Thou Shalt Not Take My Rights

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Smith Wesson MP 15 Sport IIFirstly educate yourselves.  An AR-15 is NOT the most used murder weapon.  It’s a semi-automatic rifle with fancy black plastic to make it look tactical.  You can buy similar hunting versions with wooden accessories.  Shoots the same ammo.

Those of you who support the ban of guns to average law abiding citizens, are doing absolutely nothing to take guns away from criminals.  You are simply enabling them.

By taking away our rights to keep and bear arms is to say that:

  • A rape victim must simply lay down and take it
  • A murder victim must struggle the best they can and hope they win or die painfully
  • Every parent must stand idly by and watch their child die when his/her life has been taken by a criminal
  • Every business owner must forfeit his/her livelihood and possibly their lives when their establishment has been robbed or looted
  • For home and business owners to stand defenseless in the face of these rioters who threaten their very lives
  • For home owners to allow the home the invested time and money into to be robbed and family member hurt or possibly killed during a robbery

Blue Lives MatterThe average police response time is 7 – 10 minutes.  It takes less than seconds for a criminal to ruin lives.  Do you want to wait for them?  Trust me, you don’t.  You wish to defund the police or in some cities, disband them all together.  So, who’s going to protect you?

I signed up to protect those I love and those around me.  If you go forward with removing the protection of the police, I’m less likely to want to protect you.  Especially since you’re trying to remove a layer of protection I respect and need.


What the anti-gun community doesn’t understand and doesn’t see the facts before them.  Gun control as they see it will never work.  In cities with the most gun control, have the highest crime.  The now lawless towns letting looters and rioters take over have gun control and no control over their city.

What they also don’t understand, in this country, is that if they outlaw guns; they will turn millions of lawful Americans into criminals overnight.  If pushed we will fight back.  Don’t push us.