Android Apps

I realize not all of my Android Apps are free. I’ve marked the non-free ones as such. Still, most are free!

  • 1Tap Cleaner [Free or Paid] – Remove junk, reclaim space, monitor your system and browse safely. Become the Master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!
  • Amazon App – Works great and so simple to use.
  • Aquarium Live Wallpaper [Free or Paid] – Turn your phone into an interactive fish tank (Paid allows you to customize fish, toys and backgrounds.)
  • Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper [Free or Paid] – Simply Autumn.
  • aYourls – Handy way to shorten URLS if you have your own shortener site such as 🙂
  • Barcode Scanner – Reads bar codes and QR Codes. Simple and handy.
  • Carmageddon – Classic Carnage game on your phone!
  • Cartoon Village 3D [Free or Paid] – Nice live wallpaper.
  • Clock Tower 3D Live Wallpaper [Not Free] – Sweet inside view of a customizable clock tower!
  • Credit Karma – Actually works, and is free.
  • Discord – Free Voice and Messenger App.
  • Dynamic Dice [Not Free] – Live Wallpaper and App for old school D&D Gamer types.
  • Earth and Legend [Not Free] – 3D RPG game!
  • Facebook – God, why must I torture myself to please others…
  • Facebook Messenger – Ding!  …  Ding!
  • Fireflies Live Wallpaper [Not Free] – It is what is says.  It’s cool!
  • Fireworks Live Wallpaper – It’s cool even though it’s cheesy.
  • Frozen Bubble – A fun little game ported from Linux for your Android.
  • Gallery Live Wallpaper [Free or Paid] – Just like the photo changer on your computer.
  • Gmail – Let’s face it, what email works better? None!
  • Goat Simulator [Not Free] – Fun way to waste time 🙂
  • Google Authenticator – Two factor authentication is more than a good idea to protect your accounts from being compromised.
  • Google Keyboard – The only way to text! It’s so much faster! (Only consider this if your phone didn’t come with it. Most do.)
  • Google Translate – Sometimes it comes in handy.
  • Google Voice – So you can have a business number on the same phone.
  • Haunted House HD Live Wallpaper [Not Free] – Great for Halloween!
  • HD Widgets [Not Free] – Clock and Weather app in one.  Looks nice.
  • iHeartRadio – Better than Pandora, you can listen to radio stations from all over or make your own ad free!
  • IMDB – Internet Movie Database. Handy to have when looking up movie info.
  • Lotto Results [Free or Paid] – Handy way to see if you won. Now all I need to do is actually remember to play…
  • Malwarebytes – Free Anti-malware Scanner.
  • Messenger – Because Facebook needs more ways to annoy a person.
  • Minecraft PE [Not Free] – Mobile version of the game.
  • My Beach HD Live Wallpaper [Not Free] – Summertime on your phone.
  • Netflix [Requires Active Netflix Subscription] – This is far more fun than listening to brats whining and screaming or reading outdated magazines in a waiting room.
  • Out of Milk [Free or Paid] – Sweet grocery list app with coupons built in!
  • Paper Camera [Not Free] – Artistic Photo App
  • PayPal – If you have a PayPal account, this is highly useful.
  • Paypal Here – Take credit card payments with your phone!
  • PowerDVD Remote [Requires License from PowerDVD] – If you have PowerDVD on your computer you can use this to make your phone the player control.
  • Radiant Particles [Free or Paid] – Still one of my most favorite Live Wallpapers.
  • Roku – If you have a Roku TV or player, this is a nice way to add/remove apps or use your phone as the remote control.
  • Simple Notepad – Sometimes it’s handy to just have one available.
  • Solitaire+ [Free or Paid] – For when you’re completely bored.
  • Snowfall Live Wallpaper [Free or Paid] – Pretty Christmas wallpaper.
  • Speedtest – Great for troubleshooting internet and also good to know if the wifi you are connected to doesn’t suck.
  • Spotify – Another sweet internet radio app.
  • Square Point of Sale – Nice alternative to take credit card payments if PayPal Here won’t work with your phone.
  • Starbucks – Gotta have my fix!
  • Stocard – Stop carrying all those damned plastic discount cards and fumbling for coupons!
  • SugarSync [Requires Active SugarSync Subscription] – Love having my files backed up across all my devices!
  • TeamViewer – Nothing like fixing your Mom’s email problems from your phone!
  • The Bard’s Tale [Not Free] – Freakin’ hilarious game!  Plays good, but it’s better on a tablet.
  • USAA Mobile – Excellent Financial Institution for those who have served in the Armed Forces!
  • VIP Access – Because I’m special 🙂
  • VLC for Android – Because the built-in player(s) can’t play my movie files like Windows Phone can.
  • VUDU – Alternative to Netflix to rent and watch movies on demand, as well as your digital versions you own via Ultraviolet.
  • Waze – Social and best GPS app!
  • Wifi Analyzer – A tool to troubleshoot and find wireless around you.
  • Wikipedia – Just because you wanna look smart 😉
  • WPS Office + PDF – Perfect free MS Office App.
  • YouTube – Comes with phone.

Got some Android Apps I should try and possibly add to my list? Simply email me and let me know.

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