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Marriage OnlyWhy do so many women obsess about marriage?  I made the mistake of trying to curb my loneliness recently by trying to date again.  Date.  Not get married.  Hopefully fall in love.  Isn’t that the idea?  Love.  Love will hold you together.  At least that’s what I want.

Love should conquer all, but I’ve only ever seen it last until the money runs out that she spent on shit we don’t need.  Or she finds a new dick to climb.

I can’t count the number of times I heard things like, “I’ll always love you”, “No matter how bad things may get, I’ll stick by you”, “Forever yours”, “You’re my one and only”.  Only to find them in bed with someone else.  One of them still thinks I’m clueless about it 😈

I know I’m not alone, there are hundreds of YouTube channels and websites about it.

Well this time I’m keeping my money sweet-cheeks.  You can’t have it.  Even if it’s true love, we’ll live like roommates.  If, you truly love me, you’ll be content with that as I’ll likely spend my spare money to make you happy anyway.  I refuse to let it or you ruin me financially again.  I’m doing good and I don’t intend to relent my success in the name of “love”.

I’ve had to build myself back up time and time again after this thing called marriage.  To tell me not wanting to get married makes me a horrible person, makes you a controlling bitch.  Marriage is nothing more than a contract that basically says, if the woman becomes unhappy, she can fuck your finances, take half and more of your money, take the house you worked hard to get and suck you dry the rest of your life.  I got lucky the first three times only coming out with bankruptcies on their crazy ass spending habits.  That, and being homeless.  I haven’t the faintest clue why I considered it a forth time a few years ago.  I must have been high.

Listen ladies who are in your 40’s and 50’s, chances are you’ve been divorced before.  Once or twice.  Possibly more.  You know marriage doesn’t mean love.  Hasn’t in a long time.  Subsequent marriages are statistically higher in failure rate.  So why are you still insisting on marriage?  Seems to me, you know it will lock the man into financial security for you.  Therefore you plan to fuck him over.  NO FUCKING THANK YOU!

Here’s how a marriage license should read.

Dearest husband, if any of the following apply:

  • I get bored
  • I become unhappy
  • You so much as look at another woman in a way I don’t approve
  • I find better cock
  • I find better money
  • You don’t give me what I want
  • You become disabled, and I don’t want to care for your feeble ass
  • Forget any anniversary, birthday or holiday gift
  • You don’t make enough money

I get to take 1/2 of AYS (All Your Shit), plus the house and the nicest car we have.  As well as make you pay out the ass for me to fuck other guys/girls and take your kids while turning them against you.  Oh and you have to pay for them too.

I worked hard for what I got.  You can have my heart…   If you are worthy.  The rest is mine.  Love should keep us together just fine.  Not a piece of paper and insanely expensive jewelry.

Oh… and if I end up on disability because of my levels of pain and that’s throws you into a tizzy, then I know you were only concerned with the money honey.  What’s that you women always say?  My body, my choice!



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