My Keto Fuck-up

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Keto Fat Bomb!Clearly I have impulse issues.  Especially when it comes to snacks.  Which is why the ONLY snack I allow myself to keep in the house is frozen strawberries.  Cookies, brownies and other confections (even the Keto friendly ones) are no longer allowed.

See my girlfriend, god bless her heart, decided to spoil me with Keto friendly treats.  Called Fat Bombs.  Good fats made into treats.  Portioned and individually wrapped.  Even though they are wrapped separately, I can’t eat just one.  Generally 3 was the most I’d do, but that was too much.

So I figured my weight loss has slowed way down.  Then it seemed to reverse.  I caught it at six pounds gained.  Nice as they taste, they are not for me.  I can’t control myself enough and my diet was working great prior.  Thus it’s back to my way and Jennifer will have to just love on me to spoil me.  So don’t expect much on April’s update of my Keto Diet Tracker.