A Private Life

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PrivacyIt’s been a year now since I told Facebook, Google, Android and other nefarious data selling whores; to suck my giant internet cock.  I can easily say I wouldn’t change a thing.  Sure it’s a bit of work to make things happen like this, but it’s so worth it.

Granted, to be completely frank, no one should ever have to put this much work into protecting their own privacy.  It should be demanded by law that personal information is guarded with utmost care by every business online.

Average IdiotSadly that’s not the case.  Everyone who logs onto the internet by smartphone, computer, web browser, etc… consents to have their personal data collected and sold to the highest bidder and not receive a single cut of that profit for their unwitting contribution.  Does that sound like cattle who are raised for slaughter?  We don’t consult them about their feelings about the situation.  For the general populous, tech companies don’t either.  They just take your data and make a profit.  You just willingly share your info with the diluted illusion you have nothing to hide.  People just go with it because TikTok is fun.  Well, not for me, but millions of others.  And being trendy is super cool!

I’m not getting paid, so I’m not going to play.  I choose what I share, I see what I want and the big tech world doesn’t know the wiser.  If I had to say how protected I am though, it’s only about 95%.  Sadly credit cards leave traces, even the beloved Apple iPhone does too.  Just not nearly extent an Android does.  I use my VPN on it too.  I VPN everything that connects to the internet that I own.

Though oddly when you have a secure browser, a VPN, private email, secure messaging, get a phone that doesn’t completely fuck you over and dump all those damned social media sites; you can relax.  Breathe easy.  But what about your precious entertainment?  How will you waste hours upon hours, sitting on your ass getting fatter and laughing while choking down more Taco Bell?  If that’s your bag, whatever.  Me?  I’ll learn something.  Or if I must have social interaction, visit friends and family.  Talk on the phone.  Or if you must, there are other social medias out there that won’t fuck your data over, but honestly get up and do something you lazy fucks.  Seriously though, if you don’t make an account with YouTube or TikTok and just enjoy the content, you can do so with a VPN and they are none-the-wiser.  You can still share the links.