2021 Updates

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2021 UpdatesSo yeah, life is as usual, rather stagnant.  Just that time of year.  Here’s a few updates about my life so far in this new fucked up world that everyone is bowing down to.  Which just fascinates me in the most disturbing ways.

May the mask be with you!  Fuck this mask shit.  It doesn’t do fuck-all.  When are we going to stand up for ourselves and tell the world leaders they are full of shit about COVID?  I have zero plans on the half-cocked vaccination.  I don’t care if they deny me access to restaurants with some passport idea to show I’ve conformed to the mental nonsense of the modern day paranoid of the plandemic.  In the most basic of definitions, it’s unconstitutional.  PERIOD!

Big Tech can suck my ever loving cock!  I’ve dumped Facebook, never liked Twatter and Google Pus wasn’t worth a fuck to start with.  Despite my girlfriend begging me to use Messenger because video sharing.  Or wanting me on Facebook so she can share endless nonsense with me 🙄  NOT GONNA HAPPEN….  I have signed up for Gab, Parler and MeWe though.  I get alternative news information from Gab and Parler, but they both feel like the wet dream of an extreme right-wing fascist.  I’m a conservative and yet these platforms scare me.  You don’t find anything but right wing views.  It’s not so much social media, as it is a stomping ground for nut jobs on the right.  Much like Facebook is the marching ground for insane people and extreme leftists.  Gab is like this weird place where if you don’t mention God or Jesus, you are considered an evil person.  WHAT THE FUCK????  I can’t find musicians, gamers or photographers at all.  Just politics.  So not big on either of them.  MeWe however, feels like what Facebook was supposed to be.  It’s not as easy to discover other users, but they do have a bit of everything and it doesn’t feel like doom and gloom.  Sure they want your money to operate, but you can get by without giving them any.  Not sure how long I’ll last on any of them, time will tell.  Not like I care much for social media anyway.

My Keto is slow.  I got to 85 pounds lost and my keto diet took a snooze on me.  I’m still very much tight on my carb intake and following my diet carefully.  Yet my body just slowed to a snail speed.  I’m 3 pounds away from being 90 pounds down as of today (273 down from 360 when I started).  I’m excited to be so far down.  I think I will buy a mountain bike to help push me further when the weather finally warms up and the winds die down.

Still have a girlfriend.  We’ve calmed down from the initial excitement, I have hopes it will last.  Time will tell.

So yeah, follow me 😉

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