Lost Rationale

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Two Hour Wait For FoodI really don’t understand customers in this time we live in.  We aren’t as locked down as we once were.  Yet over a year later, they will wait upwards of two hours for food.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the money I’m making.  Though what I don’t enjoy are the:

  • Complaints from customers because they had to wait for hours
  • Working harder because we lack people to work
  • Working longer hours because so many customers no longer want to cook for themselves

During the initial lockdown, it was completely understandable to be busy because people were cooped up and didn’t want to cook on hot days.  Then the lockdowns relaxed and the tourists went wild and flooded our tourist trap town.

It has been over a year now, with no signs of slowing down.  What the fuck????  Normally we die down twice a year and things are boring.  This plandemic seems to have changed the game completely.

No one seems to want to cook anymore.  I work so much, I’d love a home cooked meal more often.  I’m sick of seeing my work place.  A vacation would be nice if we could afford to be without a person for more than a day.

It doesn’t help at all that Uncle Bobo made it so the average person now makes $31,200 per year sitting on their ass at home without having to take a drug test or even glance at work.

Thus getting anyone to get a job with us when money is so easily given by the government.

It cracks me up we have a “news clipping” at work about how the workforce is smaller because of COVID fears.  That may be true, but only for a very small percentage.  The rest, and I know many personally, it’s because they can stay at home, eat fast food and get paid by Uncle Bobo.  It’s sickening.

This nonsense needs to be put to an end and get America back to business!


Plus let’s face it.  In two hours, I can prepare a meal, sit and enjoy it properly and have the mess cleaned up in far less time.  Stop being a bunch of lazy twats!!