Keto End Game

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Keto End GameSo people and their pessimism of anyone else succeeding at something is never ending.  Inevitably, I’m starting to get people coming up to me and telling me what I’m doing is great, but that I can never get off Keto or I’ll just get fat again.

I suppose it could be looked at in this light.  However, I don’t totally agree.  Instead, I don’t think most of us don’t eat like we should in the first place.  Things like pizza, pasta and bread are eaten way too frequently.

Having experienced weight loss this significant, it makes me think, at least for me; I eat all the wrong way.

Instead of buying 10 pounds of potatoes, and trying to make sure I make all of them into something before they go rotten is a bad idea.  It’s all starch.  Instead of buying a loaf of bread to make into a bunch of sandwiches is too much carbs.  Eating pastries and baked goods many times a week is also too much carbs.  I have customers order from us 2 – 5 times a week for Pizza.  It’s mainly bread folks!  You scrape off the toppings and there’s not that much.  The main thing is bread.  It’s no wonder people like me are fat as hell.

There are a lot of you out there that can eat anything and you won’t gain a pound.  Apparently after High School my body said, “Up yours, be a fat bastard!”.  So I must make changes to regain my fitness and will likely be on a variant of Keto forever.

So pizza for me will be more like once a month, as a treat.  Same with baked goods or sugary treats.  Bread when I go out to a restaurant for a hamburger or a place that gives you a bread basket.  Starches will be sparing at home.  Eat more steak, chicken or pork and less spaghetti.  Find pasta alternatives.  Eat Chili Texas style (no beans).  Only buy enough potatoes for one meal.  Eat those damned vegetables!  Stop being a little bitch about it and find some you can tolerate or spice up to enjoy.  It’s all doable and easy.  So is that really Keto anymore?  Or just smart eating?


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