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Musician. Gamer. Evil Genius. I'm also a Second Amendment Supporter. A Pastor. A Privacy Advocate. I can also do Web Design, Graphic Manipulation, Video Editing, some PHP Scripting and much more.


New Windows

About 2 weeks ago, we finally did one of our biggest improvements to our home.  It was supposed to be central air-conditioning.  However, that turned out to be too expensive… Read more »


Guild of CastleRain

Like I didn’t have enough websites already (good thing I get free hosting eh?), but my loving wife (Pandella) and I (Denvar) have started a guild on Last Chaos and… Read more »


Projects on Hold

I write this with a heavy heart. As much as I was ready to begin the auditions for Actors and Extras for TRCTS, the painful obviousness came to me over… Read more »