You Gotta Want It!!

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You Gotta Want ItI’ve come to a realization in the past couple of years.  If you want to defeat a habit, make a life change or defeat an addiction.  You gotta want it.  Really want it.  Not just say it’s something you hope to achieve.  Not some useless New Years Resolution.  You have to make yourself commit and make it happen.  Sure friends or family may help you.  Generally speaking, they really won’t be much help, if at all.  They may remind you, harp on you or even drive you insane with it.  But in the end.  It’s you and you alone that has to make it happen.

I have done some damn amazing things in the past year alone.  One or two I did years ago because it was going to kill me if I didn’t.

In this past year (2020), I have achieved:

In the past 8 years, I have achieved:

  • Being 100% self sufficient (I rely on no one to live my life)
  • Freed myself from a toxic, money draining and unfaithful relationship

In 2009 I achieved:

  • Quit smoking for good

I tried patches, cutting back and a number of other ways.  In the end, I simply quit without any help other than my desire to not smoke anymore.  Period.  I got angry and just did it.

I’m on a roll and I’m not stopping.  I encourage you to stop wishing for change and make it happen.  In the end, you gotta want it.



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Marriage OnlyWhy do so many women obsess about marriage?  I made the mistake of trying to curb my loneliness recently by trying to date again.  Date.  Not get married.  Hopefully fall in love.  Isn’t that the idea?  Love.  Love will hold you together.  At least that’s what I want.

Love should conquer all, but I’ve only ever seen it last until the money runs out that she spent on shit we don’t need.  Or she finds a new dick to climb.

I can’t count the number of times I heard things like, “I’ll always love you”, “No matter how bad things may get, I’ll stick by you”, “Forever yours”, “You’re my one and only”.  Only to find them in bed with someone else.  One of them still thinks I’m clueless about it 😈

I know I’m not alone, there are hundreds of YouTube channels and websites about it.

Well this time I’m keeping my money sweet-cheeks.  You can’t have it.  Even if it’s true love, we’ll live like roommates.  If, you truly love me, you’ll be content with that as I’ll likely spend my spare money to make you happy anyway.  I refuse to let it or you ruin me financially again.  I’m doing good and I don’t intend to relent my success in the name of “love”.

I’ve had to build myself back up time and time again after this thing called marriage.  To tell me not wanting to get married makes me a horrible person, makes you a controlling bitch.  Marriage is nothing more than a contract that basically says, if the woman becomes unhappy, she can fuck your finances, take half and more of your money, take the house you worked hard to get and suck you dry the rest of your life.  I got lucky the first three times only coming out with bankruptcies on their crazy ass spending habits.  That, and being homeless.  I haven’t the faintest clue why I considered it a forth time a few years ago.  I must have been high.

Listen ladies who are in your 40’s and 50’s, chances are you’ve been divorced before.  Once or twice.  Possibly more.  You know marriage doesn’t mean love.  Hasn’t in a long time.  Subsequent marriages are statistically higher in failure rate.  So why are you still insisting on marriage?  Seems to me, you know it will lock the man into financial security for you.  Therefore you plan to fuck him over.  NO FUCKING THANK YOU!

Here’s how a marriage license should read.

Dearest husband, if any of the following apply:

  • I get bored
  • I become unhappy
  • You so much as look at another woman in a way I don’t approve
  • I find better cock
  • I find better money
  • You don’t give me what I want
  • You become disabled, and I don’t want to care for your feeble ass
  • Forget any anniversary, birthday or holiday gift
  • You don’t make enough money

I get to take 1/2 of AYS (All Your Shit), plus the house and the nicest car we have.  As well as make you pay out the ass for me to fuck other guys/girls and take your kids while turning them against you.  Oh and you have to pay for them too.

I worked hard for what I got.  You can have my heart…   If you are worthy.  The rest is mine.  Love should keep us together just fine.  Not a piece of paper and insanely expensive jewelry.

Oh… and if I end up on disability because of my levels of pain and that’s throws you into a tizzy, then I know you were only concerned with the money honey.  What’s that you women always say?  My body, my choice!



Got on Keto

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Down 40 PoundsI didn’t really say anything on here, but I told co-workers.  I just wasn’t ready to go crazy with this until I was sure it was working.  I’ve lost 40 pounds doing the Keto Diet.  To be specific, Cyclical Keto.  Where I give myself 1 cheat day or in my case, one cheat meal per week.

I started this diet on June 15 and as of today have lost a total of 40 pounds.  I should be more excited as this is fairly substantial.  I’m not too excited as I let things get out of control for a while.

A few years back when I was doing daily walks, I had lost 50 pounds in total.  I weighed 310 pounds.  That’s when I had my first heart attack.  It took me nearly a year to lose those 50 pounds.  I’ve damn near done that in just 3 months this time around.

The problem I have is that after my heart attacks (3) in 2012, I could hardly walk to the end of the drive way and back (like a 10th of a mile long driveway).  It took weeks to get to walk normal distances again.  I still can’t lift a whole lot for whatever reason.  Plus, now my right knee is damaged and won’t be repaired until I lose more weight.

I’m getting close to the weight were I collapsed with a heart attack and oddly I’m scared that it will happen again.  I realize it shouldn’t matter this time as I have my stents and the doctor says I’m actually in pretty good condition despite my weight.  (unlike my doctor who swore I would be dead in two years) 😡  I guess he was trying to motivate me.  I took it literally and basically accepted it as fact.  The whole reason I quit my work from home job is from guilt of not dying and he was paying good money for me to work in a different state.  Jason is an amazing person, I’ll always be thankful for what he’s done for me.  I just didn’t want to keep taking advantage if I wasn’t holding up my end of the bargain as it were.

So yeah, I should be more excited about my weight loss.  I’m always untrusting and skeptical these days.  Hopefully I’m wrong and can lose enough weight in a year to get my knee fixed and live a number of years more.

If I get down far enough, I think I’ll reward myself with a leather jacket.  What do you think?

Leather Jacket


Thou Shalt Not Take My Rights

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Smith Wesson MP 15 Sport IIFirstly educate yourselves.  An AR-15 is NOT the most used murder weapon.  It’s a semi-automatic rifle with fancy black plastic to make it look tactical.  You can buy similar hunting versions with wooden accessories.  Shoots the same ammo.

Those of you who support the ban of guns to average law abiding citizens, are doing absolutely nothing to take guns away from criminals.  You are simply enabling them.

By taking away our rights to keep and bear arms is to say that:

  • A rape victim must simply lay down and take it
  • A murder victim must struggle the best they can and hope they win or die painfully
  • Every parent must stand idly by and watch their child die when his/her life has been taken by a criminal
  • Every business owner must forfeit his/her livelihood and possibly their lives when their establishment has been robbed or looted
  • For home and business owners to stand defenseless in the face of these rioters who threaten their very lives
  • For home owners to allow the home the invested time and money into to be robbed and family member hurt or possibly killed during a robbery

Blue Lives MatterThe average police response time is 7 – 10 minutes.  It takes less than seconds for a criminal to ruin lives.  Do you want to wait for them?  Trust me, you don’t.  You wish to defund the police or in some cities, disband them all together.  So, who’s going to protect you?

I signed up to protect those I love and those around me.  If you go forward with removing the protection of the police, I’m less likely to want to protect you.  Especially since you’re trying to remove a layer of protection I respect and need.


What the anti-gun community doesn’t understand and doesn’t see the facts before them.  Gun control as they see it will never work.  In cities with the most gun control, have the highest crime.  The now lawless towns letting looters and rioters take over have gun control and no control over their city.

What they also don’t understand, in this country, is that if they outlaw guns; they will turn millions of lawful Americans into criminals overnight.  If pushed we will fight back.  Don’t push us.



The World in Turmoil

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DiceIf you compared a human to a rock, the similarities of how we become who we become apparent in time.  What makes us what we are today, is how we were shaped as time moved on.  Things that happened to us would add dirt or remove some surface over time.  The people we interact with can change our shape ever so slightly or tragic events can remove larger portions, turning us into a different shape completely.

I’m a man of many many thoughts.  I have a huge array of talents.  I have so many moods these days it would make most peoples head spin trying to keep up with me.  I have had my share of triumphs and tragedies.  In some cases, more tragedies than one person should ever withstand.  Still I am who I am.  I don’t intend to change.  I think of myself as a decent person, though I’ve grown weary in trying to trust others.  I don’t see that changing.  My rock has become more like a multi-sided die.  One I constantly roll to see what comes up next.

I have witnessed the world I live in.  A world in complete turmoil and I don’t understand why so many choose to watch the world fall apart rather than do something.  But before my rock turns to dust, I want to see it set right.

Suddenly everything is wrong.  When all my life it was fine.  People are now telling you to change how you think, how you talk, how you act.  Otherwise you are a racist, insensitive, micro-violent person.  What the actual fuck?  If you don’t immediately agree with these people they will throw a temper tantrum and lose their shit over it.  Having opinions of your own is not allowed.  You are no longer allowed to speak your mind.

These people want to take your right to free speech.

What’s worse is the government and businesses are jumping on board to bow down to all this incredible nonsense.

Two years ago, if you told me you were gay, I’d say cool and move on with my life.  If you told me you aren’t a woman but a man-goat, I would raise an eyebrow and shake my head and walk away.  I wouldn’t irritate you with your life choices.  Doesn’t mean I believe in any of it.  To me it’s a mental sickness.  Dr. Cretella breaks it down in this video.

But I left you alone to live your life as you choose.  Now you come to me and threaten me if I don’t change my ways and agree with how you see life.  No, I won’t.  I’ll fight.  If you do it to a child, it’s child abuse.  If they want to do it, fine.  Let them grow up first.

I’m glad I live in a small town.  I used to live in a larger city.  Right now that city is experiencing riots and protests.  The media will tell you it’s peaceful.  Yet you can search the internet and find it’s far from it.  Someone is controlling what the majority sees.

Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter Rioters are trying to change the world and they are doing it through violence and fear.  What makes them any better than any other extreme terrorist groups?

Yes, bad cops should be removed and punished.  But de-funding or disbanding the police completely is a moronic idea.  You think things are bad now?  Strap the fuck in, it’s going to get worse if you do that.

Unfortunately, if these loopy Leftists and Libtards get their way, the police will no longer be around to help.  You’ll have to protect yourself or lay down and die.  Neither are good choices.  If the Right and the Conservatives don’t get off their asses soon, it’s going to be up to the rest of us to handle the situation.  It may be a very long, lawless winter.  Are you prepared?

These people want to take your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.

And because we didn’t do what we should’ve done when these radical youths were children.  This is what we get.

This is insanity.

We could have stopped them at age six with a spanking.

We could have stopped them at age 15 with a school expulsion.

We could have stopped them at age 20 with principled professors who stood their ground.

We could have stopped them two weeks ago with the simple application of local police. But that was somehow deemed “racist.”

Now we’re going to have to stop them with force. Otherwise, we will be ruled by a crybully class of screaming sociopaths who destroy everything in their path.

I have my beliefs and you don’t get to tell me what I’ve known all my life to be true is wrong just because you have feelings.

These nutjobs are destroying the Nuclear Family.  These unhinged children are trying to erase history in the name of “racism”.  Tradition is being removed in place of some world where bathroom designations are a national issue.

We are not going to change the world back by posting videos and writing things on Facebook.  Or even a blog.

I only write here to warn you, I will stand up for my freedoms.  I want my America back.


Look Twice

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Look TwiceI just want to say I love motorcycles.  I spent much of my youth on power lines trails and dirt roads and trails.  I even hit the road a few times.  My best friend had a motorcycle, a street bike and he never once offended me with his riding.  I was more of a off-road/enduro kind of guy.

I want to say most bikers don’t bother me, but that would mean the majority follow the rules or are at the very least considerate.  I’m gonna have to say … maybe 50/50 or more like 40/60 with the minority number being the good guys.  A lot of riders turn into assholes from the moment their bum hits the seat.

I was planning on using footage from my dash cam to prove my point with a video, but it got fried in the summer sun last year.  I have yet to replace it, but I caught all sorts of moving violations…  Here’s some examples.

When it comes to motorcyclists, it seems the white and yellow lines on the roads are not to keep you in your lane.  They are specifically for the motorcycles so they can go twice as fast through traffic.

If you’re in a group of motorcycles, you can run red lights and stop signs.

Harley riders love that loud engine sounds.  It doesn’t matter it’s well over 120dB (decibels).  Did you know you can lose your hearing if sound is over 80dB?  But it gets louder if they are going under a bridge?  Motorcyclists live by some apparently mandatory rules for loud pipes.

And you as a rider must follow these strict rules for making sure everyone knows you’re right next to them:

  • You must rev your engine sitting still.
  • You must rev your engine when there is a baby sleeping; whether it’s in the car or in the house nearby.
  • Revving your engine next to a car is a must.
  • Also regularly in private neighborhoods where many people are sleeping because they work nights and you’re driving during the day.
  • Also rev your engine if there’s a migraine sufferer nearby.

Remember to always look twice, because (most) motorcyclist are assholes.


Mid 2020 Updates

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Yeah updates are lacking lately as nothing really fun is going on.  Unfortunately the last several posts have been rather negative.  I really didn’t want to continue down that road as the world is in enough trouble with riots, screwy laws and hyper-obsessive politicians.

So just some words as to the few things happening in my life.  Some are exciting, others are exciting to just me I suppose.

So as mentioned a few times, besides working myself into the ground, this plandemic has been rather good in the income department.  Thus I’m looking to buy a house finally.  Meaning I’ve rebuilt my credit completely and have a loan approval.  Hard part is finding something I can afford in the location I want.

My music collection is nearly complete, just waiting on things to get shipped to the distributor so they can ship them to me.  I gave up on the amp cabinet from Germany.  It’s been almost 3 months and nothing.  I’m sure they all blame Covid.  I’ve been up and at’em every day since the start.  I find that no excuse.  Of course I have to wait until said house is bought so I can actually put them up to play them.

I’ve actually made a new friend 😊  It’s kind of exciting to me.  I haven’t made any true friends in a number of years.  I can say one I made years ago actually remembered my birthday, unlike some relatives I have.  My new friend is a budding writer and I’ve managed to read some of her work.  Very impressive!  And I’m not saying that just to suck-up.  It’s really good.

It’s been 7 months since I finally ditched World of Warcraft for The Elder Scrolls Online.  I’m totally happy there.  I can finally lay my old toons to rest.  I know, I know…  I’ve said that so many times before and end up running back.  I swear to the good lord above, this time I’m done.

Introducing the new Theodas!

Theodas Bloodthorn – Necromancer/Vampire
Theona Helwood – Sorcerer/Vampire

Anyway, that’s about it.  Still waiting for things to settle down so I can spend more time with the kids.  Seems like I’m always waiting for a chance to do that.  Hopefully things will happen positively soon.  I’ve become insanely impatient for all the nonsense to end and resume life as I know it.


F***ing Tourists!

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F***ing Tourists!

When I was a child, this town had one traffic light.  Growing up here, I used to love this town.  Never really thought about going to the places I’ve gone.

As I grew up, this town did too.  Sure we had a couple of golf courses and ski resorts.  No big deal, you could still go to the beach or the camp ground and it was nice and enjoyable.

Since I’ve moved back from Virginia, I’ve grown a hatred for living here.  Not just because of the snow, but because of all the tourists!  The fucking tourists!!

Apparently the elders of this town saw dollar signs when they realized we are the center of Northern Lower Michigan.  This used to be a lovely small town.  Now it’s expanded and we keep adding restaurants, motels and events.  Before the virus that everyone fears irrationally, you couldn’t hardly use main street.  We’ve held Basketball Tournaments in the streets, School Sporting Events all Summer Long, Air Shows, Christian Concerts that last for days and so much more.  What used to be our simple County Fair and Alpenfest celebrations went from being something to enjoy with the family to the nightmare of parking and costs as well as Alpenfest turned into the largest yard sale with rides.  Wall to wall assh… I mean people.  Our hotels are packed.  Going shopping is better off done out of town in the smaller towns east and west of us.  It’s worth the drive to go out to eat so you don’t have to wait for a table.

Even with the virus, our town is flooded with tourists.  Restaurants can’t keep up with the business.  I see people driving from hotel to hotel looking for a vacancy.  We are building two more hotels as I write this.  It’s insane.

And the trailers.  Holy fuck sticks the trailers!!!  Boat trailers, camper trailers, snowmobile trailers, jet ski trailers, cargo trailers and others.  (I’ll never say a bad thing about livestock trailers as I have a deep respect for our farmers.)  As a driver, I have to dodge these assholes all day.

Between street repair and roads being closed, and the lack of parking, the traffic, the packed state and county parks and the people wandering across the streets not using our crosswalks we paid thousands of dollars to add…  I’m about to lose my mind.

I look forward to the slow season.  I miss this town being closed on Sunday.  I miss the quiet walks I used to take along Main Street in the early hours of the day.

Now all I want to do is leave.  I plan on it.  Until then, I plan on showing my distaste for what this town has become.  A tourist whore hole.  Click the image above to buy a shirt!


Big Business vs Small Business

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Big Business vs Small BusinessI really miss my old job (small company).  I really hate my current one (large chain).


When you work for a large chain or major corporation.  You feel as if your dealing with an Overlord or a group of Masters who dominate your every move.

They micromanage every detail of your work life and you can easily tell that decisions made in the upper ranks were done via a board meeting made up of people who haven’t worked in the real world in a very long time.  Because things passed down and pushed upon their workers makes little to no sense at times.

When I worked in a large company, I didn’t have my own desk.  I didn’t even have a cubicle.  I had a half cubicle shared thing.  So when I sat at my desk, it was also someone else’s desk.

You have to wear similar clothing to everyone else.  Or in the case of a large chain, you have to wear a uniform.  God forbid you forgot your hat.  You’ll have a manager up your ass about it in moments.  Sometimes multiple managers.  You do this enough times, and they will write you up for the offense.  It’s a fucking hat.  As long as I have a hat that’s non-offensive, it shouldn’t be cause for an uproar.  But if you do this enough times, you’ll be fired for it.  Doesn’t mean two shits if you are on time, all the time; never miss work and always do a good or better job.  You violated the uniform guide and that’s enough to replace you with Joe Idiot who always comes to work dressed right even though he’s dumb as a rock and is always late.

Large companies have reports and sometimes daily expectations of production and time management.  You have to produce so much in so little time or you are no longer worth it.  You must do this with pinpoint accuracy.  Don’t forget the TPS cover sheet 😉

Everything you do gets wrapped up in a book you get when you’re hired.  They call it an Employee Handbook.  It’s the rules for the one ring they wear to rule you.  You don’t even get a ring unless it’s part of your retirement package.  You’re just meat that makes money for the overlords.

The calls..  The freaking calls.  I’m constantly being called if I can come in early because work is so behind because of all the…  call outs!!  No one really enjoys being a peon in a big company or large corporate chain.  So inevitably, people call out.  When they do, the person who is reliable gets abused by always calling on them to cover the missing work.  They will tell you it’s because they appreciate you.  How can anyone feel appreciated when they are simply worked to death?  That’s not appreciation, it’s abuse.  Want to appreciate someone?  Give them a bonus at random.  Or a token gift.

For the dumbest of reasons many times:

  • Mentally sick
  • Have important personal business (is actually streaming gamer who forgot his/her schedule promised to their viewers)
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend is sick and I need to take care of them
  • I’m overwhelmed at home
  • I thought it was my day off
  • I only got 2 hours of sleep because of a party I was at last night
  • I broke my phone and had to get a new one right away

To name only a few…


When you work for a small business.  You know the owner, you get to have conversations and give feedback so that your daily job is more sensible and at times comfortable.  More often than not, you get to know their spouse and children.  Even get invited to a cookout or a drink once in a while.

Generally speaking, you can come to work in any decent clothing you own.  So long as it’s not some crap offensive shirt or jeans with holes in them.

I’ve had my own workspace in most instances.  Nice office and desk.  My own workstation.  I even used to bring my laptop with me daily to help handle things at one of my jobs.

Customers have a more pleasant experience as you really get to know them.  You can recall things about them in a business that doesn’t deal with thousands of nameless faces.  When a customer does have a problem, you as the peon have so much more power to make them happy.  Because you know what your boss would do as you’ve gotten to know them and the customer.

I will always prefer working at a small business.  You feel like part of a family.  Everyone is respected and appreciated.  Corporate and large chains are just overloads with minions under their feet.

I don’t recall to many call outs at small businesses unless they were legit.  My last small business I worked from home for the last 3 years. My boss was so kind to me, he let me move to a different state and spent money on a business license and such so that I could still work for him.  That is amazing.  No big business would do that unless you had some serious clout.

Working from home, I couldn’t call out unless I was heading to the hospital.  But I wouldn’t do that to a small business I enjoyed working for anyway.  I’m the kind of person that will suck it up and work when I’m sick, but not sick enough to see a doctor.  In the past 5 years, I’ve called out once.

Big companies I’ve worked for rarely give out bonuses unless you’ve somehow gone above and beyond to make them more money.  Small businesses often give you a gift or a small bonus check simply to show they really like having you as an employee.

Small businesses make you feel important and part of the overall experience.  I love and miss that feeling.


Mysteries of Life

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Detective DennyWell the mysteries of my life anyway.  Things I don’t understand why they keep happening.  Yet, for some forsaken reason beyond even my genius level of knowledge, they do.

Contacting Me

During conversations, I end up telling people who somehow manage to be involved in my life, when I work.  It never seems to fail though.  As soon as I clock into my work, my phone starts blowing up with texts from family and calls from my medical providers.

Same thing happens when I think I’m totally alone for an hour if you catch my drift.

Same thing happens when I’m trying to catch some early sleep because I was up at the crack of dawn.  Or I want to sleep in because I didn’t come home until 2am.

However, when I have nothing going on at all.  {insert sound of crickets}

Bluffing Me

People love to tell me they read all my posts.  Yet when I posted months ago I had left Google and Facebook…  It wasn’t until just a week or so ago when people finally started to notice I was gone.

“Did you delete your Facebook?”

….and I couldn’t be happier.  About leaving Facebook that is.  The fact they don’t actually read my site just proves to me they are too lazy to make the extra two clicks to bookmark/favorite my site, and visit it once a week.

Being Where I Am

Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on a deserted road or in the busiest shop.  Wherever I am, that’s where someone else wants to be.  I’m pulling onto a road that gets little to no traffic, yet just as I get to the corner, I have to wait for the one lone car coming.

I’m at Walmart.  I don’t mess around when I’m there.  I get what I need and get out before the drooling zombie monkeys can get me.  I go to grab a can of beans and an arm reaches in front of me to get one too.  Like what the fuck folks?  Back the fuck off.

Being a Massive Pain in My Ass

So…  when I moved in my current place.  It was only suppose to be for a couple of months or so.  Life had other plans and my savings got eaten by my truck.

Thus I’m still here.  Hopefully not for much longer 😉

In that time I ended up talking to the neighbor girl.  I can’t remember if she was already here when I moved in, or if she moved in after me.  Anyway, she seemed a bit different, and I didn’t really say much.

As time went on, we started talking and I would constantly offend her.  I have a dark humor of which I’m proud of.  I make people laugh.  She’s one of those proud, “I’ve been saved from my wicked ways Baptists.”.  Fine.  I try to get along as she is my neighbor.

Time goes on she would go with me on my exercise walks even though I tend to piss her off.  On occasion I’d invite her to hang out and watch a sunset.  Or get ice cream.  I’m just trying to be a friendly person.  I’m over relationships and just want to be content in my new MGTOW life.  Frankly I pretty much am.  Except I could use a FWB, that is hopefully involved else-wise so I don’t have to worry about them becoming clingy.

After a year of this weird hey lets hang out then not want to talk to me because I made a dark or dirty joke as I do thing.  I get a text saying, “I think I’m in trouble.”.


She likes me.  I had no idea to what extent, but she happened to catch me when I was feeling lonely being new to the not wanting a relationship thing.  I said, we can date.

It lasted three weeks.  Three weeks.  During which time she was a completely different person.  Someone I knew nothing about.  I spent the whole time confused.  This was not the innocent Baptist girl I met.

During that time, I had to stop her from telling me she loved me.  She had already mentioned the possibility of marriage; even though she knew I didn’t want to get married again.  And holy shit clingy.  I did not feel the same.  I did not feel anything for her.  Other than I really wished I would’ve said no to dating.

So I confess I didn’t feel anything and that we should just remain friends.  I should’ve known that wasn’t going to happen.  A few more weeks went by and she would come over and watch me play drums or whatever.  But she couldn’t hide her tears of still wanting to be with me.  Or I’d hear softly spoken words of, “I just don’t understand.”.  Then she’d try to do something I hate.  I mean really hate.  Tickling me.

It only took 2-3 times of this before I got so pissed off I finally said, “Go find something else to do!”, and I damn near pushed her out my door.

Since then I avoid her.  I don’t make eye contact.  I don’t speak to her.  I blocked her on my phone.  I think people today call that Ghosting.  I don’t know how else to deal with it as she just didn’t listen to me.  Ever heard of no means no?


  • I don’t want to date
  • I don’t want you touching me
  • I don’t want anything to do with you anymore

I’ve always wanted a girl to be crazy about me.  Not be bat-shit crazy 😳

Unfortunately she lives next door.  I take deliveries to her work and for some reason she now works when I do.  She used to work opposite shifts of me.  She knows when I work just by my truck being gone for more than an hour.

Recently she saw me at her work and tried to get me to talk.  I quickly said, “hi” and left without breaking my stride.  The other night she ordered food from my work.  I made sure a different driver took it.

Just leave me alone, please.  For fuck sake.