Gaylord MichiganHey, I’m Denny.  So you came here looking to know a bit more about me?  I am a tech geek, blogger, moderate gun enthusiast and play the drums. I was born and raised in Michigan where I have two boys Allen and Adam who are all grown up and both are married to awesome young ladies that I’m proud to call daughters (Laura and Misti).  I had lived in Virginia during my Navy years (1994 – 1998) and then moved back to Virginia in 1999 where I gained two beautiful daughters Amber and Bethany.  As of 2013, I’m back in my home area of the Great White North (er Northern Lower Peninsula) in Michigan.

About Denny

I’m not big on reading books unless it teaches me something useful in the real world.  Otherwise I’ll wait for the movie 🙂  I love movies.  I love to snuggle up at home and watch them with someone special or to go out and get some overpriced but yummy popcorn, a cool drink and a friend or loved one to share the time with. I do have a phobia sadly.  I fear stupid people.  It’s called Dumasaphobia.  Now this isn’t the typical everyday oopsie stupid things people do.  This is the mindless, never thinks of the consequences of others (like texting while driving) or just refuses to take a serious look around themselves and learn anything that should be a common sense kind of thing.  I have written a short film script and have all the voice acting and stuff done but have never filmed it due to the lack of equipment and actors. I once conceded to Facebook.  But as an advocate for privacy, I deleted it.  I still can’t stand twitter and all the other social networking hype.  Although I feel I’ve been a blogger and web designer for years and wish to focus my talents to have my chunk of the internet that doesn’t look just like everyone else.  I’ve never been one to do exactly as everyone else does.  Not that I’m a huge socialite that needs constant attention and must text about my latest retarded moment that I just uploaded on YouTube.  I’m more of a person who enjoys a close circle of friends and family over having to have millions of people I’ve never met “like” me.  Besides, having my own presence on the web and my own design gives me individuality.  Other informative tidbits…


Where did the name come from? It actually came from when I was in France in 1996. I was on a bus heading to the coast of Cannes. Along the highway, I saw what looks like an ancient Castle just off of the road. I tried to grab a great picture, but couldn’t switch my lens fast enough. So you get what you see here.

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This Castle is still a mystery to me, I have no idea of the origin or name of it. But here is what I was able to find out about it so far.  It’s south of Vallauris, France on the shoreline.  Picasso came to live in Vallauris where he stayed until 1955. During his time there, he created a great many sculptures and paintings including War and Peace. As for the building, I’m still trying to figure out more about it.  IF you know something please share it with me!  Until then I still call it CastleRain.


My InstrumentsI have a wide variety of music tastes, but I generally hang out in Rock to Hard Rock and some 80’s Metal.  In the 80’s I aspired to be a Rock Drummer.  Even made it into a few bands.  Sadly, none of them went anywhere.  Most went no where fast just because it was the whole “everyone wants to be in a band, but none of us have decent or no talents at all and don’t have the drive to really go through with it”, syndrome.  My first band was called Shady People (yeah, looking back, really bad name).  My final band White Steel, actually started to do something, but fell apart too quickly.  We had the actual talent, but our guitarist who, in my opinion, could rival Eddy Van Halen himself, decided to be a martial arts specialist.  We did manage to record messing around in a studio in New York.   Now I simply aspire to join a band of friends that jam on weekends and such.  Although, I haven’t had one in a couple of decades, and I’m more than rusty.  I do dream to perform in at least one concert in my life time. Though it turns out, my oldest son Allen, is a far better drummer than his old man.  See for yourself.  My last two public performances as a Drummer were at the Busch Gardens in Williamsburg on the Drumscape machine playing Cult of Personality by Living Colour and My My by Seven Mary Three.


Faces of TheodasI used to like to play video games like Grand Theft Auto or some MMORPG.  I don’t do it much anymore.  I loved to get lost in a digital fantasy world where I can be powerful and heroic. I also enjoy playing games with friends such as a network game or an online shooter from time to time. I loved playing MMORPG games, but I’m not all about seeing who can get the most gear, toys and achievements.  I’d rather kill the monsters, die a lot and just have fun.  I found it better to enjoy every aspect of the games I play.  Playing fairly.  Not making it difficult for others.  I occasionally enjoy helping others out who are new or need a hand to achieve their goals.  These days I’ve lost my taste for games.  I still play, but very little.  New games are overwhelming, so I tend to stick with old favorites.

What’s with the Black Rose in the header?

That is my one and only tattoo.  It’s on his upper right arm (covered by t-shirts generally).  But this was back in the day when he wore tank tops (or wife beaters) and was skinny as a rail.  Got it while in the Navy.  At the time he was heavily into Vampires (and not the twinkling bastards!) and a game called Vampire: the Masquerade.  The rose itself is a representation of a clan of Vampires known as the Toreador.  He had it customized to hang down with blood dripping from it. The Toreador are described as lovely and seductive.  The members of this clan are as much prisoners of their artistic vision and sensitivity as they are its beneficiaries. They are often overcome by the beauty they see around them, and become immobilized with fascination. Such things as paintings, neon signs, or even sunrises can captivate them.  Toreador will stand, awed and helpless, for minutes or even hours. This trait explains why Toreador so often fall in love with mortals. He still wants to get a tattoo of Bugs Bunny showing off the musical and rascally part of his personality.  This would be a custom work as well.  At one time his nickname was Bugs.  Because he was tall and slender, and liked to be a bit hyper and mischievous.  He played the drums then too for a few local bands that failed.  So the tattoo would be Bugs Bunny standing leaning, with 1 leg over the other just like in the picture to the right.  Only he’d be wearing a pair of jean shorts and white tank top (what he frequently wore at the time), with a set of drumsticks instead of the carrot.

Catchy Songs from the cast of The Guild

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

Game On!

I’m the One that’s Cool

ÜberGeek Extraordinaire / Evil Genius

I’m a geek and I’m damn proud of it 🙂


My Gaming RigI love computers.  I can make them do some of the most amazing things.  It’s truly interesting that the majority of the people that own computers, have no idea or the knowledge to take full advantage of their computers.  It doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Mac or Linux.  Computers are the tool of my trade.  I build them, fix them and make them do loads of different things.  My computer is my whole entertainment and work center.  It’s my Radio, my TV, my Gaming Console, my Movie Theater (even in 3D!!) and more!  Yet, unlike most people.  If there’s an issue that keeps me from using my computer, such as no power, I can easily amuse myself with a magazine or get out of the house without getting all angry over not having Internet.


Yeah, I used to consider myself a gamer.  Even though I didn’t play nearly as much as I once did.  I’ve always gamed on computers.  From the moment I played Space Invaders the very first time, I was hooked.  From the original arcades to sitting for hours on end eating junk food working on that raid run in some MMO.  These days I casually play the classics on occasion.  Nothing is more important that having an active, healthy lifestyle.  I had to learn that the hard way.

Web Design / WordPress Themes

When I’m not building a network or repairing a broken machine, I’m fiddling around with a website or new theme for a WordPress install.  It’s my creative time.  I really like making a website.  I’ve been at it since 1998 when my first iteration of CastleRain was nothing more than part of the original social networking (pft, you weenies and your MySpace and Facebook… we were cooler because we knew how to make ours look original) on web hosts like Geocities and Tripod (way back when animated gif’s were all the rage). It makes me feel good to take content and make it look professional and artsy while putting it in a functional layout.  I probably mess with a website at least 4 – 5 times a week.  Just because I like to bury my head in code for a while.  It’s not as difficult as software programming and not nearly as lucrative, but it’s enjoyable.  To me website design is my equal to those that like to read books.

Scifi and Fantasy Movies

I’m more than the average movie buff.  I love to go to the theater.  Even if the movie I’m watching sucks.  I love the atmosphere.  I’m not so much into horror flicks, but I do like comedy horror.  I mainly watch science fiction and fantasy movies.  I’m not so much a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek.  (sorry fanboys)  I have equal amounts of nitpicks as well as favorite parts.  Instead I’m Browncoat fighting the Alliance on Firefly.  Love me some Harry Potter.  In so much, I’m sad it’s over.  Although I think I’ve worn out Lord of the Rings.  As when my kids would come to visit, that’s all that would play.  So I can’t sit down to watch them anymore.  I also love some comedy, action and drama flicks.  Even a chick flick or two.  (in moderation 🙂 )  I even geek over watching The Fifth Element and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Vampires (Original Vampires, not that Twilight romance BS!!)

Like so many from my time period (the 80’s), I got into Dungeons & Dragons.  Although, I didn’t get into it hardcore.  I liked it and all, I just didn’t spare the time.  I was too much into my music and friends then.  It wasn’t until later, I got into Vampire the Masquerade.  I didn’t even get into that as much either.  Was a fun game, but I was (and still am) heavily into Vampire myths and legends.  Something that in recent times has been so distorted into romance novels and just destroying all that is Vampires.  Unlike the hedonistic Tru Blood, or Twilight teen romance or roommates with Werewolves and Ghosts and immune to sunlight bologna… I got into the evil, soul sucking, must kill every human vampire lore.  The only vampire romances I got into, ended in a bloody massacre of one vampire destroying another or all innocent bystanders.  Vampires are, in my opinion beautiful killers.   I even considered getting custom caps made for my teeth.  Alas, I’m just left with a tattoo and fond memories in my head.

Playing the Drums

If there is anything in this world that makes me happy.  It’s the beat of a kick-ass song!  (also a good drum solo)  I’ve never been much of a dancer.  I can’t sing very well.  But I love a good happy beat to a song that will encourage others to sing and dance.  I really wished I had put more into my playing drums.  I’m going back to that and spending time once again making others happy in joining in to making music.  I’ll never be a rock star, but I’ll be content 🙂

Oh yeah, that Evil Genius part 😈

What makes me a Genius?  The fact that I can do so many things that others can’t.  I find it amusing sometimes that I can do things that simply baffle other people.  Some even get impressed.  Others may not be amused at all.  For all my knowledge, it’s never made me a rich man, but it has made me handy.  I’m a very logical thinker.  I even have a good amount of that thing the world sometimes seems to be very short on.  Common Sense.  You’d be amazed how much that stuff helps in day to day life. So what makes me Evil?  It’s because I can think like a criminal.  I can be just as imaginative at doing harm and crime as I can in working with computers, being creative and helpful.  I’m not a criminal, nor have I ever hurt anyone.  I’m not sure if I ever could.  At least not directly.  I’d use minions 😉  Create a chain reaction of sorts that would lead to the target handled and the blame would fall on someone else.

I’ve even adopted a theme song 😈

Want to know more about me?