One Year On Keto

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One Year On KetoI am not sure if I’ll continue talking about Keto after this.  Keto has been the most welcome change in my life.  There’s just not much left for me to say as I have lost 107 pounds this past year.  Today being the anniversary of when I started Keto.  I still have a long road and I’ll still update my chart until I hit my goal.  Maybe past it.

As I move on, I will make minor changes from being on a Keto diet to just calling all of this simply changes in my dietary intake.

It has been the best decision I’ve made.  Possibly ever.  As until recently.  Say, the past 8 years, I’ve been very unhappy with how my life turned out.  I’m managing to turn everything around one bit at a time.  I have three goals left to conquer.

  1. Buy a house
  2. Play in a concert (not just a bar or garage)
  3. Find someone who fits me

I’m working hard on it!  See my progress here.


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