complain about are on the check list to even get in my building to work.  Fine by me.  I’ll admit I’m jealous of the lazy fucks.

Let’s be honest, those of you scared to death of this thing need to realize that other things kill way more people every year.  (Info provided from

  • Cardiovascular Diseases – Estimated 17.9 million yearly
  • Smoking – Estimated 8 million yearly
  • Cancer – in 2018: 9.6 million worldwide
  • Car crashes – 2016: 1.35 million
  • Diabetes – worldwide in 2016: 1.6 million

We aren’t banning smoking and cars, or mandating exercise and healthy diets.  Let’s not forget that it’s an election year.  Hmmm (rubs chin).  Did you know we’ve had a pandemic every election year since 2004?  (Info provided from

  • Sars – 2004
  • Bird flu – 2008
  • Swine flu – 2010
  • Mers – 2012
  • Ebola – 2014
  • Zika Virus – 2016
  • Ebola (part 2) – 2018
  • CORVID-19 – 2020

Yet for some reason this time it’s shut the world down and panic?  Seems strange to me.  Seems like the Democrats and Leftists want to see if they can bring Trump down this way.  I mean the impeachment went so well…

Yet I think he’s done well.  Not stellar, but well.  It’s hard to work when everyone is trying their hardest to keep you down.  It’s like plowing a field when you can’t deal with all the flies in your face.  A good farmer gets it done no matter what.  I’m a smart man, and have many talents.  I don’t have what it takes to do what a farmer does.  I don’t have the balls Trump does.  He’s not a perfect man, but he’s the best man for the job at hand despite the opposition.

But what’s really, really pissing me off is the liberals and leftists using this pandemic to distract the general populous while fucking us all in the ass and destroying our god given, constitutionally protected rights.  It’s like holding up a ball to a dog and saying, “Look!  Look at the ball!”, while the doctor cuts his testicles off.

Our first and second amendment rights are being obliterated under the guise of a world-wide panic.  Our stimulus package (part 4) has wording to remove our gun rights.  We are forced to stay at home with the promise that’s it’s in our best health interests.  That’s not a quarantine if you aren’t sick.  It’s a scare tactic to put you in house arrest.  Stripping your first amendment rights by not allowing you to speak out.  Suddenly all sorts of government representatives have emergency powers.  Which they have used to shutdown businesses, schools and your right to protect yourself.  So there they have your second amendment rights in their hands.  They plan to crush them.

Your right to make a living is quashed because you might get sick.  You might die.  I’ve already shown you there are far more dangerous things out there.  So why this?  Your 5th amendment is withheld.  But it’s OK if you don’t want to cook or have stores to keep sustenance at home in case of an emergency.  Essential workers and fast food will hop to your demands.  Yes, that was sarcasm.  What an odd thing to keep fast food alive.  God I pray to find a new job soon.  I digress.  More info here.

The media has most people fooled.  The left (and a handful of the right) are coming for your rights and we need to stop them.  Protect the constitution, protect your god-given rights.  If we don’t, they will take them away completely.

But they’ll pacify you with money in the short term.  Just to keep you from noticing what’s really going on.  Hence I’m still working even though I could just sit at home and collect that money (oh I’m trying, but I doubt I’ll get any – save for the $1200 everyone got).



Going to back the GOA

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Gun Owners of AmericaI’m thankful for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the training I got.  It’s been over 3 years since I got my license and I’ve never missed a day carrying.

Like most new gun owners, I signed up for the NRA blindly thinking they were going to have my back to keep my rights.  That was my fault for not investigating them first.  Over the years I’ve received numerous calls asking for more money.  Tons of mail from them asking for more money.  The amount of paper, ink and postage they go through must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  Money they could’ve kept by doing email campaigns.  Granted they’ve done that too.

They are like a badly run church.  Always pleading for more money.  Though when you start to look at the pastor, he’s in a nicer car, a nicer house and nicer clothes.  But the church is still in disrepair.  So when I watch the news, it seems the NRA don’t always have our best interests at heart.  I hear bad things about what the higher ups have done with the money they get from members and donors.  There was a period at the start of Bloomberg flipping Virginia and the beginning of CORVID-19 stuff that the democrats started running the gun grabbing game hard and the NRA was no where to be found.  I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

I’m sadly sometimes lazy, but I finally started to take a good hard look around and found that the NRA isn’t what I had hoped it would be.  They also are not the only game in town to defend our Second Amendment rights.  There are a few out there.  The one that got my attention is the Gun Owners of America (GOA).  These guys aren’t playing around.  They are a no nonsense, no compromise association to defend our rights.  At least I hope they are.  Actions speak louder than words.  I like what I see so far.  So when my NRA membership comes due, they’ll cancel me because I closed out that credit card.  I’ll then start backing the GOA and see how they lead us to hopefully victory over the gun grabbing democrats and liberals.  I’ll also be joining the USCCA to protect myself in the event I use my gun to protect myself and/or my loved ones.Trump 2020