Fuck Gaylord Michigan

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Fuck Gaylord MichiganEver since I’ve come back to Michigan. One thing I regret the most is returning to my home town of Gaylord, Michigan. When I was a child it was a beautiful, peaceful town that I enjoyed. It has evolved into a tourist trap. The past years I’ve been here, I generally avoid it. I can’t enjoy my local restaurants. They are over crowded, I have to wait upwards of 45 minutes just to get seated.  Our stores are always out of products because these vultures come and clean out supplies for their expensive vacation homes and over priced accommodations.

Sure I make good money off these twats.  So I don’t mind that.  But when I want to enjoy food or commerce, I almost always leave Gaylord to find what I want.  I go to so many places to escape the tourists.  Such as Petoskey, Traverse City, Frederick and Saginaw.  Yes, I will drive 2 hours just to go out to eat because I’ll get seated immediately, served quickly and the ambiance is so much more enjoyable without the establishment being packed to the hilt.  Thus, even just trying to come to town for a bit of quite is long since gone.  This place is always packed with assholes.  Especially since the release of COVID lockdowns.  It’s worse than ever.

Being with Cindy, offered me more than I ever could have imagined.  I am so happy to be with her.  Plus she granted me one thing I couldn’t really afford on my own during the plandemic.  An escape from that hell hole town I once called home.  I now live near the eastern shores of Lake Huron near the bridge and island 😀

Good riddance Gaylord.  You can have your fucking tourists. F***ing Tourists!


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