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Denny DrummerIt’s just that time of year.  Seems to happen every year around this time.  So little going on.  With the weather being all hot and cold.  Even work is slow and boring.  It makes it hard to write since nothing is going on.  It’s when I start to consider shutting down this site.  I have like maybe five readers left I think.

I was going to write about the most irritating person I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet in my entire life.  Let’s just say she takes the definition of princess to a whole new level.  Like reality TV level.  But I figured that would be unwise.  I have to deal with this person, so instead I’ll just leave it at this.

I am working on perhaps a Valentine (not the psycho princess), but perhaps a princess in the nicer definition.  It’s too early to tell yet.

I do have some ideas floating on in my head.  But then again, when don’t I?  The trick is to go through with them.  Problem is I generally like to involve other people in my plans.  I think that is my downfall.

So my projects will now solely be based on my own abilities and perhaps invite people once in a while.  This way if I don’t expect too much, I won’t be let down.  Don’t get overly excited yet.  I need things and time to put it all together.  But maybe, just maybe I can pull this off.

Right now, there’s little else to do.

Also, in 6 days it will have been six years since I got out of the hospital 🙂


Another Move

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Another MoveAs much as I am not a fan of it, the time has come.  My lease is almost ended at my place in Aspen Commons.  I just finished moving out of my old place into a different one.  Between barely affording it and the fact that maintenance is slower than dirt and does minimal at best.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Plus I am not a fan of having roommates.

Plus I really don’t want another lease that starts and ends in the winter.  So in the interim, I moved into an efficiency apartment.  It’s just a motel room with a small sink and tiny fridge.  It’ll do.  Not sure about if I can practice or not here.  I haven’t talked to the neighbors yet.

Thanks to Chris Ostrander for helping me with moving my bed.  That thing is heavy as all hell.  Though it is comfy.  Speaking of, I may move it into my place as the bed here is like a damned brick.  I’ve put a pillow top mattress pad on it, but still could use a foam layer too.

My new place is surprisingly spacious.  I had gotten used to spending a lot of time in my bedroom, so this is comfy as far as room goes.  It’s affordable.  Internet leaves something to be desired.  But since it’s not listed as a residence, the ISP I had won’t install here.  Guess I’ll use my phone as a hot spot when I need critical access for doing bills and such.

This whole thing allows me to casually look for something nicer and fits me.


Teach Your Children

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Teach Your ChildrenI meet a lot of people.  Which is weird for a person who isn’t really into being social very much.  I especially love talking with the elderly and listening to their memories and thoughts.  They are so knowledgeable and polite most of the time.  Younger folks tend to be impatient and rude in comparison.  Not always, but certainly a lot more.  All too often I see newer parents handing their children the latest tech device and letting them go.  Back in my time, our parents were accused to letting the television raise us.  Today it’s smartphones and the internet.  There is no need to be a parent of a rude and stubborn child raised on YouTube stars known for their obnoxious antics.

I know I’m no all star parent.  Some things I failed at.  Looking back I wished I had tried harder.

Today’s parent has all new challenges to face on top of having to teach their children things they should know.  I won’t go into detail as I don’t want to start debates that aren’t on point with what I’m going to go over.

There are so many things that get overlooked when raising children.  Things I hope to spark when raising your own children.  Such as:

Teach your children to be patient.  Just the other day, I was told that a woman had a “Pissed off 10 year old because their order took an hour and a half to arrive.”  It’s the holidays, and we did tell them it would take that long.  But all I could think to myself was, “What kind of little impatient asshole are you raising?”.  If your kid is throwing a tantrum because they aren’t getting what they want when they want it, then something is wrong.

Which also means you should teach them they don’t always get what they want.  Sure it’s OK to be disappointed, but they also need to learn to accept it and move on.

Teach your children how to maintain their bicycle.  Put air in the tires and oil the chain.  How to check the brakes.  These things will come in handy when they own a car.  When that time comes, teach them to check and change the oil regularly.   I informed a woman that her tire was low and she broke down and cried because she didn’t know how to put air in it.

If you can, teach your child to drive a manual transmission car.  If anything, it will be an experience that will get the heart pumping!

Teach your children to be kind and courteous.  Even if they don’t agree with others opinions and beliefs.  There are all kinds of people in this world.  Try as we might, we don’t always like every person we encounter.  Sometimes we detest what they believe in.  That doesn’t mean we need to treat them poorly.  I personally despise blatantly stupid people.  But I rarely say anything to that person unless they are endangering myself or someone else.  Otherwise, just accept they are different, offer them a smile and move on.  If your child must get into a debate over a difference, teach them to be diplomatic and objective about it.  It does not mean they have to change their views, but they can certainly be kind about it.

Let them be kind to others by saying please and thank you.  Have them hold the door for a complete stranger regularly.

When your child sneezes or coughs, make sure to teach them to cover their mouth.  Explain how important it is to not spread their sickness to others and what they should do if they end up around someone else who is ill.

Make sure your child can read, write and do simple math.  Don’t let them slip into the thousands of children who have become adults who still can’t do those things.  They will thank you for it.

Teach your children the importance of money and how to handle your finances.  Well, that is if your finances are in order.  If not at least teach them to avoid mistakes you’ve made.  I’ve made my share of financial mistakes.  Now I walk a tight line and am proud to be better at handling money.

Teach them to appreciate the service others provide to them.  To say thank you and please when asking for something, getting help and being waited on.  They should appreciate their waiter or waitress who work for lower wages with a tip.  As well as their delivery person who brings them food in the freezing cold or miserable weather.  Have them know to give a prompt thank you to the person who dropped off the package at their door.

Teach your children to be creative.  Draw, paint, play musical instruments, dance, sports or anything that comes to mind.  Don’t let them just vegetate in front of a TV or computer all the time.  If I could go back, and do that, I probably wouldn’t be overweight.

Teach your children to pick up after themselves.  Not just their toys, or clothes.  But their trash.  Don’t let them litter.  Teach them to take care of their belongings.  Show them a beautiful world.  You don’t have to have an expensive house to have an impressive home.  I live in a cheap home.  Yet I get compliments on how clean it is.  How clean my truck is.  Nothing has to be immaculate, but if things are kept after most of the time, then major home cleaning is merely a quick chore instead of an all day project.

This list could go on, and I’m sure each of you who read this will have your own take on it.  By all means, have at it!  Happy New Year!



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AnonymityMerry Christmas everyone!  It’s been some years since I could say that with a decent level of sincerity.  Christmas generally isn’t my favorite time of year as it tends to end badly.  Plus my deep hatred for that white crap on the ground.  Though this year is far from perfect with family squabbles and a tightened budget.  I’m able to make the best of it this year.

While I am generally an open book kind of person, I only share what I want to share with you here and on Facebook.  Things I don’t mind people knowing.  I’ve always known that people can know more about you than you think.  Especially your ISP.  Maybe not the small ISP’s like the one I used to work for, but the big boys know a lot about you.  Where you bank, websites you frequent and on and on.

In a world where identity theft is rampant, and ransomware is a huge threat now.  Plus the script kiddies that can also find their way into your life.  I don’t want people to know things online like who I bank with or how I access my bills online.  I limit what people know of my health.  I share what exactly I want to share.  I don’t want anyone to snatch my social security number or drivers license information.

This is especially an issue with public internet connections.  Anyone could be watching.

Now I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to obliterate my online presence.  Essentially becoming a ghost.  Plus with the possible changes coming due to the fall of Net Neutrality, they can’t throttle what they can’t see me doing.

This explains it too:

It’s not a perfect life as sometimes this makes online shopping difficult but once you figure out the niche’s, it’s sometimes even faster.

I use NordVPN as they offer security for all platforms.  Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.  More.  Soon I’ll set it up via a router and cover everything at home.  The simple app for my phone.  Plus on my laptop so when I’m out and about.


Lost Freedoms

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Lost FreedomsIs anyone else besides me paranoid to say just about anything on their minds anymore?  I can’t stand that I have to police my every word just so I won’t give people the wrong impression or perhaps offend them in the slightest.  It’s gotten way out of control as far as I’m concerned.  There really isn’t much freedom of speech these days.  And it’s about to get worse.

I like to joke and laugh.  I love to make others laugh.  Even if it’s at my own expense.  I like off-color humor.  I’m not Politically Correct and never will be.  But I can’t even tell a fat joke (using myself as the target) without someone getting upset about it.  Why should they care?  The joke was about myself!  Hell Amy Schumer can talk about her vagina smelling like a farm animal and make money doing it.  I make a fat joke and someone loses their mind over it.  It’s insane.  Frankly I don’t find Amy Schumer funny at all.  However, she’s entitled to her style of humor and I should be entitled to mine.

Even worse, I tend to use my humor as a way to deal with being nervous.  I always feel out of place anymore as it is.  Like I don’t belong anywhere in this world.  Like I don’t fit in.  So I also use it to hide my anxiety and pain.  So I come off goofy.  Maybe that’s why no one likes me.  But today I got told I’m using Cocaine.  They based that off my being upbeat.  I wish they were joking, but they acted like I have a serious problem.  I didn’t get upset about it though.  My feelings weren’t hurt.  I simply suggested they should give me a drug test so they could have the satisfaction of being wrong.

Now if I were to make such an accusation about them; they would likely lose their mind and probably get me in trouble at work for it.

Then there’s the thing of finding the right people to have conversations with.  I can’t just start talking to someone about bring up any old subject anymore.  I might offend them because I may share a different viewpoint on whatever subject I was talking about.  If I write a blog, I have to spend hours being really careful about what I write and how I write about it.  I have to put disclaimers and such to keep people from being offended by my material.  To keep me from having my links removed from Facebook.  To keep my web host from canceling my account.  Because God forbid I have an opinion that may differ or offend someone.

Now Net Neutrality is about to end.  ISP’s will control what we see and how we get to it, if at all.  I may no longer be able to have a website.  Or perhaps people won’t be able to get to it if they don’t have the right package.  This censorship is seriously and insanely out of control.  No matter how loud we voice that this is not what we want or that we want to protect our freedom of speech, no one seems to care in the government to protect our rights to it anymore.  No one wants to hear a different point of view.

Whatever happened to if you don’t like it, go somewhere else or find a group who shares your views?  Whatever happened to saying, “I don’t agree, but it’s your point of view and I respect that.”?

Soon we will be channeled into seeing and hearing things one way.  You won’t get a choice.  Or to get your choice, it will cost you.


Less Work Stress

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No, I won't fix your computer.I realize I need to find new things to write about.  Been a dry spell on anything interesting happening.

It’s been over a month now and I do feel a lot less stressed from day to day.  No more getting angry calls from people that won’t listen or follow directions.  Dealing with people that won’t pay their bills on time and getting snotty with me because I turned their service off.  The list goes on.

Now I get to make people laugh and feel good when I come to their door.  They don’t have to go out in the crap weather.  The job isn’t very hard or extremely demanding.  It’s a bit rough with my knee having not healed correctly with degenerative damage.  Which unfortunately has caused Plantar Fasciitis in my opposing foot.  I’m working with the VA doctor to get it worked out.  Though it could take several months before anything can be done for it.  Need to lose weight and I’ve been struggling with that for some time now.  They want me on a high vegetable and high fat diet.  Sounds weird as hell to me.  Though I’m not about to carry a damned diary around all day to count calories.


I’m Over Being Nice

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Denny FUI try and I try to be nice to people.  When it comes to my customers; I try to make them laugh, I try to make them smile.  Which is the best part of my job.  I sometimes try to make them feel as if I don’t sweat the small stuff.  Such as when I tell them the total, perhaps I won’t worry about that fifteen cents.  So instead of $15.15, I just say it’s $15 even.  It was one of my things to get them to like me and perhaps give me a little something in return.  Such as a decent tip.  I do all these things to help increase my tips.  But that bit about knocking off a few cents, isn’t going to happen anymore.

I would do it up to say 35 cents.  After that I would say the whole total.

It’s not like it used to be 10 years ago.  Back then, we’d get $20 to make change with and the last $2 would be in various coins so we could give exact change if need be.  Generally we never needed to give change.  Customers would just make the tip some dollars and whatever change was left over.  That added up nicely after a lot of deliveries.  So as time went on, our starting bank just ended up $20 in all bills and we don’t give coin change to the customer.  So if the order is $15.15, the change back would be $4.  This way if they decide not to tip, we at least get 85 cents.

When you drop those few cents off, it can quickly add up to burning yourself out of several dollars.  Such as been the case lately.  If I say it’s only $15, they want the $5 change.  Simply stiffing me completely.

Also, I’m fairly sure people are just playing delivery drivers when they say, “The tip is included right?”.  No it’s not.  None of the places I’ve ever worked includes the tip.  There is a delivery fee, but it’s NOT the tip!  There has only been one place I ever worked that the whole delivery fee went to the driver.  I don’t work there anymore.

Let me explain how the delivery fee works.  If the fee is $1.50.  The driver only gets $1.10 of that fee.  Forty cents of it gets kept by the company to pay for the commercial insurance for the delivery drivers in case they get in an accident while on the clock.  But, we do not get that $1.10 until we get paid in our check.  This means that money gets taxed before we get to see it.  Generally speaking, we only see about 85 cents in total from that fee.  That’s barely enough to afford the gas we use at the current fuel costs today.  So let me repeat…


So, if you call for delivery, and you have the balls to stiff the person who stands in the rain and snow and sweltering heat; as well as suffer traffic to bring you food at your home or place of business.  You are a complete and utter tool.


I Guess Not

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House RentTurns out I can’t afford this place alone on one full time job.  My post tax calculations of the income at my new job were a bit off.  At least during the slow seasons in fall and spring will be not be affordable.   Summer and winter won’t be much of a problem.  Though I’d rather find a more affordable abode.  This way I could afford it all year long and use the good months to build up my savings.

I could go with a roommate, but I have never once had good luck with having a roommate.  If I had a girlfriend, perhaps it wouldn’t be an issue.  Don’t have one of those at the moment.

Once my lease is up, I’ll stay elsewhere for a few months until weather is warmer.  Then find a new place to call my own.  Or if I get really lucky, someone special to share a place with.  Yeah… Keep dreaming Denny.


It Looks Weird

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Denny ConfusedIf you’ve visited in the past couple of days, you may have noticed (and you will notice now that you’re reading this)…  The website looks drastically different.  I was sort of forced into this.  Let me explain.

I use WordPress.  I have for several years.  Way back in the day I did this site in plain HTML.  Then I discovered content managers.  I went from PHP-Nuke to NSN-Nuke.  Then DragonflyCMS and moved to E107.  They all had similar offerings but none had everything I needed.  Then I started messing with WordPress.  It was well known and used on many popular sites.  I really got into it when I started using Artisteer to create themes and learned some about PHP programming.  For years I could make my site look exactly like I wanted.  I could have all sorts of features.

Sadly WordPress does have some major drawbacks.  But it’s not the fault of the WordPress authors.  It’s the community.  There are literally thousands of plugins and themes you can get for WordPress.  Up until recently I could pretty much make my site do whatever I needed.  If a plugin didn’t do exactly as I wanted, I could figure out how to change the code to work for me.  However the problem comes when WordPress updates and breaks old plugins.  Or plugins and themes get forgotten about and don’t get updated to work with new versions of WordPress.  Then things break on my site and don’t work so well.

Like my photo gallery.   Once I had all my pictures on Google and pulled them in with a simple plugin.  That broke one day a few months ago.  Plugin was abandoned.  Google changed their format and I had to find a new plugin.  I hated every plugin I came across.  So I finally gave up and used the built-in gallery WordPress has.  Takes a lot of space hosting the photos locally and it’s not as nice as what I had.  But it works.

More recently a plugin I used to have my short URL’s shown on my site broke.  Caused some havoc and I had to paste some crude code in to get it to work.  I’m still fixing the mess it left behind.  In working the code, my theme is horribly outdated.  Artisteer stopped making their software in 2015.  I haven’t found a suitable solution to replace it.  Their code is very convoluted anyways.  So I had to settle on finding a ready made theme that I could modify to my needs.  Hence you see what you see now.  That’s of course after looking through thousands of themes and not finding anything that looked even close to what I had.

Therein lies another problem with WordPress.  Thousands of free themes.  But they are neutered in functionality unless you cough up $70 (PER YEAR!) for function and support.  It’s a money making racket.  Even this one is holding back on functions unless I pay.  Not paying.  I had to modify the source code to get my short URL’s to show.  Allow zooming on mobile devices.  Do outdated browser detection and a few other things I need.

Of course all these changes causes my security software for my website to go bat-shit crazy because I have modified source files.  That’s another major drawback to WordPress.  Being so popular.  It’s a big target for hackers.  Plus…  All the plugins and themes may have flawed code to also cause security holes.  Sometimes having my own website is a real pain in the ass.  Especially now that I don’t have a lot of time to sit and pick at the code all day.  I have a real job now.

So…  It may change again in the coming months if I find a better theme or have to change plugins.  Or modify the code.  Though I’m doing my best to make it fit me.  Especially since I noticed just now in mobile format, the sidebar widgets don’t show at all 😡


It Feels Weird

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Jet Pizza DeliveryIt felt so weird getting up Monday morning and not checking for updated software.  Not clocking in and doing tech support.  I’ve done it for so long.  It is such an embedded habit to do.  That’s all it had become over the years.  A habit.  It wasn’t a job anymore.  It was just something I did.  Day after day, year after year.  It’s only been a few days since the change.  Yet each morning I feel this urge to check for updated software, and want to start my day as I have for 14 years.

Instead it’s hard to get motivated, because I don’t start my new job until 11am.  The first 4 days of the week are rough because it’s from 11am to 8pm (one is noon to 9pm).  Makes for a very long day.  Then I have one short day from 5pm to 11pm.  Hard to really get anything done on the long days.  I’ll get home and all I will want to do is relax.

It’s going to take weeks to determine if I made a good decision.  Especially since I started in the slow season.  Then again, my history of decision making over the past three decades has been less than positive overall.  I’m getting too old to keep fighting so hard to make things work.  Would just be nice for a change for things to just work out.

I’m also worried about Christmas again this year.  In about a month I’ll be living alone again.  Which means I’ll be spending everything I make to keep the rent paid, and the heat and lights going.  I’d advertise for a roommate, but I will only have 3 months left on the lease.  Can’t ask someone to move for just 3 months.  At this point I don’t know if I’ll be renewing it.  Not that I want to move in the winter.  But a previous situation changed the lease from June to February.  All I can say is it wasn’t my doing.  No one in their right mind would want to start a lease in the winter.

Everything just feels weird.