I Can’t Do It…

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JenniferI tried.  I honestly tried.  I can’t do it though.  It’s not me.  I wanted to become part of the MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way) movement.  I know I  could be asking for trouble by not adhering to the principles.  But it’s just not in my nature to be single forever.

Dogs are cool.  Cats are OK.  They can’t snuggle the way a human can.  They can’t provide conversation, compassion, companionship and emotions like a human can.

While I have reclaimed my confidence recently, it still isn’t enough to make day to day life what I want it to be.

So yeah.  About two months ago, I went out on a date shortly after putting myself on a dating site.  She looked pretty enough.  And though I immediately found flaws, such as:

  • Offended by the word diet
  • Takes selfies to hide her physical flaws
  • Puts herself on a pedestal (no man required)

I went out on a date with her anyway.  I liked what I saw, but she didn’t like what she saw.  Despite her BMI (Body Mass Index) actually made her more overweight than myself, I quickly stepped into her shallow puddle of self worth.  She quickly rejected me and I bid her adieu the friendliest way I could muster.

It is to be noted after reading dozens and dozens of online profiles; that women in their late 30’s and beyond can be insanely picky.  The man must be in most cases:

  • Have a professional job
  • Have all his own teeth
  • Have his own house
  • Must be in good health
  • Must be willing to take care of her children (who are only 10 years old and she is in her late 40s)

Yeah no.  I’ve seen this before.  They want a trophy husband who looks good on her arm, but is the live-in babysitter while she spends his money.  They need to look in the mirror and at their life choices.  Trying to sell themselves as a showroom worthy prize.  When the reality is they have more miles than a salvage yard clunker.

Thus making it harder to find the diamond in the rough.  One who is level headed, and has more class in her average life than that of a housewife living in The Hamptons.

Hopefully I have found one.  Her name is Jennifer and we’ve been dating just under 2 weeks now and she seems to fulfill my own desires in a partner.  She’s cute, smart and funny as hell.  Sweet and very kind.  Seems to have a level head and a huge heart.  It’s early but looks good.  Hopefully she feels the same 😀