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Denny BassIt’s partially very exciting and also not so exciting.  Still winning is winning right?  What the hell am I talking about?  I won a contest I entered.  (Holy crap that is the worst avatar I’ve ever made….)  Guess that says a lot about how excited I am lol.  That’s not even the right guitar in the image.  Anyway.

Bass GuitarSo right after I got a Black Friday deal on a low end bass guitar (the white one my avatar is holding).  I bought a low end one as I am not sure how well I’ll take to playing it…  I entered the contest on the website and I won another bass guitar the very next week.  The brown one on the right.

As you can tell, it doesn’t fit in my desires.  (See Below)  Not sure where this love of white with black accents has come from, but I’ve managed to find amazing instruments in this color.  Well… I don’t know about the bass yet.  Also, does anyone know where I can get an acoustic guitar in white/black? Mine is sort of looking like the brown sheep of the family, though it does sound insanely amazing.

Wish I could play this good already 😯

Though supposedly the bass I bought will be decent for the price.  And if I take to it, I’ll go for something more like the rest of my quality line up of instruments.

So since I have no need (or space) for two bass guitars, I gave it to a coworker who was interested in getting a bass as well.  Merry Christmas Matt!

Matt with Bass

So thanks to Glarry Music for the guitar and I hope both Matt and myself enjoy them as much as reviewers all over YouTube have.

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