Keto vs Surgery

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Keto vs SurgerySince I started changing my dietary intake to do weight loss.  A number of people have approached me.  Either to say they too want to lose weight and asked how I do it.  Or to tell me that they prefer to do surgery to get the same results.  Almost everyone asks why I chose to do it my way.  So here are the reasons I went with Cyclical Keto vs other versions of Keto.   And why I didn’t choose surgery as my answer to losing weight.

If you’ve known me for a long time, you know I tried all sorts of ways to lose weight.  All have failed miserably.

  1. Daily Walking
  2. Changed to all Morning Glory foods
  3. Trying to consume less food

Nothing worked for me.  I’m not an exercise guy unless it’s biking or walking.  I won’t do sit-ups or pushups.  Fuck that.

My doctor has mentioned Keto before, but I didn’t assume it would work.  I was at a point where I gave up.  Plus, I was convinced cutting carbs completely was bad.  I still think that.  Your brain needs carbs to function properly.  So some has to remain.

Then I started to ponder surgery.  But then I remembered an old girlfriend.  She did the surgery.  Besides the horrible gas it gave her.  Farts that could out do a dog fart and kill the dog.  When I came back to Michigan, I saw her at Walmart.  In the electric buggy.  Fatter than ever before.  She clearly could not stick to the diet that you are assigned before and after surgery.  I get it.  Will power is a serious issue.

I have run across others who have failed too with surgery.  I think for the same reasons.  However, clearly there must be success stories out there or the option wouldn’t exist.

Plus since I have VA healthcare, they won’t do surgery on me.  I would have to pay out of pocket for it.

It was the failure to follow the diet that got me though.  Granted I can fail to follow this diet.  I have no intention of it.

Then I discovered Cyclical Keto.  Where I can cheat.  Eat anything I want.  No restrictions.  They put it as one or two days a week plus 20g carbs per day on top.  That seemed too much in my opinion.  Would confuse the body too much.  So I customized it.  This way, I will never have to worry about foods I love and having to give them up.  This made it super easy to keep to my diet.  So anymore it’s not a diet to just lose weight.  It’s a correction in my eating habits.

Once I do hit my goal weight of 220 pounds (only 18 pounds away from it!!), I will adjust to two cheat meals a week.  If I feel up to it.  Oddly 14 months of eating this way and I’m totally happy.  I have no cravings to change it at all and that makes me feel fantastic.  Like I will not only succeed, but never look back at a fat bastard in the mirror again 😃

Positive side effects of my way is that I stopped drinking pop.  I was drinking it on my cheat meal.  But after a few weeks it was too much sugar.  It would give me cramps.  It started tasting too sweet.  Like when I gave up smoking.  After a while I couldn’t even stand the smell of it.  I’m good with never drinking pop again.  Little creamer in my coffee and I’m good.  Smaller ice cream or piece of cake and I’m good.  I don’t need sugar to make me happy anymore.

So there you have it.  This is why I chose my new life style.  It works for me.  You want to ask how I do it, I’ll tell you happily every single detail if you want.  But if you want the surgery, they by all means, I wish you nothing but success.  This is how I will handle it.  This is my success story.  Added to all the others I’ve achieved since taking control of my life for me and no one else.