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Grand Theft Auto Online

NightShadeI haven’t the faintest idea why I insist on playing this game.  As a computer gamer, this game is riddled with modders.  All I seem to do is try to avoid them.  They do everything in their power to ruin the experience of other players.  Well…  Some players beg for modders so they can get free stuff.  That’s more pathetic than being a modder.

I don’t do heists.  I rarely do missions.  I’m just a low level criminal with Amazon Prime to feed my addiction for cool cars and other things.  Once in while I’ll go on a killing spree, but generally it’s ended all too quickly by a modder causing endless death for me.

Rockstar does fuck-all to police this problem.  They ban a ton of players and they come right back.  They need to employ more people to police the servers.  Even if it’s gamers who are found to be trust worthy.  Other games have done that in the past.  Give them some free digital offerings in exchange to keep the servers cleaner from filth.

The Elder Scrolls Online

I have spent more years and money on World of Warcraft than I’d like to admit.  Still no where near the money I wasted on playing Last Chaos.  Even then, it wasn’t close to the money wasted on …  well we won’t go there.  Every time Blizzard released an expansion, they changed everything.  Every single time.  I’d quit and within months I was back.  Not because I loved WoW anymore, it was because I was addicted to flying mounts and the need for a game that somewhat filled my needs to play.  I’d try other games, including ESO.  They all would come up short.

This last time I tried ESO, suddenly everything clicked and it worked.  It’s immensely more beautiful than WoW and it doesn’t have any fucking pandas.  Sure they have lizards and cats.  I’ll take those over pandas.

I’ve been playing almost a year now and having a blast!

Characters: Theodas Bloodthorn / Theona Helwood / Thana Bloodthorn / Ulrich vaun Liechtenstein

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