Will the real Denver please stand up!

Well in this case, all three of us would stand up.  Yes kiddies, even though I have a somewhat unusual first name, I manage to share it with apparently thousands of others.  However, what would be the odds that there is not only one, but two other fellas who not only share my first name, but my last one as well!  What is my name you ask?  I go by Denny but my real first name is Denver.  Denver Fowler to be precise.  Well, to set me apart from the others, it's Denver Allen Fowler.

Then there is Denver W. Fowler the British Palaeontologist.  Very nice man indeed.  I've chatted with him via email on a few occasions.  I even liked him enough to give him DenverFowler.com.  Rather successful individual, has been published a couple of times and has a few articles mentioning him.

And there is Denver Jade Fowler, who used to go by Denver Jade.  Another talented Denver who is a singer, song writer, actor and I understand he does some teaching as well.  You can find out more about Denver Jade at the Internet Movie Database.  His personal and band websites are now gone :( I've only emailed him twice I think, but seems nice enough.

Sadly that leaves me as the guy who has a ton of useless talents and makes pretty websites.  Though to be honest, in my earlier days, I think I was better looking ;)  See for yourself.

The Denver's

From Left to Right: Denver Jade, Me in 1994, Denver Fowler (the Brit)

Now... Did my Dad get busy?  (long story) Or....

Boggles the mind a bit doesn't it?

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