Got on Keto

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Down 40 PoundsI didn’t really say anything on here, but I told co-workers.  I just wasn’t ready to go crazy with this until I was sure it was working.  I’ve lost 40 pounds doing the Keto Diet.  To be specific, Cyclical Keto.  Where I give myself 1 cheat day or in my case, one cheat meal per week.

I started this diet on June 15 and as of today have lost a total of 40 pounds.  I should be more excited as this is fairly substantial.  I’m not too excited as I let things get out of control for a while.

A few years back when I was doing daily walks, I had lost 50 pounds in total.  I weighed 310 pounds.  That’s when I had my first heart attack.  It took me nearly a year to lose those 50 pounds.  I’ve damn near done that in just 3 months this time around.

The problem I have is that after my heart attacks (3) in 2012, I could hardly walk to the end of the drive way and back (like a 10th of a mile long driveway).  It took weeks to get to walk normal distances again.  I still can’t lift a whole lot for whatever reason.  Plus, now my right knee is damaged and won’t be repaired until I lose more weight.

I’m getting close to the weight were I collapsed with a heart attack and oddly I’m scared that it will happen again.  I realize it shouldn’t matter this time as I have my stents and the doctor says I’m actually in pretty good condition despite my weight.  (unlike my doctor who swore I would be dead in two years) 😡  I guess he was trying to motivate me.  I took it literally and basically accepted it as fact.  The whole reason I quit my work from home job is from guilt of not dying and he was paying good money for me to work in a different state.  Jason is an amazing person, I’ll always be thankful for what he’s done for me.  I just didn’t want to keep taking advantage if I wasn’t holding up my end of the bargain as it were.

So yeah, I should be more excited about my weight loss.  I’m always untrusting and skeptical these days.  Hopefully I’m wrong and can lose enough weight in a year to get my knee fixed and live a number of years more.

If I get down far enough, I think I’ll reward myself with a leather jacket.  What do you think?

Leather Jacket