IMAP Alias Setup iOS 14

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So I use a ton of email aliases for reasons.  But I always forget how to get into the iOS settings for Mail to set them up.  Every time I search for it on the web, I come up with old information or others asking the same questions.

So here are the steps I use to get into the right place and add your aliases for your IMAP email setup.  I imagine it works for POP too, possible iCloud email.  I just have never tested it to say for sure.

01. Unlock your phone and tap SETTINGS

01 Tap Settings

02. Tap MAIL

02 Tap Mail03. Tap ACCOUNTS

03 Tap Accounts04.  Tap IMAP ACCOUNT

04 Tap IMAP Account05.  Tap the EMAIL of which you’ll be adding the ALIAS to

05 Tap Email To Add Alias06.  Tap EMAIL (again)

06 Tap Email Again07.  Finally, TAP Add Another Email.  This will be where you put the alias in.

07 Tap Add MailThen simply back out as it saves your changes.  Once you create a new email message in Mail, you can select the alias it will be from.  Be sure to have set the email alias up on your host prior.  These steps only work if the alias was already setup on the host side.

Hopefully this helps you 🙂