Single Again

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Denny SingleSo as you can tell, I’m back on the market.  Jennifer and I lasted for 3 months, but we just didn’t jive as well as I had hoped.  Plus I did my same old thing of trying to fit her, rather than us having common interests.

It keeps happening to me.  No matter how I put my self out there; I can’t find anyone who is into the same things I am.  Not even one or two on my list.

Despite all that, I end up with the same thing here in Michigan.  Country music, camping, obsessions with social nonsense and crime TV shows.  Ever wonder why you’re single girls?  You’re boring!  At least from my point of view.  I don’t get off on beer, bonfires and whiny-ass country music.  The best match I once had fit me great, except her insatiable lust for having as many men as she could sleep with.  But that was in Virginia.  Here in Michigan I don’t know where to find a girl that fits me.  I guess only the country girls use online dating.

The upside for me, I’m still losing weight.  I’ve gone down 95 pounds and have lost 10 inches from my waistline.  My face is looking so much better.  Perhaps it’s time I seek new avenues of meeting people.  Such as the bar.  Should our shit-show state manage to keep businesses open long enough to enjoy it.  Though I don’t drink.  But I’ve no other ideas.  Dating sites have been a bust every single time.

Suggestions are welcome.


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