Grand Theft Auto Online 2021

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I still don’t know why I insist on playing this game.  Except the cars.  The killer, kick-ass cars.  I don’t play with anyone.  Most everyone else I know plays on fucking consoles.  Rockstar seems to do fuck-all about modders and griefers.  So generally I play alone in Solo Sessions (Hi Matt 😉)

Until the Toreador, I mostly played with my Amazon Prime Bonus and selling Peyotes.  The cars, not the plants!

Gang Peyotes

Gang Peyotes

My one garage just full of Peyotes.  It’s slow going.  Now that I have a Toreador, and Russian Sub.  I can make a bit more money to feed my growing habit.

Here’s the vehicles I have so far.

For now anyway.  I have plans for at least 3 more, possibly 4 😂  Come play with Theodaz sometime!




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