I’m Not Doing That

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Stubborn PersonThis is a phrase I am hearing more and more these days.  At work.  People don’t even whisper it.  They just flat out say it like there will be no consequences.  And during COVID, clearly there isn’t.  We don’t have enough people to run most businesses in town.  Half of what we do have, are not very useful.  If at all.

When did it become OK or acceptable to just refuse to do your job?  Why is it not one persons responsibility but falls to someone else who has to do it for them.  Simply because the person who refuses, doesn’t feel like doing a certain aspect of their job or that it makes them feel like the task is somehow beneath them.  Therefore causing more work for others because they will not.

For some reason management turns a blind eye to this activity.  They hired this person to do the job.  Now this person won’t do the whole job.  Management would rather ask others to do the job instead of standing up and telling the person refusing to either do the task or they are no longer needed.  Instead management simply buckles.

I’m not wired that way.  I get hired to do a job.  If I’m asked to clean a bathroom, take out trash or do dishes.  I do it.  It’s what I’m getting paid to do.  If I refuse to do it, I should be told to go home and not come back unless I’m willing to do the job.  Not be pandered to and have someone else get the burden of my laziness.

I certainly don’t appreciate doing more work because the people who bothered to show up, won’t do their share of it.

Some days I envy people who no longer work because they can’t.  They don’t have to deal with doing more work than others because now we live in a world where if you don’t wish to do something, you still get paid for not doing it.


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