RFID Scammed

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RFID ScammingSo even me, Mr. Privacy, can get taken advantage of.  The Evil Genius I am forgot a simple measure in today’s super high tech world.  I didn’t even realize I had such technology on me, so I didn’t plan a counter measure when I took at trip to Auburn Hills a couple of weeks ago.

I know I haven’t been writing much in the past couple of months.  Winter is just draining on the mental.  Being essential is fucking exhausting.  Working all the time.  And now I have added a girlfriend to the mix.  Thus, free time is less than I’m used too.  It’s not anyone’s fault but mine and when I do have time alone, I generally try to escape reality.

But that’s when I looked at my phone, and saw my bank account that I use for local deposits; was suddenly in the negative.  This happened nearly two weeks ago.  But I use it daily, so I noticed it before any real damage was done.  Just shortly after returning to town from a weekend away.

Spent a day at the mall with Jennifer.  Little did I know I got my bank card ripped off without it having been out of my wallet that was snuggly tucked in my back pocket.

I was scanned by an RFID reader by some douche-nozzle that passed me by.  Only needed to be 4-6 inches from me.  Never saw it coming.  Though it was likely not as obvious as the image I made for this post.  Probably I was scanned by a phone or a device inside a bag that could be passed by me without notice in such close quarters.  Because social distancing isn’t what the media makes it out to be.

Square ReaderMany new bank and credit cards have RFID chips in them.  I never knew I had one.  Never use it.  But if I wanted to, instead of inserting my chip or swiping my card, I could simply hold it near the credit card reader.  It’s the same tech as putting your card on your phone and waving it near the credit card reader.  I have one for myself if I do repair work or web design stuff.

So yeah, my bank card has the tech.  Never paid attention to the Wi-Fi symbol on the back of the card.

Thankfully I figured it out quickly, had things stopped and reversed.  Got a new card.  And now I own an anti-RFID wallet.

Though I’m highly disappointed in my banks ability to track down the source or even how I got scammed.  I had to determine how it happened by myself 😡

Just another thing we have to do to keep our privacy in this world…