Dogs are better than Humans

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DogI’ve been meaning to write this for a long time.  But I didn’t want it to sound like everything you already find on social media.  Yes there are bad dogs.  But not nearly as many as the good ones.  Most bad dogs were just not raised properly or raised by an idiot human.  Same thing can be said for children.

All in all, I don’t really belong in today’s world.  You can tell me all you want that freedom of speech is protected.  It hasn’t been in years.  Say something wrong and you get fined.  Make a video about something you feel strongly about and YouTube might ban it.  At least demonetize it.  Or worse, change search results to try and force you out.  You stand by your beliefs and someone will march against you.  You have to watch everything you say and do around other humans now.

Other problems I have in this world are things like.  You like collecting guns, and libtards want to remove them from you and call you a criminal.  You give someone a compliment and they get offended.  You do something nice for someone like, buy their lunch, open the door for them.  And they go on a rant rather than be appreciative.  You don’t like a certain group of people but they demand you bow to their will.  Why can’t I just ignore them?  If I do something someone doesn’t like, that’s all I ask of them.  Ignore me.  Don’t try to force me to change.  The world is upside down and it’s humans causing all the issues.

This is why I miss having a dog.  My last dog thought he was a cat.  Didn’t care much to play with other dogs.  Loved my attention.  Hated thunderstorms and fireworks.  But snuggled me all the time no matter what was going on.  He loved me no matter my point of view on any topic.

Dogs Love and Protect Their Family

I don’t even talk to 80% of my family.  We don’t share common views.  Some of my family treat other members of my family like dirt.  Or in my case, they only want me around to fix their tech.  It’s just uncomfortable all the way around.  My dog, once he got to know you come around, he just loved the extra attention.  If you got too close to my daughters, he’d take special interest so as to leap into action if he felt they were about to be in trouble.  But he never treated any other family like crap.

Dogs Don’t Start Wars

Our world has had war after war after war.  We’ve fought among ourselves, we’ve fought for other countries.  Not one of those wars were ever started by a dog.  Sure dogs fight.  Some are bred to fight.  Which is sad.  But it was humans who made them that way.  But they don’t kill thousands of their own kind or create massive army’s.

Dogs Don’t Hold a Grudge

You come home in a bad mood.  You might even tell your dog you aren’t in the mood for their attention.  So you say, “go lay down”.  Or put them outside to play by themselves for a while.  Soon as you cool down and let your dog back in.  He/she will love you regardless.  Won’t hold any unkind words against you.  Try that shit with a human.  Humans will hold a grudge.  Especially if you are in a relationship with another human.  It’s hard to find a human you can say, “I’m sorry about what I said earlier.”.  Without them bringing it back up and throwing it in your face again a few days later.  People have bad days, but why can’t other people be more forgiving about it?

Dogs Don’t Care About Silly Shit

Chase 2012-1

Dogs just want to be loved and given attention.  This is why they are so easy to get along with.  They don’t care about what the president is doing.  They won’t jump on the impeachment band wagon or cry about the possibility of losing him as a president.  Humans haven’t learned things like that are just a focal point to keep us distracted.  It’s like holding a ball up in front of the dog.  He/she focuses on the ball.  He/she wants the ball.  He/she doesn’t realize you are trying to get him to take a picture.  That’s how I got this picture.  He’s looking at the ball.

Dogs don’t go on about politics, they don’t protest, they don’t march against anything and they don’t worry about the next possible nuclear attack from Northern Korea.

These are only a few examples of the millions of things I hear about all the time from humans.  I’m more worried about my healthcare than what the president of any country is up to.  I’m having trouble walking or I worry if I’ll wake up tomorrow because of my heart.  If I had a dog, I’d be more worried about what will become of them when I’m gone.  Not all the silly shit in this fucked world.

Dogs certainly don’t care if there was an openly gay person in a Disney movie.  Neither do I.

Dogs Won’t Take Things Away Just Because They Fear It

We all fear something.  People fear guns.  People fear what other people say.  People fear knives.  In some places humans are trying to take things other humans just because they fear them.

Dogs fear guns, fireworks and thunderstorms.  But they don’t demand you get rid of these things.  Instead they take solace in knowing they can snuggle with you later when some of these bad things happen or, in the case of guns, go inside until you get done shooting targets.

Of course hunting dogs don’t probably mind at all.  They’re just happy to help hunt 🙂

Dogs Won’t Insist All Female Dogs Take Over

OK what the fuck is going on with humans today?  I was all on board with female equality.  Now it’s females must take over every damn thing.  Having just watched Avengers Endgame, did it not just seem that Captain Marvel could’ve just ended Thanos for us?  We could’ve just had her do it and not bother making any movies.  Apparently she’s unbeatable.  Instead you can see the movie held her back on purpose so we could have a movie to watch.  And Iron Man just got lucky at the end.  But he needed to die so it could seem heroic.  I hate Doctor Who now.  Even when Peter Capaldi was the doctor, it was mainly man bashing.  Suddenly all main characters need to be female.  What was wrong with having some female main characters and some male?  Now we are remaking everything about women.  Fuck it men are just scum I guess.

But your dog don’t care.  Or are we going to remake Air Bud into Air Belle?   Or A 101 Female Puppies?  Or Beethoven redone as Beatrice?

Though I’m sure your dog just won’t care who the main character is.  Or what gender the president is.  So long as it doesn’t suck.

Which these all sucked:

  • Ghostbusters – Answer the Call
  • Herbie Fully Loaded
  • Ocean’s 8
  • Batwoman
  • Doctor Who

To name only a few.

There are plenty of original movies and TV shows with great female leads.  Stop fucking up the classics!  But the dog won’t care either way.

Dogs Won’t Blaspheme God’s Gift of Gender

You will never hear a dog complain it was born the wrong gender.  Humans have lost their fucking minds with this gender shit.  As a fellow human, and pastor, I have a couple of suggestions.

But your dog will love you no matter what.  Well unless you mutilate him/her.  In which case you should never ever own a dog.  Or a cat.  Or anything.  Ever.



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TextingI must be the only person in the world who doesn’t get a dopamine high from texting or dealing with social media.  I honestly don’t care that much to get texts.  It’s nice to know you’re thinking of me.  Or just want something from me (that may or may not be nice if you’re just taking advantage of me).  I still prefer old fashioned conversations face to face.  Or at the very least over the phone.

I also don’t know why it is when I am at work, that seems to be when everyone decides to text me.  I grew up in a time when personal visits, using the phone and such at work was a huge no-no.  I’m at work to work.  Which is perhaps why I’m always asked to stay late.  But that’s another topic for another day.  It’s cool to text me at work if you want to find out something important.  But once you find out I’m at work, please keep it to a minimum.  I’d rather focus on my job.  Especially since it’s driving.  Texting and driving is bad and illegal in Michigan.

When I’m not at work, I’m the kind of person who really likes to use my hands.  I play drums, play (learn) guitar, I make graphics (like the one in this post about texting), I play video games, I blog and a number of other things.  In any case, I know I’ve explained this to many, many people.  My point of view on texting is that if it takes more than 2 texts to tell me what is on your mind, then please call or come over.  Having to drop what I’m doing to read and/or answer your texts; I’ll eventually just ignore them a while so I can get back to my life.

With text you lose context.  You don’t get the little nuances of emotion that come from hearing a voice or seeing someone’s facial expressions.  Sure you have those emoji’s.  That only goes so far and will never match real human emotion.

I know I’m very alone in my feelings about this.  Almost everyone else I know has their phones in their hands or only a few feet away and check it or write all day long.  I do but only because I want to make sure I have 911 at my fingertips.  Damn pesky heart problems.  I’m not paying $50 a month for an emergency bracelet call thing.

Also, as a side note, I no longer use Facebook Messenger at all.  I’m taking back my privacy and lets face it.  Facebook is one of the worst for privacy.  They keep all our messages.  Fuck that.


Being Single

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Being SingleWhile it sucks balls to be alone all the time.  I’ve rarely been without a companion in my life.  Now I’m choosing to be.  It’s hard.  It’s hard not to wake up next to someone who I love.  It’s no fun coming home to an empty house.  I miss the warmth of another person.

What I don’t miss is the constant heartache of the people I let inside my life hurting me.  Or spending all my time cleaning up after them or other things I won’t mention as it’s hurtful to people I love very much.

There are a lot of upsides though.  Little things you don’t realize that add up over time.

The kids are long since grown and have families of their own.  It’s good to know they have a lock on life and are able to stand on their own.  That being said, with no (so-called) partner and no children to constantly chase, life is easier in some aspects.  Though I would still give anything to hear, “Will you drive me [fill in the blank]?”.  I do miss that.

Things I don’t miss though:

  • Overflowing trash cans when I come home
  • The mess on the wall behind the trash can
  • Dirty clothes on the floor throughout the house
  • Gross bathroom
  • Destroyed bedrooms
  • The gagging smell of nail polish remover
  • Sink overflowing with dishes
  • Shit credit score
  • Always not having the money
  • Washer and Dryer get used improperly

The best parts:

  • Can eat what I want on pizza (too bad I’m sick of it)
  • Do as I please without upsetting someone
  • Listening to music I like
  • I don’t have to suffer through shitty TV shows or movies (RHPS, Reality and “Talent” Shows, Glee, etc…)
  • I no longer have anyone to belittle or berate me (at least in my own home)
  • I come home to a clean house
  • I don’t have to beg for others to help out around the house/yard
  • The garbage cans stay clean much longer

I’m not opposed to getting into another relationship.  But it will have to go slowly and she’ll have to make the first move.


Financial Stability

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MGTOWI don’t do well being alone.  All my life I have clung to someone who I hoped loved me as much as I loved them.  Always to be let down or infuriated they would lie to me.  Worse, be too stupid for me to deal with.

I’ve been single for a 5 year stretch once, but I was never alone.  Either had a roommate or friends and family frequently dropping by.  Same for when I got back to Michigan, I lived alone for the first year, but had family and friends come by often.  I’ve been single for well over a year now and this time, I don’t have a whole lot of people coming around.  Which is fine, I need this independence.  I realized long ago I don’t like to go out alone.  Always invited someone to go with me, otherwise I just wouldn’t go.  Since my last divorce, I still have trouble going out to get coffee or food by myself.  I have yet to go to the movie theater alone.  I’m smart, but have a weak backbone I guess.

I’m becoming a stronger person.  I don’t let just anyone in my life anymore.  I’m tired of rebuilding it.  I’m getting older and it’s harder to get things done, but I must.  Every time I let someone in, I get let down hard.  Especially financially.  Yet here I am now, working a low paying job, and every thing I do, I do for me.  Everything is in 3’s.  Three marriages.  Three divorces.  Three bankruptcies.  Three heart attacks.  I used to love the number 4, called it my lucky number.  Now I’m petrified of it.

My health I haven’t been working on as hard as I should be.  Mostly it’s hard to find the time working so much.  When I do get a day off I’m exhausted and sore.  I don’t feel much like taking a walk or dealing with snow and rain.

I have pulled myself out of my financial hole that I was left in 6 years ago.  I haven’t had an overdue bill in years.  I have no missed payments.  Several things are paid ahead (storage, truck payment, etc..).  I have a real loan now, for my truck.  Not a buy-here pay-here screw me loan.  I have an actual credit card now.  I have savings that can last me over a month if I end up out of work for a while.  I am proud to have regained control of my life.

All these events have left me terribly jaded toward the opposite gender (and there are only two!).  Past relationships have ruined my hope for any future ones.  I don’t want to let anyone ever get close to my money or my heart for that fact.

My next statement isn’t because I think men who have devastate a woman by raping her should go unpunished.  They most certainly should be punished for their crimes.  However, ruining a mans life because “back in the day” he touched you in school…  It’s call hormones.  I used to be cute, I’ve had my ass (and other things) grabbed before.  I’m not about to make some woman’s life miserable over it.  Women have made it so men don’t want to work with, date or even be near women anymore.

Honestly, fuck you #METOO.  How about #IMFUCKINGAWESOME and #YOUREALLYMISSEDOUTONAGOODMAN.  Just saying.


It’s a damned pound sign, not a hashtag.  You don’t press hash for more options.  😡



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Oh God. He’s going to bitch about iPhones and iPeople again…

No, I’m not actually. I’m going to tell you I bought one!  (Press Play ↓↓)

iPhone XR Blue

Remember when I bought a MacBook Pro? Yup.  All those years of picking on everyone about owning an iCrack.  Now, I have one.

There’s a reason for this.  The past 10 years or so I’ve been watching Google become more and more evil.  In short they now make billions of dollars on all the people who use their services so blindly.  Selling their tracked data of us to advertisers.  Everyone is making money off of us except, us.  I’m not getting a check, so I want out.  I honestly don’t care if you don’t mind people watching you.  Making money off of what you do online.

I for one, have experienced many times that my phone had been listening to me.  I did an experiment and randomly said the word diapers during a day at work.  When I got home, I got all sorts of ads for diapers.  I didn’t search for any.  I didn’t buy any.  I just said a word out loud at random.  Between listening, tracking locations and likely using the camera too on us.  Watching our search history.  Watching what we check out online when we use their browser or surf YouTube.

I’m not down with that.  I use a VPN on all my devices for a reason.  Well, several reasons.

Your Android spies on you over 900 times a day when at minimal use.  (even if the wifi is turned off)  More if you are using it all day long.  But don’t just take my word for it.  A nicely done research paper on it has been written and covered by the NY Times.  Summarized by this nice young man (Bryan Lunduke) here:

That’s not my only reason.  I also have become annoyed with other high end phones.  Samsung has their own version of every app already available.  They shove Bixby down your throat when Google Assistant is already there.  If you add Amazon Alexa on there, can the phone talk to itself?  All of which have privacy issues of their own.  Apple isn’t innocent completely, but as far as I know, they don’t sell the data to other parties.  They use it for themselves.

Let’s talk about Bloatware.  Every Android you buy is flooded with apps you’ll never use.  Most of which you can’t remove.  If you’re lucky you can disable them at best.  That still takes up space you paid for and now can’t use.  iPhone does not do this.  You can remove nearly all apps that aren’t tied directly to the OS.  I think Health is the only exception and one that I can’t understand being necessary.  One small app.  I think you can put your health info in it and it acts like an emergency bracelet for paramedics.

All in all I am getting away from Google completely.  I no longer use Chrome browser.  Or Google Maps.  Looking for a good email with privacy and does aliasing properly.

I now use Opera (which is Chromium based, but stripped of the Google nonsense).  I use DuckDuckGo for searching the web.

You get the idea.  I’m not saying I’m going to go blind ga-ga for Apple products like so many people I have bitched about do.  I am saying it’s a smart choice for folks who want much better privacy and security.  If you don’t mind giving your life away to a company that makes billions from it, then to each their own.

I got the iPhone Xr.  It’s very very nice.  It’s fast and smooth.  Everything I had on the Android is available for the iPhone and works perfectly.  I’ve had it a month now (got it as a birthday gift to myself) and it’s been nothing but fantastic.  I’m sure someone will point out it’s not any more innovative than the latest Samsung Galaxy.  You’re right.  That’s not why I switched.  Though even Wired Magazine claims the face recognition is insanely hard to fool.

The gestures are easy to learn.  The camera is pretty damn good.  I like it.  A lot.

And to those who I have given endless shit to about your iPhone.  I’m sorry.  Seriously, I am sorry.


Where’s the music?

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That’s a damn good question.  Where Has The Music GoneYou may be wondering these past few months why I haven’t released a new drum cover or something.  The only answer I can offer is lack of inspiration.

Seriously.  I work a hosed up schedule.  When I get a day off I’m either doing errands, running to Saginaw (sometimes Detroit) or just plain don’t feel like doing anything because I’m just tired.

That and it seems I don’t get a lot of good feedback.  Constructive criticism is welcome.  Getting negative criticism is off-putting at best.  Especially from people who don’t even play instruments telling me I do it wrong.

I do get good feedback, just less than the negative.  Tells me I need work.  I wish I could find the video; but one person said one of the reasons people get discouraged is because when they play for others, they generally expect you to be better than you are.  Which tends to let said people to open their mouths without thinking.  Sometimes it’s hard to let things go.  But I could always hand them my sticks or guitar and say, “You do better.”.

I still play and I will likely do more covers and such in the future.  Just need time to work on my skills more.  Would really like a place I can make some noise without driving my neighbors nuts or risk getting kicked out of the slums.  I mean if you get kicked out of the slums, you’re life must really suck.

But seriously, this shit has got to get changed ↓


Hello Again

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Denny WhateverI don’t know why I lose my mind every couple of years and try to reinvent myself.  Never works.  I guess I just can’t be happy being who I am.  Much of which I keep to myself these days.

As you can see, I’ve pretty much restored my website to last December adding the posts from the revamp.  Some of which are duplicates.  But that’s OK.  Continuity is important.

I’ve spent the past few years trying to revamp my life.  Every time I get close, something pulls me away from my goals.  It’s exhausting and expensive.  I almost bought a house last spring, but the bank said I needed another $1500 in the bank.  With summer, I was hoping to get a ton of golfers in town like last year and be able to bank the earnings until fall.

Instead my truck decided it needed the money more than I do.  Plus business at work has not really picked up like last year.  Now my savings is nearly gone.  I must start again.  Story of my life really.

In that, I also have been still searching for a more suitable, challenging and handicap friendly job.  Just rarely find anything.  I thought about being a bank teller or work in a bank.  It could be brain work.  I see they offer handicap amenities.  Problem is, they primarily hire women.  With #METOO and the fact the world has lost it’s mind with being overly sensitive.  I think I’d find myself quickly in trouble.  I’m not the type to shut up and keep my head down.  I want to be noticed for my work and my upbeat attitude.  One wrong word and I’m toast.  So placing such jobs on the back-burner as it were.

Think I may relent to a rental too.  But the apartments in EJ are so picky and want so much background information.  Who has time for that.  I did see a room for rent, but it’s west of town and until I get a job there, the drive would be murder.  Plus driving at work.  May as well live in my truck.

If you find broken stuff on my site, let me know.  I’ll fix it.  I’m working slowly on stuff I’ve already found.


My Own Worst Enemy – Cover

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Well I don’t know if I’ll ever get it up on YouTube.  Seems they just don’t like any version I do of this song.  So it’s still on Vimeo.

Posted: April 22, 2018

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy
Released 1999 on A Place In The Sun
RCA Record – copyrighted property of its owner(s).

Buy on Amazon or iTunes

Camera – Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder
Edited with Sony Movie Studio 13 – 1080/30FPS
Filmed in my super dinky apartment.

A band Amber and I enjoyed intently back when they were popular.  So it’s part of the reason I chose to cover this one, plus it’s fun!


Dizz Knee Land – Drum Cover

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Just a fun song. Though this was more of a test to see if this would work. If you’re reading this, it did. Though mistakes were made and red is definitely not my color.

New camera, extra lighting. Though nothing can be done about that damned wall color without spending money.  *barf*

Dada – Dizz Knee Land
Released 1992 – Puzzle
I.R.S. Records – copyrighted property of its owner(s).

Buy on Amazon or iTunes

Camera – EOS Rebel SL2
Edited with Sony Movie Studio 16 – 1080/60FPS
Filmed in my super dinky apartment.

All in all this was just to see if I could get a setup working and then get it on YouTube without getting nuked. I didn’t even change anything about the song like my previous covers. Just locked and loaded.

Clearly I need to learn my SL2 camera. Had the focus point all wrong and a bit over exposed. Plus, it needs to get up over my head as it blocked much of the drums.

Perhaps the secret for me to get published without the nuke hammer, is to stick with lesser known record labels… 🤔

Let me know what you think below!


Grab Thy Hand – Drum Cover

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It’s hard to call this a flashback when it was never publicly posted.  Allen was messing around with his new GoPro camera with the intention of doing his own drum covers.  This was the test he did.

Chevelle – Grab Thy Hand
Released 2002 on Wonder What’s Next
Epic Records – copyrighted property of its owner(s).

~ Allen – Apr 10, 2017