Fin Rot In The Fish Bowl

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Fin Rot In The Fish BowlI’ve lost 120 pounds so far, with 20 more pounds to reach my goal.  That’s 35 pounds more than my first wife weighed.  I’m insanely excited to be so close to achieving my most challenging life change ever.  I am actually happy with how I look now and have way more confidence than I ever had before.

But you know what totally knocks the wind out of my sails?  Dating.  It’s a sad fact of nature that humans all don’t age the same.  You can generally look at a pet and tell if it’s young or old pretty quickly.  Look at a human, and that 29 year old is actually almost 60.  Such a pleasant surprise.  However, insanely rare.  How about the 36 year old who looks 70.  That’s more frequent and depressing.  I know I look young for my age, but I still have the gray hair to say I’m not in my 30’s anymore.

What I don’t get is it’s apparently insulting to most women if I outweigh them.  However, if they outweigh me and look like the trailer park chewed them up and spit them out with throat cancer; it’s a sin that I’m not over the hill crazy for them.  How does that work?  I’m all for a curvy girl.  Jennifer was attractive, yet outweighed me.  Again, I worked hard to get this far.  So I’ve expanded my search to girls under 300 pounds now.  Yet I’m made to feel guilty for wanting to try for better than before.

But what really gets me, is the women who are nearly as old (and sometimes older), than my mother 😳  Like why would I want to date someone who’s nearly in the grave?  Sorry granny, but with my sex drive, I’d break your artificial hip.  And no, a blow job with your dentures out isn’t all they say it is.  It’s fucking creepy.  Not like I’d get hard for that.

I’m sure some guys are into that, I’m not 🤢

I don’t care if she’s a bit heavier than me.  I don’t care if she has grey hair.   But if you look like death warmed over, perhaps look for someone else who is into that.  I know this sounds hurtful, but damn.