Down 70!

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Down 70 PoundsPounds that is.  You read that right!  I have lost a total of 70 pounds as of today 😀

When I started doing Cyclical Keto on June 15th of this year, I weighed 360 pounds.  The most I have ever weighed.  When I had my heart attacks I was only 310, but working in carbohydrate hell, I gained 50 more pounds.  That is until I set my mind to taking back my life.  I’ve taken back my money, my credit score, my breath and now my health.  Now I’m down to 290.  I’ve still got a long road ahead of me.

I feel so much better.  I sleep better.  I move better.

What a hell of a way for me to end the year 2020.  It may go down as the worst year in history.  For myself though, I get to say I ended it on a massive positive note!!

I’m halfway to my end goal of 220.  Though I’ll likely keep it going until I get to the weight medical professionals consider my proper weight.  Even then, I’m never going back to the old eating habits.