Sometimes I make my own Christmas Cards.  Here are some of the best I've done.

Christmas 2011

When I started making custom cards, I decided to make Normal Rockwell meets World of Warcraft lol

Yes, that is my WoW Character in the Winter clothes set.

Christmas Card 2011

Christmas 2012

The 2012 Christmas Card that I sent out.  I was feeling a mix of South Park and Early MMO's.  So here's my South Park me, with Santa in South Park wearing some old clothing found in the first MMO I played, Last Chaos.  Good times... Good times...

Christmas Card 2012

Christmas 2013

So as it turns out, my "clever" idea for this years Christmas Card fell through.  My little home town didn't go all out on decorations this year.  Thus, I decided to just do as I planned with a different Christmas Scene.  If you don't get what "I did there".  It just means you aren't a Doctor Who fan.  It's ok.  But you never forget your first Doctor :)

Christmas Card 2013

Christmas 2014

I decided to make two versions this year.  One for the non-geek family and friends and a geek version.  This will hopefully avoid last years geek reference snafu.  I thought this Castle-esque house was adorable/awesome and it's a nice winter scene.

Christmas Card 2014

Geek Edition

Christmas Card 2014 Geek Edition

Christmas 2015

I decided to make a Warcraft Faction War Story out of it this year.  All I can say is...  For the Horde!

Cover Image

Christmas Card 2015 Cover

Inside Card

Christmas Card 2015 Inside

Christmas 2021

Due to lack of interest in my personalized cards. Or just people are too lazy to send one back, I stopped making cool cards. Now I have a new family to show my skills too, so I did this quick one for 2021.

Hopefully I can really wow someone next year :)

Christmas Card 2021

Cool huh?

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