It’s An Omen!

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o•men ō′mən – n.

  • A phenomenon supposed to portend good or evil; a prophetic sign.
  • n. – Prognostication; portent.
  • transitive verb – To be a prophetic sign of; portend.

So, I haven’t purchased a store built computer since Gateway Computers outsourced my job in 2001.  I have taken pride in carefully building my own custom gaming rig.  The past few years it looked like so:

My Gaming Rig

Admittedly the image is horribly disproportionate.

So anyway, mother needed a new computer in a bad way.  Mostly because I would get frustrated doing anything on it as it was so slow.  So I started putting feelers out that I was looking for a used computer I could upgrade to be decent.  Not looking to spend a ton of money.  My coworker said he’d look at his work.  His day job is the hospital.  I get a text the next day saying, “I have a gift for you.”.

Intrigued, I get to work that night and he hands me a never used HP Omen 25L

  • Intel Core i7 10700F @ 2.90GHz Comet Lake (6 core/6 threads)
  • HyperX® 16 GB DDR4-2933 XMP SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)
  • 1TB Samsung EVO 980 M.2 SSD Hard Drive (My upgrade)
  • HP Dorado Motherboard H470
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti (6 GB GDDR6 dedicated)
  • Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Front Bezel Shadow Black Glass, Dark Chrome Logo
  • 500 W Bronze efficiency power supply
  • Realtek Wi-Fi 5 (2×2) and Bluetooth® 5 combo, MU-MIMO supported

Value – $1600

Still in warranty no less 😁

You certainly don’t look at a gift this significant in the mouth per se.


My Gaming Rig


This image is much more spot on and looks more proportionate.

So far this computer has been amazing!  I’m sure I’ll upgrade it a few years before replacing it again.  But it is the first computer I’ve ever had that has a window and RGB.  Something I found frivolous in the past.  Like my muscle cars, it’s not about the flash and flare.  It’s about the raw performance 😈

Now mommy dearest can have my old rig.  At least I know it rocks in performance just fine and is way more than she needs 😁

Coincidentally, my second favorite guitar is also an Omen.  Omen-6 by Schecter.

Schecter Omen 6 White

Just sayin’ 😉  Maybe it’s an Omen…


One Year On Keto

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One Year On KetoI am not sure if I’ll continue talking about Keto after this.  Keto has been the most welcome change in my life.  There’s just not much left for me to say as I have lost 107 pounds this past year.  Today being the anniversary of when I started Keto.  I still have a long road and I’ll still update my chart until I hit my goal.  Maybe past it.

As I move on, I will make minor changes from being on a Keto diet to just calling all of this simply changes in my dietary intake.

It has been the best decision I’ve made.  Possibly ever.  As until recently.  Say, the past 8 years, I’ve been very unhappy with how my life turned out.  I’m managing to turn everything around one bit at a time.  I have three goals left to conquer.

  1. Buy a house
  2. Play in a concert (not just a bar or garage)
  3. Find someone who fits me

I’m working hard on it!  See my progress here.


Sergeant Major Asshat

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Sergeant Major AsshatSergeant Major Asshat has got to be the absolute, biggest asshole I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.  When he introduces himself though, he thinks he is deserving of a cutesy nickname 😂

He does nothing all day but yell, drink beer and smoke weed.  Pretty much in that order.  The man is completely incapable of using a normal tone/volume.  He has to shout and yell every time his mouth opens.  Unfortunately, I hear every single conversation, rant, racial slur and opinion.  He says fuck more times in 20 minutes than the entire South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut movie.

I realize where I live attracts the worst kind of people.  In all my years, all my travels around this globe and back; never have I imagined coming across anyone like him.  I’ve only ever see him leave his the property to get more beer.

Amazingly he’s managed to make friends with a couple people here.  Even one he fights with and has on occasion called him the dreaded N Word repeatedly.  (and yes, the person in question is black)  So Sergeant Major Asshat is racist as fuck to boot.

Always touting he was a United States Marine for 10 FUCKING YEARS!!!  Seriously, anyone who has to declare that in such an angry tone all day every day, no longer deserves the respect he/she thinks they do.  He never misses an opportunity to puff up his chest in conflict with anyone who questions or disagrees with him.  He continually tries to pick a fight with a few of the neighbors.  Especially the one on the other side of him from me.

Among his favorite rants, he’s never been afraid of anything and never will be.  In my opinion he fears to have a respectful, adult conversation or debate.  From my perspective, he throws verbal temper tantrums equal to a 12 year old girl who isn’t getting her way.

He loves drama and will make it up if he has to.  Such as he’s convinced someone (possibly me) got up at 430am one night, just to knock on his door and run away quickly before he could see who it was.

  1. I would never engage with him (or anyone else) in such a childish manner.
  2. I haven’t run in years.  Bad knee, fat as fuck, etc…
  3. He would’ve heard my door close no matter how quietly I try to shut it.
  4. If he had any fucking brains, he would’ve noticed the 4 security cameras above him.  He could’ve just asked the maintenance man or landlord to check the footage.

I managed to ask him about it one night.  His response was a very drunken, “I don’t give a fuck motherfucker!  I was born to lead!  Not to follow!”.  I’ve no idea what that had to do with my query at all.  Frankly, he looks so old and wasted all the time, that most healthy people could take him in a fight.  Though I have no desire to fight anyone.  I just want to live in peace.  He makes that insanely hard to do.  Even when I have my windows and doors closed.  The air conditioner running.  Headphones on.  Yeah…  He’s that obnoxiously loud.

Frankly, I think he heard the noise in a dream because I never heard it and I live next door.  But in his rant and re-enactment to his peers, he had to pound on the table repeatedly to demonstrate how loud it was.  The walls are paper thin here, I heard the entire conversation.  He did it just to be a child in retaliation for something I would never do.

Don’t get me started on all the nights he’s up yelling and cursing until 2am or later.  Complete rude, uncaring fucktard.  I’ve tried to complain to the property manager.  So have others.  We just get told to call the police.  Which for noise, they won’t give help outside of the city limits.

I haven’t played my relatively quiet electronic drums in months because of him.  I tried to keep my playing between noon and 8pm to let others sleep.  But until he moved in, no one ever complained.  Sergeant Major Asshat threw an absolute temper tantrum.  I quickly apologized and knowing his temperament.  Rather than try to negotiate for hours it would be OK to do, I just stopped all together.  He’s never appreciated that.  Because he’s a massive twat.

I’ve done nothing but try to keep quiet and to myself.  That’s clearly not enough for him.

Lately, he’s taken to harassing the other delivery drivers that come around.  Yelling that their cars are too loud.  That this is private property and he’ll call the cops.  I guess he doesn’t want anyone else getting food except for him.  It’s an apartment complex.  People invited the delivery driver to come.  So Sergeant Major Asshat has zero authority.

Fuck sakes I can’t wait to get my own house.  Though because of him, I am moving out today.  I can’t take it anymore.


Dear Denny Circa 1984,

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Reverse TimeDear younger self,

I’m writing you to give you some advice that will save you wasting your life away and living in absolute misery.

Firstly, at around 16; you’ll start thinking how you want to have a family.  A wife and children.  Buy a house and grow old with the one you love.  I’m telling you now, give up on marriage and children.  You’re a horrible judge of character in women and it turns out small children drive you nuts anyway.  It’s ok to be the uncle to your friends kids.  Maybe a god parent.  They are fun in short bursts.  With your knowledge of kids songs, your ability to do voices and be funny, you’ll be entertaining to them.

Instead go get a vasectomy right out of high school.  Well, as soon as you turn 18.  You graduate at 17.  When Tammy tries to hook you up with a lonely but not so smart girl, say no thank you.  Also, that girl that saw you changing through your window and hollered at you…   Don’t.  Just fucking don’t.  Whoever you lose your virginity too, be very careful until you get your nuts clipped.  You don’t want kids or the payments.  There are plenty of girls you hang around with who are worth the second look.  Grow some balls and ask them out.

Right this minute, you need to stop eating all that junk food.  Your metabolism will leave you soon and you’ll blow up like a fucking elephant with diabetes.  I can’t tell you the future of what it’s called, but work on a low-carb, high protein and vegetable diet.  Maintain your health by walking and riding a bike.

Learn to shoot a gun, buy a gun and learn self defense.  Shooting guns is fun anyway.

Go by Denny and not your real name.  It will save you a shit-ton of bullying and nonsense.  Don’t let some girl tell you how cool your real name is if you’re dumb enough to tell her.  In fact, just have your name changed to Denny and avoid all that shit.

Grow a beard.  The one you have in the future I think is called a circle beard.  You’ll need this as your hairline is already receding.

Learn to track your money and never ever, let anyone else handle your shit.  It’s scary at first, but trust me, you’re really good at it.  Trust me, you don’t want to go through the shit that happens when you let anyone else handle it!

Embrace your humor.  In the future it makes you money.  People may think your humor is weird now.  You’re just ahead of your time 😀

You’re a kinky and horny fucker.  Embrace that shit!  Maybe become a porn star since you suck at relationships.  Failing that, try to become an escort for a high-end female customers.  You’ve got a talented tongue (for more than just talking) and that book you find at the library gives you some great tips.  Trust me, you’ll see.  Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly.  By the time year 2020 rolls around, anything that you think is kinky, will be mild by comparison of all the crazy shit going on in that year and beyond.  Let’s just say you’ll have a hard time with a lot of it.  Just be yourself and let everyone else do their weird shit.  It’s the only way to get along here in the future.  You really get into DDLG/ABDL Ageplay.

Along with a bunch of other fun stuff 😉

Also, in the early 2000’s a phenomenon called pop-punk will take a hold of music when skate boarding kids become huge.  You will fall in love with it!  Enjoy!  I waited too long to start getting into it, but it’s making a come back here in 2020/2021

Finally.  Remember when your parents wanted to get to to learn guitar?  But you wanted to learn drums?  Do it!  Do both!  Practice hard.  Get good.  Be multi-talented.  You can do some cool shit in the future if you are versed in many things.  Playing a concert if you can.  Make friends with musicians.  Especially since the friends you made will fall away from you mostly.

Last but not least…  Learn computers and such.  Just don’t make it your life work.  You’ll end up hating it if you do.


Lost Rationale

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Two Hour Wait For FoodI really don’t understand customers in this time we live in.  We aren’t as locked down as we once were.  Yet over a year later, they will wait upwards of two hours for food.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the money I’m making.  Though what I don’t enjoy are the:

  • Complaints from customers because they had to wait for hours
  • Working harder because we lack people to work
  • Working longer hours because so many customers no longer want to cook for themselves

During the initial lockdown, it was completely understandable to be busy because people were cooped up and didn’t want to cook on hot days.  Then the lockdowns relaxed and the tourists went wild and flooded our tourist trap town.

It has been over a year now, with no signs of slowing down.  What the fuck????  Normally we die down twice a year and things are boring.  This plandemic seems to have changed the game completely.

No one seems to want to cook anymore.  I work so much, I’d love a home cooked meal more often.  I’m sick of seeing my work place.  A vacation would be nice if we could afford to be without a person for more than a day.

It doesn’t help at all that Uncle Bobo made it so the average person now makes $31,200 per year sitting on their ass at home without having to take a drug test or even glance at work.

Thus getting anyone to get a job with us when money is so easily given by the government.

It cracks me up we have a “news clipping” at work about how the workforce is smaller because of COVID fears.  That may be true, but only for a very small percentage.  The rest, and I know many personally, it’s because they can stay at home, eat fast food and get paid by Uncle Bobo.  It’s sickening.

This nonsense needs to be put to an end and get America back to business!


Plus let’s face it.  In two hours, I can prepare a meal, sit and enjoy it properly and have the mess cleaned up in far less time.  Stop being a bunch of lazy twats!!


100 Down!!

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100 Down!!I finally did it!  I finally lost 100 pounds!!  I’m so excited!

Seems like forever ago I decided to start Keto (June 15, 2020).  I didn’t let anyone know I tried it until September.  I wasn’t sure, like so many times I’ve tried things to lose weight before.  Like just walking daily.  Or switching meals to supposedly healthy frozen foods.  Ultimately bad for the heart with so much sodium to replace the lack of taste.

For me, Cyclical Keto is easy.  It’s good and I really don’t miss much as I can splurge once a week.  Sometimes I skip the splurge, but only because it’s shitty outside a lot of the time.

259Today I got on the scale and I’m actually 101 pounds down.  I had to do it a few times just to believe what I saw.  I’m so happy.

I will update this post with new photos of myself.  But turns out I no longer have the knack for taking selfies.  Not that I ever did.  Seems I only got lucky once.  Even then, it was with a professional film camera and a nice house to be in at the time.  So I’ll hire someone to take them (family or otherwise) in the next few weeks and update this post and my pics page.

I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal.  But I’m so happy to be this much closer 😀

Photos Courtesy of Laura Fowler 😀


Single Again

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Denny SingleSo as you can tell, I’m back on the market.  Jennifer and I lasted for 3 months, but we just didn’t jive as well as I had hoped.  Plus I did my same old thing of trying to fit her, rather than us having common interests.

It keeps happening to me.  No matter how I put my self out there; I can’t find anyone who is into the same things I am.  Not even one or two on my list.

Despite all that, I end up with the same thing here in Michigan.  Country music, camping, obsessions with social nonsense and crime TV shows.  Ever wonder why you’re single girls?  You’re boring!  At least from my point of view.  I don’t get off on beer, bonfires and whiny-ass country music.  The best match I once had fit me great, except her insatiable lust for having as many men as she could sleep with.  But that was in Virginia.  Here in Michigan I don’t know where to find a girl that fits me.  I guess only the country girls use online dating.

The upside for me, I’m still losing weight.  I’ve gone down 95 pounds and have lost 10 inches from my waistline.  My face is looking so much better.  Perhaps it’s time I seek new avenues of meeting people.  Such as the bar.  Should our shit-show state manage to keep businesses open long enough to enjoy it.  Though I don’t drink.  But I’ve no other ideas.  Dating sites have been a bust every single time.

Suggestions are welcome.


Grand Theft Auto Online 2021

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I still don’t know why I insist on playing this game.  Except the cars.  The killer, kick-ass cars.  I don’t play with anyone.  Most everyone else I know plays on fucking consoles.  Rockstar seems to do fuck-all about modders and griefers.  So generally I play alone in Solo Sessions (Hi Matt 😉)

Until the Toreador, I mostly played with my Amazon Prime Bonus and selling Peyotes.  The cars, not the plants!

Gang Peyotes

Gang Peyotes

My one garage just full of Peyotes.  It’s slow going.  Now that I have a Toreador, and Russian Sub.  I can make a bit more money to feed my growing habit.

Here’s the vehicles I have so far.

For now anyway.  I have plans for at least 3 more, possibly 4 😂  Come play with Theodaz sometime!




IMAP Alias Setup iOS 14

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So I use a ton of email aliases for reasons.  But I always forget how to get into the iOS settings for Mail to set them up.  Every time I search for it on the web, I come up with old information or others asking the same questions.

So here are the steps I use to get into the right place and add your aliases for your IMAP email setup.  I imagine it works for POP too, possible iCloud email.  I just have never tested it to say for sure.

01. Unlock your phone and tap SETTINGS

01 Tap Settings

02. Tap MAIL

02 Tap Mail03. Tap ACCOUNTS

03 Tap Accounts04.  Tap IMAP ACCOUNT

04 Tap IMAP Account05.  Tap the EMAIL of which you’ll be adding the ALIAS to

05 Tap Email To Add Alias06.  Tap EMAIL (again)

06 Tap Email Again07.  Finally, TAP Add Another Email.  This will be where you put the alias in.

07 Tap Add MailThen simply back out as it saves your changes.  Once you create a new email message in Mail, you can select the alias it will be from.  Be sure to have set the email alias up on your host prior.  These steps only work if the alias was already setup on the host side.

Hopefully this helps you 🙂


My Keto Fuck-up

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Keto Fat Bomb!Clearly I have impulse issues.  Especially when it comes to snacks.  Which is why the ONLY snack I allow myself to keep in the house is frozen strawberries.  Cookies, brownies and other confections (even the Keto friendly ones) are no longer allowed.

See my girlfriend, god bless her heart, decided to spoil me with Keto friendly treats.  Called Fat Bombs.  Good fats made into treats.  Portioned and individually wrapped.  Even though they are wrapped separately, I can’t eat just one.  Generally 3 was the most I’d do, but that was too much.

So I figured my weight loss has slowed way down.  Then it seemed to reverse.  I caught it at six pounds gained.  Nice as they taste, they are not for me.  I can’t control myself enough and my diet was working great prior.  Thus it’s back to my way and Jennifer will have to just love on me to spoil me.  So don’t expect much on April’s update of my Keto Diet Tracker.