Self Driving Cars

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Self Driving CarWhat kind of a lazy, self-indulgent ass-hat do you need to be in order to have a self-driving car?  I had the insane displeasure of renting one of these things a week ago to take down state.  Not only was it tight as hell to fit in for an SUV/crossover thing due to all the nonsense stuffed inside, but then I wasn’t warned it was self-driving.  Found out when I put the cruise control on and it fought me for control.  In short, I fucking hated the trip in this thing.

Self Control

I’m a cruise control driver.  I even use it in town to keep from getting tickets.  Because if the music is good, the car goes faster by some odd magic 😉  So about an hour into the trip is when I noticed something odd.  The road was mostly empty until I got further down state and morning was becoming midday.  When the car got near another car, it slowed down.  I was wondering why it felt like I lost power.

Then I started picking up good vibrations.  I am a conscientious driver.  I watch the road and know when to pass.  I don’t need a car to think for me.  So when I try to pass, I get a vibration and the steering wheel is actually fighting me.  WTF?  Don’t presume what I want to do you fucking car!

Too Much Tech

I love tech.  But these cars are going to be maintenance nightmares with all the expensive sensors, servos and starters that need replacing as they get worn out.

Not to mention I’m tired of my tech trying to out smart me.  When I text, the phone thinks it knows what I’m going to say.  Now I’ve got a car that thinks it knows where I’m going.

Engine Shut Off

Auto shut off when stopped.  Holy fuck I hate the idea of this.  They don’t replace the starter with something more heavy duty.  No they just want you to maintain your car more often when it wears out quickly.  And a lot of other parts.  Scotty Kilmer explains it best.

But it’s jarring when you stop and the car shuts off then starts again to go.  You feel the jerk of the engine starting.  Doing this repeatedly in tight traffic is annoying as fuck.

Don’t want one, don’t need one.  I hope when I buy a new truck I can get it without all the nonsense.  Or I’ll continue to buy used.