Weight Loss Goal Met

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Weight Loss Goal MetSo after chatting with family, friends and medical folks, I have readjusted my first weight loss goal.  I was shooting for 220, but with my excess skin from the rapid loss, it will take some serious time to have my body rebuild itself.  So my goal of 230 was met a few weeks ago.  I finally did it!  To be honest, way faster than I expected.  I wanted to lose enough weight to get to a rational number of 230 pounds.  Only 40 pounds from what a medical doctor would recommend.  So in all reality I’m likely to achieve that goal as well.

I’m no longer a fat bastard.  I have achieved yet another goal just because I wanted it.  I really wanted it.  I did it.  So simple.  I ate wrong.  Once I fixed it.  The weight came off easily.

Now comes my second goal of losing the other weight of my now flabby stomach.

Here’s my reward to myself.

The hood is removable.  I may have it airbrushed with my CastleRain Logo.

CastleRain Logo

Let’s face it.  I look fucking sexy!