100 Down!!

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100 Down!!I finally did it!  I finally lost 100 pounds!!  I’m so excited!

Seems like forever ago I decided to start Keto (June 15, 2020).  I didn’t let anyone know I tried it until September.  I wasn’t sure, like so many times I’ve tried things to lose weight before.  Like just walking daily.  Or switching meals to supposedly healthy frozen foods.  Ultimately bad for the heart with so much sodium to replace the lack of taste.

For me, Cyclical Keto is easy.  It’s good and I really don’t miss much as I can splurge once a week.  Sometimes I skip the splurge, but only because it’s shitty outside a lot of the time.

259Today I got on the scale and I’m actually 101 pounds down.  I had to do it a few times just to believe what I saw.  I’m so happy.

I will update this post with new photos of myself.  But turns out I no longer have the knack for taking selfies.  Not that I ever did.  Seems I only got lucky once.  Even then, it was with a professional film camera and a nice house to be in at the time.  So I’ll hire someone to take them (family or otherwise) in the next few weeks and update this post and my pics page.

I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal.  But I’m so happy to be this much closer 😀

Photos Courtesy of Laura Fowler 😀


4 thoughts on “100 Down!!

  1. Betty Moore

    Congratulations! The emotional strength it takes to accomplish this part of your goal is tremendous. I’m just plain happy for you!

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