Nice vs Competent

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Nice vs CompetentWe now live in a world where being nice outweighs being competent, punctual and consistent.

In today’s world, as long as you’re a nice person and conform to the new norms of society; you are looked upon with admiration and given every opportunity to advance.  No matter how poor your performance on the job.  Or how many times you call out sick because your foo-foo hurts.  Yet have no issues shoveling garbage in your mouth. You only exercise is texting and streaming for hours all night long.  While stuffing your face further so you have a sick stomach the next morning.

Meanwhile, the person who has old fashioned values that have been in place for generations and shows up to work, sick or injured.  Possibly has life long injuries or issues that have come from age or poor living in the past.  Still they work.  They come in early, stay late and come in on their days off because the nice people needed a mental day off.  Because of the constant pain and being always annoyed they work when others refuse to, they often have a bad attitude.  Yet they do the duties regardless.  They still get the talks from management to just “be happy” and “be more like the people who aren’t there”.   Because, “they are so nice”.

COVID is over, the money will soon be gone.  It about time, for me to move on.


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