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TravelingSo, I was talking with a friend who is having a down period in her life.  She said she’d like to go traveling.  But she’s not sure how to make it happen.

I’ve spent enough time ragging on people who love camping, how people emulate being homeless or how they do incredibly stupid things while camping.  It’s seems more like they’re just moving their homes around rather than enjoying the home they have sitting somewhere else.  So I didn’t think I would really have her answers.  Especially since I was at work while this text conversation took place.

However, the more and more I thought about it.  It became so easily clear how camping the way most people I see do it, isn’t really camping at all.  It’s traveling.  In the aspect the travel trailer is home.  Granted, most of these sods are well-to-do people with way too much money and time.  What about the average person like myself?

Every question my friend asked, I had an easy answer for.  Such as how to get started.  Simple.  Reduce your belongings to the absolute essentials.  Make sure you have a decent savings.   Between selling stuff and working extra hard, savings shouldn’t take too long.  Especially doing what I do for a living.  A monkey can do what I do and it makes decent money.  You can do this kind of job in any decent sized city.  I already have a nice savings.  Sell my stuff and I’d have more.

Get a good truck that you can drive every day and strong enough to haul the trailer.  Make sure you have enough saved for emergencies and living expenses while setting up in a new town.  I had worked out costs, payments and all sorts of little things.  Even after watching recommendation videos from people who do it full time.

The list goes on and on, but I had all the answers.  In short it started like an idea for me.  I don’t like camping, but I don’t have to sit around a fire and drink beer.  I can work, make friends, play video games and my music instruments no matter where I am.  Plus I get to check out things I never made time for before.  I was getting excited and started looking at camper trailers.  Oddly you can get one way cheaper and easier with so-so credit than you can an actual house.

I was good to go.  But…  I’m single with my mom closely in my life.  While I love her, I don’t fancy being with her that close all the time.  I would go mad.  At least here, I can take off and be by myself when I want.  There are other family who would check in on her.  Traveling, I’d always be checking on her as she’d have no one else around to visit her.  Unless she made new friends in every location.  Then it would be more like a job.

So, maybe when she’s passed.  If I still have the ambition by then.  Perhaps someone in my life I want that close all the time.  Then I will travel.  I’d really like to.  See so many things I have yet to do and add them to the things I’ve already done 😀


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